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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Get Ready for the Sh** Show

Many years ago, in my previous life as a law enforcement officer, I had the privilege of meeting Howard. Howard was mentally ill and unstable. He was angry and he was dangerous. Howard, a full 6'5" inch man in his late 30's, enjoyed walking around town with an ax over his shoulder. He wore these crazy looking eye glasses, goggles really, with yellow lenses.

Howard scared a lot of people. Everyone from bank managers to motorists would call the police department and we would be forced to explain that carrying an ax in public was not illegal. Once on a traffic stop, Howard jumped out of his truck with that ax and briskly walked towards my patrol car. Truth is, any normal cop might have shot Howard and got away with it. 

I liked Howard. Howard liked me. When I became the Chief, Howard would often come visit me at my office. He would ask me if I had any enemies needing to have an "accident."  I had a couple of folks in mind but they are still with us and Howard is now- long gone.

Donald Trump reminds me of Howard. Trump scares people. He's not real long on tact. He is direct and nasty. He is full of bluster and Trump attacks people who attack him. Thus far, he just doesn't back down from anyone. That's how Howard was.

The left is scared to death of Trump. They don't understand him. They don't understand how a President can act so un-Presidential. They hate this guy. Not because of what he's done but because of who he is. If you simply ignore everything that he says, and look at what he's done, Trump isn't half bad.

There is no better comparison than Trump and Obama. They are polar opposites. I believe the right hated almost everything Obama deceptively did- but kept their mouths shut about it because he was black. Bailing out health insurers with that Obamacare act hurt me significantly. Letting our troops die in Benghazi before the election was the last straw. I believe everything about Obama was a lie- right down to who his father actually was. 

The left hates Trump because he has no tact. They hate him because he stands for everything they despise- from closed borders to anti-abortion rights. The difference is- is that the left has been absolutely unmerciful and public, speaking out quite vocally in their hatred for Trump for nearly 4 years now. Can you imagine if Trump was black? They'd all have to shut up like we did during the Obama reign.

So amidst the Covid epidemic, the left managed to come up with the weakest Presidential candidate that they could find. A career politician who has done nothing but fill a chair. To this they added a far left, allegedly black female, to try and snag minority votes. The left also wants mail in ballots, presumably because of Covid, but everyone knows they want to rig the balloting and get rid of Trump- having failed in the impeachment process.

I can't imagine a better recipe for disaster than this. 

We've got a revenge minded President who won't back down- and we have two flaming, liberal, gun grabbing candidates on a ticket with a base that wants to rig this election and win at any cost.


We ain't talking an eternity away either. There is only 72 days until the grand finale. I am not sure that it is going to matter who wins. I think there is a very real chance of civil unrest either way and some crazy unforeseen event happening. 

Back in the day, I learned to get along with Howard. Like Trump, Howard was all bluster. All show. He scared people because he simply refused to conform to their norms. Like Trump. Howard was actually a pretty decent guy- with a short fuse no doubt- but there was really no danger as long as you were decent to Howard. 

The left isn't going to be decent.

So I've been getting ready for the shit show this fall. Stocking up on supplies and prescriptions, rigging a transfer switch for the house and buying a generator. I may not need any of this and I hope I don't- but then again who thought we would all be wearing masks at the start of the year?

This ain't your parents 'merica- that's for damn sure.