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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Class is in Session

Thankfully, I can multi task. Watch football and produce silly video. Probably better at watching football.

They Dwell Among Us

Sometimes, words fail. I stumbled onto this piece of Bryan Fischer's while I was doing my a.m. scan of free radicals in the blogosphere.

I cannot tell you how difficult it is for me to read something like this and not personally attack the author.

I think what bothers me about this piece is that I have read similar rants by this author for years. What bothers me most I suppose, is Mr. Fischer's motivations. Not his credentials as a minister or something, or that he blogs under some "family" type disguise. Rather why does he choose a topic like this? Does he support killing? Does he somehow think that saving lives is less brave than taking lives?

Or does he just crave the attention? Does he enjoy writing things that inspire hate? Or is he just bashing government's motives in awarding medals? Does he actually believe he is wise, actually insightful, and that we are all going to sign on with his philosophy?

Ultimately, I don't know. I have read Bryan's stuff for years. I have commented on his opinions without ever receiving a reply. I have contacted him personally by email. I have always been greeted by silence. At one time, I actually toyed with the idea of attending his church which is just a few blocks from my home, just to meet him. That I decided against it is proof that my spirituality doesn't need the drubbing.

So I am going to be kind here. I am going to say that people are entitled to free speech and to their opinion. And leave it at that.

The Galileo Effect

The U.S. is now entering year four...of depression recovery. Are you feeling Japanese yet? They are in about year twenty one of their recovery. I wonder if their government or media tries to bullshit them like ours does? I dunno.

This is what I know for sure. We have two fringe groups of radicals in this country. They are called Democrats and Republicans. Completely insane. You can spot them at Ace of Spades HQ or Huffington Post. They have completely gone off the rails. Our government loves that level of unconsciousness. In fact, government's very survival depends on perpetuating that type of thinking and keeping voters in a coma. By all measurements, the scheme is starting to develop cracks. Here's what the centrists can agree on. From a ZeroHedge snip...

Specifically, a Rassmussen poll conducted in February found:
70% [of all voters] believe that the government and big business typically work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors.
(and see this).
Remember that the government helped and encouraged the giant banks to get even bigger, and then has hidden their insolvency and shielded them from the free market, and helped them grow even during the severe downturn.
In return, the big banks and giant corporations have literally bought and paid for the politicians.
Conservatives might call it "socialism" and liberals might call it "fascism" - they are the same thing economically.

That 70% of people can agree on this is encouraging. I call it the Galileo effect. The Galileo effect is based on a simple premise. That just because you have the power and will to impose your radical beliefs, does not make it so. That dogshit does not become health food regardless of how desperately you want to make it so. That alchemy just doesn't exist.

Friday, November 19, 2010

TSA, Bringing the Love

10/14/14. This is a four year old piece from the FG archives. I thought I'd repost it because it's just as good today as it was back then. Brian

Well today ends my disco week marathon. Thinking rockin' country week next week. So while all you people were doing useful things, like swilling beer, practicing self love, and sleeping...I was putting this gem together.

As a career cop, nothing pisses me off more than the Transportation and Safety Administration. Months after the 9/11 attacks, these termites infiltrated my ski resort home town. I tried to play nice with these guys. Let me tell you how they select the TSA hierarchy. Potential candidates for upper level jobs are asked to undergo a CAT scan. If they see any evidence of common sense as demonstrated by electrical activity in the frontal lobe- you are summarily disqualified and sent back to the post office.

One of the first acts of the TSA swarm was that they ordered us to import bomb sniffing dogs and check all of the cars in my airport parking lot or have them all towed away. I had two initial thoughts. Kicking the snot out of one of these guys was not possible- they had exercised caution by using the phone. Ok, I had three thoughts. My second thought, was since I had no bomb sniffing dogs, was to just lie and tell them that we had anyway. My third thought was just what the hell did flying planes into the WTC have to do with bombs in cars- parked in some rural airport months later?

Any common sense gets rejected and sent back to the mail room. That this bureaucracy has claimed 50,000 employees is mind boggling. However and true to form, the TSA has now completely gone full idiot. Confiscating our money to pay for this lunacy. See through clothing body scanners and grabbing folks' in private places. We didn't get here on a winning streak.

Here's a great site:

I clipped this piece from one of a few articles I have read. Pilots with courage, and now as it turns out, free time.

Anger over the screenings hasn't just come from passengers. Two veteran commercial airline pilots asked a federal judge this week to stop the whole-body scans and the new pat-down procedures, saying it violates their civil rights.
The pilots, Michael S. Roberts of Memphis and Ann Poe of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., have refused to participate in either screening method and, as a result, will not fly out of airports that use these methods, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Washington.
Roberts is a pilot with ExpressJet Airlines and is on unpaid administrative leave because of his refusal to enter the whole-body scanners. Poe flies for Continental Airlines and will continue to take off work as long as the existing regulations are in place.
"In her eyes, the pat-down is a physical molestation and the WBI scanner is not only intrusive, degrading and potentially dangerous, but poses a real and substantial threat to medical privacy," the lawsuit states.

Unfortunately, the formation of the TSA, was a perfect example of government seizing control of a situation and exploiting us. Although late to this party, Rahm pretty much captures the essence. God help Chicago.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dow Rallies, the Unemployed, Not So Much

An "expert" on CNBC calling today a "snap back" rally. He says market fundamentals are good. He also says that today's rally has a "short gamma effect." I guess if Ken Marschner spews some bullshit out- we can take it to the bank. Maria Bartiromo doesn't look so good to me.

Check this out. It will have you on the edge of your seat. I promise.

Today's vote in the House is going to have a short gamma effect on the pocketbooks of 2 million Americans. No unemployment benefit extensions. Sometime after Dec 1, the unemployed will have to start bumming money from the relatives or use Ken Marschner's advice to score some short term gains.

I can hear the whining now. Oh, those evil Republicans. Right before Christmas. The inhumanity of those bastards. The lefty blogs will be buzzing. Just checked Huffington Post and snipped this headline. The Plot To Ruin Christmas: As Holidays Approach, No Plans In Senate For Vote On Unemployment Benefits

Here's the good news. When these two million people fall off the unemployment count and it legs down to 9.1 or so, the nanny government statists can take credit for "fixing" our economy.

Maria is on again with some other guy claiming the economy is improving. GM now selling off. The winning streak continues.

What's a Little Fraud Among Friends?

I think I'm going to stay with the disco theme. I secretly loved disco, but had I ever told my friends that at the time- they would have beat the shit out of me. Dig the hair. On the chest.

Today was the great Government Motors rebirth and initial public offering. Alas, some things are better off dead. The curious case of GM is one of them. Priced at thirty three bucks a share. Get your put options ready.

Yesterday, I saw some fund manager or muckety muck on CNBC say that he thought any business that was government controlled or owned should be sold immediately. I almost spewed coffee on the keyboard. I can't wait for the United States Post Office initial public offering. Where will they price that?

General Motors should have been allowed to fail. Their pension plan and union contract with free health benefits for life was simply not sustainable. Remember Obama essentially firing GM CEO Rick Wagoner as they were taking that mess over? What the fuck business does a President have firing anybody in the private sector? Wagoner was just a burnt offering for the masses. To make the great narcissist in chief look good. What the hell were we thinking? Where in the constitution or anywhere else for that matter, does it authorize government to use our money for this?

So let me figure this out. GM went bankrupt giving shareholders and bondholders a big loss. Then they spent our tax money saving them and extended our losses. Now, they want us to buy this union run piece of garbage again. Buy Chevy Volts! A huge bargain with a base sticker price of 41, 000 plus tax or about 45, 000 in California. 

Do you remember the big pissing match Obama had with Wagoner over the pricing of the Volt? Wagoner was told to hold the price near 30k. He said because of energy drains on the a/c and stereo the price was going to rise to 35k as engineers were looking for ways to resolve those issues. Thankfully Obama, Wagoner's new government master, won out. 

At this new bargain price, I might buy two of these things before I get priced out next year.

P.S. Perfect.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Debt Inferno

Reading with a beat. Ahh this takes me back...

California is burning through 1.2 billion Federal tax dollars per month in the greatest unemployment loan and giveaway scheme this country has ever seen. Just check out this parabolic piece and wonder where the national debt will be as Congress- is passing the 12th extension at some point in the future. It just never ends.

The staggering costs must be repaid by employers. Most believe the unemployment coffers will have to be replenished by increasing unemployment costs nearly 100% on existing employers. I'll bet employers will respond by hiring shit loads of folks. Next up, the Fed will start buying muni debt- the U.S. has it's own Ireland...only ours is bigger and we call it the golden state.

If you like twisted shit for laughs...throwing this in. I'll ask for forgiveness later...

The "New Age" Slave Traders

When Turbo Tax Timmy speaks, well I'm not sure anyone listens. We know the central bank water he carries. This is the same shit every banker spews. The same shit that allowed Hank Paulson to funnel our money thru AIG to his pals at Goldman Sachs and every other TBTF bank. I am truly beginning to hate bankers. Here's what Timmy said about the latest bank hostages.

In Washington, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Europe was capable of dealing with the debt crisis but needed to act "very, very quickly", combining temporary financial support with reforms that resolve underlying problems.

So here's the Irish scenario. Same as ours. Ireland will have to give up it's sovereign rights, face the same austerity measures, and ask the criminals who engineered their banking collapse for help and more payoffs. Oh sure, we have yet to feel this pain but we will. So far the Irish are refusing. The other side is now playing the doom and gloom card. The European Union will collapse if Ireland doesn't take the bait. The crooked bankers are offering them a hit on the crack pipe. Greece cooked their books and low balled losses. So will Irish banks. The EU bank stress tests were a complete farce...even more so than the ones performed here. But Ireland nationalized their banks, bought them essentially, guaranteeing they could manage the losses. Oops. This is what happens when you have a garbage in, garbage out, info gathering system. Fraudulent really. They did this to keep Irish depositors from running on their banks. Those depositors have snatched 10 billion during the last month. Who's problem is this?

The cold hard truth is that Ireland has to cave. All this EU collapse rhetoric is just bullshit to enable Ireland's government to carve out a sweeter deal and save face. That's all. Watch the market leg up again once it's over. Still...

I'd love it if my Irish brothers would stand up and give the bankers and EU a long finger wave. Create your own currency. Let the banks collapse and screw the EU. It was probably a shitty idea anyway. We'll see if the world stops turning. Heres Mad Max's spin.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Choir Practice

Thought I'd clip and embed this dude. I like what he says...except that somehow after I watched it...I felt like my ass just got chewed. Not sure how effective that style of delivery is.

All Of Your Money Belongs To Us

I can't begin to tell you what a horrific burden it is to be so incredibly witty, clever, and talented- it is truly a heavy load.

Of all of my formidable talents, the one talent I absolutely perfected over the years- was my incredible ability to buy out of the money put options and watch them expire worthless. Oh sure, a year or two later, I would be vindicated when some triggering event would enable the masses to discover that the underlying security they owned was worthless. It used to drive me- absolutely bat shit crazy- to listen to a CEO on a conference call use "weasel language." Carefully selected words and verbage that the CEO could "weasel" out of on some future conference call as investors were sharpening their guillotines. Hearing that shit was priceless. It pointed to the real fundamentals of the company.

Buying put options is tricky work because weasel language works. For awhile. Usually long enough for my options to expire worthless. The masses don't catch on until it is always too late. One of the reasons it takes people so long to catch on isn't because they are stupid. It is because they are too trusting. They are heavily invested in the credibility of the guy at the controls. And right now, the guy at the controls is Ben Bernanke.  Not only does he use 'weasel language" but if you take a look at his track record- you will find a guy that is incredibly wrong most of the time. This link illustrates that point perfectly.

Bernanke looks and sounds like he knows what he is doing. He doesn't have a third eye on his forehead. But trust me when I tell you that Bernanke is absolutely clueless. A good ol boy, taking the easier and softer way, using weasel language. Actually, he is just a coward.

One by one, countries around the world are waking up bankrupt. First Iceland, then Greece, today Ireland. Europe is in big shit. So are we. All of the rhetoric and weasel language on the planet will not change the facts. Ultimately there will be a complete economic collapse, I just can't tell you when it will happen. I was never any good at timing that shit. Schiff predicted a collapse for five years before it actually happened. It will happen when the masses can no longer deny the facts- when the truth becomes self evident. As government and the FED try to weasel out of a crisis that they alone caused- they are going to steal every last penny that they can. 

They have pledged your tax dollars, your work product, as collateral on all of that debt they have issued. You are the promissory note. They don't have anything else.

I had a small businessman describe it accurately several years ago. That the government truly believes, that all of your money belongs to us.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Iceland Is What America Was

Can you imagine the chaos we would have- if "We the people" actually ran our country? If we could vote on the TARP bailout, union run GM, Obamacare, or Fed policy like quantitative easing? Giving moonbats like Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi migraines? It gives me goosebumps.

Imagine the possibilities. Failed banks with crooked bankers would be allowed to fail. We could actually vote to prosecute fraudulent bankers and rating agencies. Failed automakers and insurance companies wouldn't get a mulligan. A real health plan could be devised. QE2 would be scoffed at. Could we do any worse than the sociopaths now inhabiting Washington?

I don't think so. And guess what? The vast majority of us have never taken one campaign contribution. We aren't co-opted at any level. What mechanism would we use? 

They have this thing called a US Tax Return 1040. For individuals. It is filled out by the people who actually pay taxes. You know those people- the ones that have STANDING. The ones who get fleeced.
How about letting the people with standing submit their electronic or paper 1040 tax form along with their vote on these things? Can you imagine? Can you imagine voting to eliminate the Federal Reserve and replacing it with a US issued currency and monetary system with actual oversight and audits?

Or imagine this. Voting on a 1040 form to abolish the IRS, that 2500 page monstrosity of a tax code "gerry rigged" for the elite, and eliminate about a million accountants. Install a flat tax rate on all individuals and corporations. We'd have to hire the Boy Scouts to count that vote. Oh, the irony. Makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Would it work? Of course it would work. Until then- we can only fantasize. Free people exercising their right to govern themselves below. A middle finger to the bankers. Wish it wasn't so cold there.