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The Exploitation of the American Worker

Let's start with the upside. For two years, I have been willfully unemployed. Loosely translated, that means that I have enjoyed absolute freedom. No scheduled hours, no commute, no nasty ass or diminishing remarks made by co-workers, no deadlines or ass munching by bosses. I have been free to live my life, exercise, read, write, take naps. Travel when I want to. Not answer to anyone. Shangrila. I would also like to say, I have enjoyed all of this on my dime. Not one government cent. I actually planned for the possibility of a depression. Yes. Let's call it what it is. For the last year, I have dangled a toe in the employment pool. What I have found is some of the worst jobs, worst wages, and poor hours of any period in my 50 year life span. When a decent job comes open, hundreds apply for it. Somebody's nephew or friend gets it. And if a greedy or inconsiderate employer actually takes a minute to thank you for your one hour online application, cover letter, and resume- it