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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Several Places Now Reporting That Solyndra May Have Received a Second Loan

Wow. This Solyndra story just gets more interesting all the time. Now some places are speculating that Solyndra may have gotten a second loan pay off from the government for 469 million which now equals 1 billion dollars. Lost.

Government and Obama not talking. Not surprised.

More wow. Skip to the bottom to save time.

NFL Now To Begin Searching Fans; Will Too Much Ever Be Enough For the Statists? Do We Care About the Fourth Amendment or Should We Just Roll Over As Usual?

With due respect to the memory of Osama Bin Laden, the NFL has now asked professional football teams to conduct pat down searches of people attending a football game.

Terry v. Ohio was the Supreme Court case in which the court ruled that the police have the right to pat someone down for weapons in the interest of safety. The case hung on the issue of the 4th amendment and the people's right not to be subjected to unreasonable searches.  Terry v. Ohio did not require probable cause but it did require a "reasonable suspicion" on the part of police.

Now apparently, we have converted the United States into a full blown police state wherein any fearful owner/risk manager on advice of a starving attorney with an over active imagination- can require us to turn in our civil rights. We are now subjected to the whims of imagination. That is what dictates policy in the new and "improved" America.

I wish the NFL owners would have just given the NFL Commissioners the bird. Because the people in this country are trained pigs. They will go to games. They don't care about "patdowns" unless you find their booze. They don't care about issues like civil rights. Entertain me. That's what they care about.

Soon we will subject ourselves to pat downs at movie theaters, art shows, parades, car shows, the PTA meeting, public meetings, AA meetings, garage sales, and maybe stores. It's already happening at schools. Perhaps restaurants. Maybe some gun toting lunatic goes crazy because the cook burnt his chocolate chip pancakes. If only we had searched everyone. We could have prevented this, the statists will say.

How will those NFL owners prevent someone from flying a plane into the stadium? Or dropping some home made bomb? 

I'm not sure exactly when and where we forfeited our fourth amendment rights. Where I turned over my common sense to another's vivid imagination. I carry a gun, legally. I'll be damned if I am going to turn it over at some stadium on behalf of Richard Goodell's imagination.

Reasonable suspicion. That was once the standard in this country. Are we now to believe that this standard has been met at NFL stadiums across the country? When will too much ever be enough? At this point, it's doubtful that the statists will ever be satisfied until we have given up all of our civil rights and turned our lives completely over to the state. Embed GPS chips in our asses.

Geezus. This country has turned into a nation of pussies. Now I know how old men feel.

The Solyndra Cover Up Begins In Earnest, Which Begs the Question, Can We Safely Assume That Ducks Have Water Tight Anuses?*

* Anuses is really a word. I changed the word assholes to reflect the new sensitive family programming here at Frankenstein Government.

Late last night I saw this article on Yahoo. It is about Solyndra. No where in this article does it mention George Kaiser, billionaire campaign bundler and personal campaign contributor to Obama. It does not mention that Kaiser owns Solyndra through a shell corporation of his, Argonaut Ventures.

Should I be amazed? The crony capitalists, the media, the government, it's all one big orgy and you aren't invited. Check this statement out. You just know this is complete bullshit. This is a President who involves himself in everything. From beer summits, to canning Inspector Generals, to canning GM executives like Rick Wagoner. This is a President who can't keep out of anything. And you want me to believe that a billionaire Obama campaign contributor and bundler, a guy that visited Obama in the WH, was not given preferential treatment for government loans? Go sell your bullshit somewhere else. The burden of proof in my mind, given Obama's track record, lies with Obama. The statement from the WH:

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the White House did not influence the Solyndra loan, which he said was made on "a merit-based process" by DOE.
"There's no evidence that the White House was involved in the loan," Carney said Thursday. Emails that show White House officials pressuring the administration's budget office about the loan were about scheduling, he said.

No evidence? What kind of a weasel statement is that? Truthful people don't say shit like that. They say I did or I didn't. People looking to beat a rap say things like there is "no proof." Now, I know these bastards are lying. Go with me on this. Let's put George Kaiser on a polygraph. Poste haste.

We know that Obama keeps close ties to people like George Kaiser. He kisses the collective asses of the rich and elite. We also know that Obama lies and obscures the truth about anything that could possibly cast a bad light on him. This includes but is not limited to smoking dope, snorting cocaine, how he paid for college, what his grades were, his birth certificate and that whole 3 year fiasco, his missing thesis, why he lost his law license, who wrote his fucking books, and that missing Indonesian passport of his circa early 80's. Why he refused to prosecute the thousands of crooked bankers that ripped this country off. His illegal alien aunt and uncle. His Muslim upbringing and hiding that. His other name, Barry Soetoro, and hiding that. Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers and hiding his association with them. Tony Rezko and hiding that. Canning people like Inspector General Walpin and Rick Wagoner for doing their jobs. 

But the lie that ruffles me the most is perhaps the simplest one. Obama did it for a year and a half. Trying to come off like this rational, politically centered, reasonable man. When in fact- he was a stone cold Marxist. At best a socialist, at worst a communist. I don't even think Obama likes this country- running around and apologizing on behalf of the U.S. to every little piss ant dictator- most of whom hate us even though we've bailed their sorry asses out long before Barry walked rare earth.

And while I am at it Barack or whatever your name is, don't you ever apologize on my behalf again. You don't have my permission and I'll decide who I owe an apology to.

So why would I believe anything within this Solyndra article? Why would I believe any denial coming out of this administration's collective mouth? An administration of proven liars? I obtained search warrants from drug addicts and informants that were far more truthful and reliable that this bunch.

Here's the deal. It quacks like a duck, it waddles like a duck. It has feathers, a bill, and webbed feet. It has a water tight asshole and apparently doesn't sink. When exactly President Obama, does the evidence become so overwhelming, that we can safely say- it is a duck?  How many lies, half truths, omitted truths, misleading statements, denials, and sneaky deals do we have to catch this crew in before we say we've had enough?

I don't know for sure. I know this. Telling the truth ain't this administrations' strong suit.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What the Hell Is Going On With This Stock Market?

If you think Wall Street and our stock market are detached from reality...congratulations. In my 50 years, 30 years trading experience, I have never seen anything like this.

We have record numbers of people on food stamps (46 million) our debt levels are the 2nd highest ever and closing in on WWII numbers. We have lost at least 15.4 million jobs which are not coming back. See today's report here.

Inflation has picked up and the Euro and at least 5 European countries are on the verge of collapse. Our trade deficits are horrible. And our market is rallying??

More good news.

What we are seeing is absolutely unprecedented. We have a sick stock market distorted by the FED, it's member banks buying equities with free money, and QE3 coming soon. I really don't think it's short covering. I think it is positioning just prior to an epic collapse.

I parked my money on the sidelines long ago and bought precious metals. If gold cracks 1750 on the low side I am buying more. At this point, I don't even care what daily excuse is given for a market completely detached from reality. Who could trade this market based on historic indicators? It is insane. Sooner or later, reality is going to take control and we are going to pay for this terrible distortion. All of the retirement funds in the world, predicated on never ending 8% returns, are about to get a huge dose of reality. Oh, this is going to be ugly.

Don't get tricked into this.

This Story Leaves Me Speechless

This ain't the America of my youth. The America where we took responsibility for our actions. This story is so wrong on so many fronts- that I think I could write a mini-series about it.

Years ago, reporters asked me what was the single biggest problem facing our city. It was true in small town America and it is true everywhere else in America. We have a sociopathic need to blame everything and everybody else for our decisions and actions. When we don't like how our choices turn out- we find a thieving lawyer, agree to a contingency- and sue. People absolutely refuse to take responsibility for their actions. And there is an army of like minded people more than willing to enable them and profit from them. Starving lawyers are motivated lawyers.

We are circling the drain. Proof here.

The Airport Shuttle Indicator and Moonbat Suicide

Yesterday in Reno, I had the good fortune to find a shuttle driver who agreed to drive me to the airport. He was a young man, maybe 30, and hispanic. We were alone. He had no idea that I was a world famous blogger testing a theory.

That theory is based on President Obama's falling polls. The blacks are still giving Obama an 80% approval rate but among hispanics and voters under 30, Obama's numbers are falling like a rock. So it was- my shuttle driver claimed membership in the latter two groups. I asked him a simple question- about jobs in Reno. From that moment- it was on like donkey kong.

Initially, I think my guy was an Obama fan. He blamed all of the problems in the U.S. on anything but Obama. Then he started talking about the new jobs bill. He said if they would just pass it- everything would be ok. I asked him, "you mean like the last one, the one where they spent nearly a trillion dollars and our economy got even worse, and people stole stimulus money?" Places like Solyndra? He paused briefly (not sure he knew what I was talking about) and continued talking about how politicians are idiots especially the two women...which I couldn't find anything to argue about. He kept saying that they couldn't get in the "house." He said neither one had a chance.

I liked this guy. He wasn't completely up on things but he knew the general themes. It is amazing to me that guys like this can vote but the only thing they are really indoctrinated with is that Democrats are good for them. They believe this. That is how the socialist party has gained so much traction. Have you noticed how every smaller demographic in the country lines up with the Moonbats? Every sub-group it seems- gays, hispanics, abortion supporters, environmentalists, blacks, college students and largesse seekers, they all line up with the Moonbats. The GOP never gets any subgroups. They get old white America. That's it. At any rate...

I did mention to the shuttle driver that Obama's numbers were dropping particularly among the groups he was in. That's all I said. You see Obama did an excellent job of polarizing this country into two camps. The poor picked on smaller demographic v. the rest of us. I am simply trying to do some repair work.

I get a feeling the tide is changing. I liked the shuttle driver not because I agreed with his politics but because he was so naively honest and willing to talk. Since the ride was free, I left him with a big tip and I breezed through the TSA juggernaut. I hope guys like the shuttle driver begin to see the light. It is all about money and power. It always is. And it always has been. I think the Moonbats are losing strength. Big time. They have spent us into oblivion and they are going to have to steal every penny they can to get us out and the truth is they can't. About the time Obamacare recipients start hitting every hospital in America- our debt is going supernova. I really believe you can stick a fork in the Moonbat Party. They have committed suicide. They just don't know it yet.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flaming Bags of Poo

There are two urban legends I heard about when I was a kid. One was about the boy who got his eye put out by a BB gun. Nobody knew who that kid was. That did not stop mothers everywhere from repeating that story. In fact, before you left the hospital with your newborn son- the nurses were required to issue the BB gun warning to new mothers. So it was that about ten years ago, in a bar in Jerome, Idaho, I met the guy. He swore to me that a BB put out his left eye. Lacking a polygraph or any other means of corroboration like a branding iron, I was forced to accept his account. Thus in my mind, that legend was proven true.

The second urban legend is the one where the kids place a pile of dogshit in a bag, put the bag on some rube's porch, and light it on fire. The homeowner comes out, sees the fire, and puts it out by stomping on the bag and getting dogshit everywhere. That is the story, the legend.  I must have heard that fable at least 20 times. Nobody has ever met the man who stomped the flaming bag.

What I have never heard, is a writer use the flaming bag of poo myth to make a perfect metaphor which aptly describes how the US banking system "works."

Here then is rendition 21.

Now Apparently The Nutters Must Define Things In Terms Of "Teachable Moments" For Those of Us With Poor Reading Comprehension And Who Lack Their Inherent Genius

Today, I was reading a story about a 101 year old Detroit woman who had been evicted from her home. The part that caught my attention was that she had lived in the home for six decades.

Sixty years ago, houses were selling for chump change. I can't imagine owning a 10,000 dollar home bought sometime in the 50's, making payments for 60 years, and now owing 80,000 on it. This despite those banker shylocks and compounding interest.

So the joint must have been refinanced, gawd knows how many times. Then at the end of the article I have to read about "teachable moments." I find that phrase less than clever, condescending, and I am sick of hearing it- like a cliche'. So I look up the cliche's recent renaissance.

Of course. We are the smart ones, we must teach you to be like us. Gawd I hate lefties.

Professor Henry Louis Gates
In July 2009, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested at his home; the incident garnered media attention throughout the United States. The mayor of Cambridge, E. Denise Simmons, said that she hoped that the result would be a "teachable moment".[6] U.S. President Barack Obama expressed the same hope as Simmons:
"My hope is, is that as a consequence of this event this ends up being what's called a "teachable moment", where all of us instead of pumping up the volume spend a little more time listening to each other and try to focus on how we can generally improve relations between police officers and minority communities, and that instead of flinging accusations we can all be a little more reflective in terms of what we can do to contribute to more unity."[7] *On election night, 2012, President Obama is going to receive a teachable moment of his own.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Solargate Now Expanding

Investigation reveals that Solyndra produced no viable product, 1100 employees concur,  and the White House knew that- yet gave them 535 million dollars anyway.

This Solyndra thing is getting mighty interesting. We are beginning to see how Obama pays off his supporters with tax money.

Thanks to Doug Ross.

The Creature From Jekyll Island

In 1984, I took a severe brow beating from a lawyer. He was a prosecutor and one of the most supremely arrogant men I have ever met. I was just an angry and frustrated young cop. It wasn't that he was wrong, it was his condescending delivery littered with insults that enabled me to pin my blue ribbon ass hole award on him. Today, that conversation might end differently. I was young and had plenty of restraint and patience back then. Unfortunately, since that time, I have used up all of my remaining supplies of those virtues. I will say this. That man taught me a very important lesson. I owe him.

Don't get mad, get better.

During my second year of public writing (blogging) I had written a piece on the national debt. It was 2006 and little did I know that our debt which was growing was about to go supernova. A reader schooled me on the FED and the creation of money. I simply didn't have the knowledge I needed to mount even a half-ass defense. I was embarrassed. My ignorance was on display. It was time to get better.

After that online brow beating, I watched Zeitgeist- the five part series on the FED and the creation of money on You Tube- which had been suggested by that commenter. It whet my appetite. In fact, I did what he suggested. I ordered a book.

That book became the piece de resistance of my hurried education. I will say this. It was the most enlightening book I have ever read on money, on bankers, on the creation of the FED and how it was done. Parts of it are quite extraordinary. It reads like a spy novel at points and the book is factually and historically correct. In fact, the original players by and large, have confessed.

Two things happened to me after reading, "The Creature From Jekyll Island." The first thing I came to believe was that the vast majority of Americans, in excess of 95% and probably higher, don't know a damn thing about money creation and debt, the FED, or the insanely crooked shit that continues to this very day. This is not an oversight. Banking interests, unelected bankers, and the government have absolutely no vested interest in telling you the truth. It is counter productive to their goals. They are the beneficiaries. Why would they tell you that they have been exploiting you when they intend on continuing to do so?

The other observation I have made is that you simply cannot have an informed discussion about money creation, debt, or the FED with someone who has not read this book. It is simply a waste of time. I gave away my copy of that book long ago. Recently I went to the public library in Boise. All four copies were out. I view that as a good thing.

You are watching the financial world imploding. If you can't buy the book, watch the 12 part series on You Tube. It might be the best time you'll spend all year. Most people are shocked. I know I was.

Monday, September 12, 2011

* Updated Former NYPD Cop Detained By TSA in Kansas City, Details About Alleged Device He Was Carrying Not Forthcoming

Yesterday, I told you about the poor sap that got detained trying to board a Southwest Airlines flight in Kansas City. Part of the nationwide fear mongering.

Today, I tried to find some follow up info on the alleged "device" he was carrying. Nothing. I can't find out his name, what he was carrying, or whether he is in custody or not.  The reason I can't find any of this "public information" out is because TSA doesn't want to give any of that info out.

The man carrying the device once worked for NYPD. At worst- he is some mentally ill guy screwing around with TSA. At best, maybe TSA used high pressure water to open a metronome or some shit. Who knows?

The FBI and the Airport Manager haven't said anything. You get this feeling that they all just want this to go away. Here's what they said about the guy...

Airport spokesman Joe McBride said the airport had heightened security since Thursday because of the 10-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks but there was no known threat involving the airport.
He described the customer, a white man in his 50s, as "belligerent" and said he had multiple carry-on bags.

I am a white man in my 50's. Just thinking about TSA and that ugly ass KC airport (if you've seen it) is enough to make me belligerent. Apparently they have a law against being belligerent in Missouri and I've got to remember to put on my happy face lest Joe McBride, the TSA, and the FBI decide to haul me off to some rubber room somewhere.

What about all those weirdos allegedly locking themselves in airplane bathrooms yesterday? Causing fighter jets to scramble? Drunks. No kidding.

* The man detained in Kansas City was formally charged. He was mentally ill and off his meds, according to mom.

Obama Has Another Job Creation Dream, You Gotta Be Asleep to Believe It

If you are reading this, I am assuming that you have survived all of the dirty bombs and weird acting people trying to hi-jack planes yesterday. Thankfully, the government was on the job and saved us- once again.

Late last week, Obama gave us his "jobs" speech. It was only days before, as Obama steadied himself over a left to right breaking knee knocker for bogey, that he realized we have an employment problem in this country. Now suddenly, three years into his term, Obama has declared this whole lack of jobs thing- a dire emergency. We must pass his half trillion jobs bill, chop chop. Here is the campaign version of the speech. A 42 second recap. It's ok to pass on this speech. Trust me- there will be others.

I think what you will see is a President who is frustrated with all of those mean people in the House. Imagine how you would feel if you alone were chosen to lead the country and you were obstructed. Stymied by a bunch of half witted, no accounts. All of that unused genius. Now Obama has already wasted a trillion bucks on stimulus and a new half trill represents a cool 1.5 trill that he can burn through. That is 1500 billion or 150,000 million.

The President, just as perceptive and astute as we might expect any genius to be, is going to introduce his jobs bill today. There is not one chance in hell that this thing will get passed as proposed- if at all. When it doesn't pass, the President will say, "See I told you. The GOP hates jobs and they are doing this because they refuse to cooperate with me." Krugman will howl. The libtards will scream foul. And Billy Moonbat will tell me it's all Bush's fault. I can't take it anymore. I have a better idea.

Let's select 150,000 unemployed citizens, people that have filed at least 5 years of consecutive tax returns up until 2007, and have us a good ol' fashioned government giveaway. So what if we need another trillion? Debt is not something this administration fears. If unemployed folks have salaries which have plummeted precipitously since '07 and remained low, they will be eligible for Obama's new program, "Who wants to be a millionaire?" We can then select these lucky winners at random, in drawings. Here's the upside. We won't have to waste administrative time and money, deciding who gets what. We won't have to worry that Obama will simply give the money to his friends and cronies like he has demonstrated with incidents such as "Solargate." Plus we can tax the hell out of the winners. We can grab 50% of their dough in combined state and federal taxes before they even get their checks. Of course this will reduce the deficit and set us on the path to recovery! Woohoo! What's not to like? We won't even make people answer questions or pretend to laugh at Regis Philbin jokes.

Trying the same thing over again. Achieving different results. That's the dream. Like Carlin says... You gotta be asleep to believe it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Fear Mongering Continues

It was predictable. The 9/11 "something terrible is gonna happen" 10 year anniversary is here.

I read all of the various BS propaganda about dirty bombs this week. The issued warnings. Nothing so far. Can people get their hands on spent nuclear fuel? Well now that Iran is actively engaged in nuclear programs-the odds are better. At any rate...

So now that those claims haven't panned out, they are going to make a big deal out of some poor sap in Kansas City.

I can't wait to see the "suspicious items" this guy had. Like anybody in the free world doesn't know about airport security. Can't wait to see what this guy was carrying. Let's see if they give us some follow up info.

Now I've been reading that the "terrorists" are going to wait a couple of weeks. When we least expect it and aren't so vigilant.

Fear mongering is a win-win for everyone. The government can legitimately justify their existence. They can say, "we told you so" when something does happen. If nothing happens, they will say it's because of their diligent work. The press have something to write about. Remember, this is the same government that saw nothing odd about a bunch of mid eastern men taking commercial flying lessons in 2001.

Here's some more BS.

Thankfully this day, is almost over.

World Renown For Retreating at the First Sign of Danger*, France Moves to Ban The Sales of Gold and Silver With Cash

*A French Canadian reader didn't like my original title too much, so I had to modify it a bit in the interests of diplomacy. Hell, I might have to evacuate to Canada or France. I can't have these guys mentioning that I called them something akin to a substance commonly found on the floor of a chicken coop. My apologies.

Have the French simply given up? Freedom must seem like an illusion over there. 

Wow. I cannot believe I did not hear about this sooner. I am going to have to fact check this.

Let me explain a little something. Central bankers and governments hate gold and silver. The government and banker class support the unlimited and widespread use of their worthless fiat currencies because they can control the quantity. When people rush out and buy precious metals, what they are doing in essence- is telling the government and the bankers to screw off. We don't trust your paper. This of course infuriates the government and the banker class because they cannot control gold and silver nor can they counterfeit it. So they try various tricks to keep people from buying precious metals.

I think it is quite possible that our government will tax actual gold and silver sales so badly that they will render the market and that investment- useless. Our counter move, will of course be, a failure to report sales to the government. The invisible hand. We have our own reporting requirement at the end of this year... Remember that? Yep, they snuck it in the Obamacare bill as a rider. All cash sales above 600 bucks on everything, must be reported.

Maybe France hasn't cornered the market on chicken shititis. Perhaps, we are even ahead of them. But we at least have an excuse. Nobody read the Obamacare bill until we passed it. Nancy Pelosi assured us that not reading bills happens to be common parliamentary procedure. So instead of being chicken shit and waging a little argument here or there, we are most likely just stupid.

The plan is starting to become evident. Trap us with currency, impose the hidden tax called dollar debasement/inflation and punish us for taking steps to avoid those consequences. As enough people begin to bail, identify those people buying PM's and punish them with reporting requirements and taxes. There is simply no other reason to do this. Governments have screwed the pooch. They will even make harmless acts like owning gold and silver punishable by confiscation or taxation.

Here's a translated snip. The French have banned any cash PM sales beyond 450 euros, which by my reckoning after Greece implodes this month, 450 euros will be equivalent to one ham sammich.

Toute transaction relative à l'achat au détail de métaux ferreux et non ferreux est effectuée par chèque barré, virement bancaire ou postal ou par carte de paiement , sans que le montant total de cette transaction puisse excéder un plafond fixé par décret

Any transaction on the retail purchase of ferrous and non ferrous is made by crossed check, bank or postal transfer or by credit card, the total amount of the transaction may not exceed a ceiling set by decree

Paper is poverty... it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.

This Is How A Libertarian Thinks

Moonbats think about government planning and compliance. Liberals think it's perfectly acceptable to stick their opinions and laws up our ass- once in awhile a Libertarian sticks a boot up their ass. Like this. Worth the watch. Thanks to...Fighting in the Shade!

De-Constructing Bin Laden

Like just about everyone, I remember precisely where I was- watching one smoldering tower on TV as we watched that second plane fly into the World Trade Center. The word "shocked" cannot describe how I felt. How we all felt that morning. People dying in horrific ways. You know those details.

It was a Tuesday. City staff meeting at 1030 MST. That was all we talked about.

These are some observations I have made over the past ten years. They are opinions and you may agree or disagree with them. Things I have gathered along the way. I'm going to bounce around a bit...please forgive me.

My anger and initial thoughts were directed at our country- a country that armed a lunatic like Bin Laden. Bin Laden was our buddy as long as he was busy killing Russians in Afghanistan. After that war was over, Bin Laden turned his sights on us. We had a couple of chances to nab the guy but we didn't. I get a little angry thinking about that failure of President Clinton's. I often wonder if Bill thinks about that. I doubt it.

I get physically sick when I think of those people on those planes. To this day, I am overwhelmed by the courage shown by the people on Flight 93.

After 09/11/01, our government did some interesting things. They appropriated billions for the surviving family members of people killed in the attacks. In fact the average has been about 2 million dollars per family. About 125 victim families did not file claims. They asked claimants to waive all rights to sue the government, the airlines, etc. Odd. What were they worried about?

Nobody complained about those unprecedented earmarks. Complaining about them would have been seen as callous and cold. The government did two other things which were huge in scope. They passed the Patriot Act which essentially allows government to eavesdrop on whoever they feel like. 

They also managed to install a new 55,000 person army and bureaucracy in the form of the Transportation and Safety Administration or TSA. Some of these goons were paid 6 figures and beyond. Many Federal agencies were able to get rid of their "retired on duty" employees and transfer them into the TSA. This also freed up promotions in the FBI, DEA, and IRS among others.

I hated it when Rahm Emanuel was caught saying- "never let a crisis go to waste." It sickens me that our government is so willing to exploit their citizens' fear- that they can actually make jokes about it.

The government's fingerprints, as always, are all over this tragedy. They armed and sponsored that lunatic Bin Laden. Clinton let Bin Laden go- more than once. Government knew Al Qaeda operatives were flying airplanes in the U.S.A. in 2001 and law enforcement could have easily begun a surveillance- but didn't. I've spoken about the other steps, call them intrusions, that the government has taken since then. I've failed to mention a war here or there and a bunch of kidnapped people being detained in a camp we can't seem to close.

I want to mention one other item before the big finish. Anybody believing in a God or Allah that supports killing people is a fraud. That belief system is prima facia bullshit. Get a new religion. Or a new God. Quickly. If that's the only God available to me- I don't want him.

I hate to say it, but I think Bin Laden won. We responded to his brand of hate with hate of our own. Bin Laden killed about 3000 or so of us- and we've been busy killing hundreds of thousands of them for years. About 300 times as many as died in the WTC.
Do you know what a pyrrhic victory is? That's a victory that is so costly that another similar victory would spell defeat.
So in addition to all of those lost lives, we have spent billions. Some believe three trillion over the last decade. That's a lot of revenge. And on May 2, we finally found that boogie man and we executed him. We won, didn't we?

His father was in the construction business. The son- a civil engineer turned sociopath, was in the de-construction business. Now he's been deconstructed. All that pain and suffering and dying- for what? For hatred. What a ridiculous waste of life.
That's what I've learned in the last 10 years. I've had to re-live it every year for 10 years. I keep hoping all of this will start to fade away soon.