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Is the U.S. Government Willfully Trying To Destroy Our Reserve Currency Status?

 It would appear so. Many years ago now, I named this blog "Frankenstein Government." I did that as the United States Government, Hank Paulson, and a host of other cowardly government banker types helped themselves to a one trillion dollar taxpayer funded bailout. Only in America of the 2008 variety, could you commit all sorts of felonies and fraudulent acts and escape prosecution thanks to Barack Obama. The minions grumbled a bit and then went away. Like they always do.  On this day, in 2008, we were nearly 10 trillion in debt. Some 15 years later, we are now 32 trillion in debt. That cumulative cash burn smoothed out over 15 years is pretty close to 1.5 trillion a year. An enormous amount of spending, deficits, and debt accumulation. Now I don't want to get sidetracked here with "where did that money go" because we can't do anything about that.  If you are a real numbers geek, you can loo