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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Friend Of a Friend Of Another- The Genius of the FOFOA Blog

A few years ago, somebody was talking about the FOFOA blog on Zerohedge. I searched it, found it, and I could not stop reading it.

It's not an easy read. Bring your A game comprehension skills with you.

This is a site that has been up for only 5 years. It is nearly impossible to get 5.5 million hits on anything unless it's porn. This is not porn. This is some of the most intelligent, introspective and revealing commentary I have ever found on the importance and vast mystery of gold.

That's what makes it even more amazing. His blogs can be enormous.

He does not talk about silver or platinum - he does however embed a music vid here and there. So the 5. 5 million hits at this place are people who are.....get this....READING! Engaged, intelligent readers asking articulate questions. Not so oddly, the writer will not reveal himself. I find this lack of qualifying credentials and therefore pre judgments- refreshingly unnecessary. Prima facie writing. Rarely will you see any kind of argument here.

He posted something the other night which I believe to be the quintessential explanation for why our country will have a hyper inflation event and what's more, he is looking forward to it as the only thing that will rid us of this enormous debt.

He simply does not know the duration. But if you are living on a fixed income, without gold or silver to trade when a hyper inflation event occurs- this might be a miserable time for you. A few ounces of gold during a hyper inflation event- might just pay the mortgage off.

If you haven't done so already- it might be worth your time to take a look. I am gonna link that hyperinflation piece.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Junkie America

Late last night I stumbled onto a chart because I was trying to solve a mystery. Many of the people I am talking to online are evidently clueless about the FED and QE, our government, (spying and what constitutes treason) politics, and current events. They are apathetic. They just don't care. A lot of their ideas- that we live in a democracy with free markets are completely half baked. Then it hit me. Maybe the people I am talking to are half baked. So I went hunting.

Our country has a spiritual problem. They think that the solution for money problems, health problems, relationship problems, family problems, or just boredom- is alcohol and drugs. People want to change the way they feel. That is addiction. And when people are using whatever drugs they use- they aren't present and they sure as hell aren't learning anything they will remember the following day.

Not only do I think drug and alcohol addiction in the US is at epidemic levels- I also happen to believe we have millions of addicts in the pipe line and the amount of people privately coping with addiction is far greater than what is reported.

This country is addicted to mood altering substances. Pot, meth, acid, benzos, pain killers, beer, wine, and alcohol. We are a junkie nation. Legal or illegal, it doesn't matter.

No wonder nobody cares about what is going on in this country. Please inhale this chart. Each pill represents one million prescriptions. If you are currently wasted or hungover you can embiggen it by clicking on it.

This chart represents 217 million consciousness altering prescriptions per year. If I divide 217 million people by 12- one prescription per month, I arrive at 18 million people regularly using benzos. How about pot? I personally know at least 20 people who smoke pot once or twice a day. Many of them don't drink. Here are the numbers.

In any case the “fact” of about 15 million regular marijuana users in the US (latest numbers – 2010 – show 17.4 million) are probably on the low end. So let's say 20 million people regularly smoke pot.

I'm going to leave out all of the other illegal drug users which is hard to tally and instead, just focus on alcohol drinkers. Two thirds of our nation's population admit to drinking 1-8 drinks or more per week. So lets add this up.

Click this link for the number of deaths and the billions that binge drinking cost us every year. (PDF)

18 million benzo users (I'm leaving out pain killers like vicodin) +20 million pot smokers +200 million drinkers= 238 million people out of 310 million US citizens. That is nearly 80% of our population regularly using some mind altering substances. Obviously children and a couple million people in prisons and jails weren't counted. Wow.

Gallup Alcohol Consumption Measures -- Recent Trend

How could Congress with a 9% approval rate, have 94% of both houses re-elected in the 2012 elections?

Because this is who is doing the voting. Mystery solved.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Detroit Posts Voting Billboards With Wrong Date

You just can't make some stuff up.

Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity although I'm not sure about the universe.
-Albert Einstein

Detroit. They probably deserve to be bankrupt. From Michelle Malkin.

Monday, August 12, 2013

AOL's CEO Tim Armstrong on "How To Be An Asshole" *Updated

Thankfully, I don't have to kiss anyone's backside. I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

This morning I was catching up on things when I saw a news feed of AOL's CEO, Tim Armstrong. Armstrong was on a conference call talking with 1000 employees about "Patch", a troubled news subsidiary of AOL's.

During the conference call, Armstrong fires one of his employees in front of all of the other employees listening in on the call.

To say that Armstrong's actions violate every principle of good management is an understatement. The truth is, I detest people like Armstrong. They exercise terrible judgment and get away with it- only because they can. They intimidate people.

What could have Armstrong done differently? Oh, like maybe kept his mouth shut. Talked to the employee like a civil human being after the conference call and most importantly, privately. He might have even allowed the employee an opportunity to give his side of the story and defend himself. Perhaps the employee had a plausible explanation, or perhaps some intermediary form of discipline was available or more appropriate. I hope this employee sues Armstrong particularly if he has been a good employee- and this was done on some angry whim. At the very least, if I were on the Board of Directors of AOL, I'd make damn sure Mr. Armstrong attended our very next board meeting.

To publicly humiliate someone by firing them in front of 1000 other people is almost sociopathic. This is what masquerades as "leadership" in our country. You Tube vid courtesy of Marcus, winner of the 2013 best commenter award on Frankenstein Government.

I am going to post the You Tube vid with Mr. Armstrong acting like a prima donna below. Then I am going to look at AOL and their subsidiaries to make sure that I don't do business with this company or any of it's subsidiaries in any way, shape, or form. I'm going to fire them.

*Update. Guess what- this outfit owns Huffington Post and oddly enough- there is nothing on Huffpo about this incident lest Attila the Hun comes calling. They're just sticking with their tried and true hate righty agenda.

If you speed the vid to the 1:30 mark, you'll get the gist of this without wasting too much time.