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The New Plantation- The Sunday Collage

Something really odd happened at work yesterday. It borders on insane and I'll tell you this- it makes no sense to me. The company that I work for, deep in the heart of America's first right to work state, gave us a 20% raise. From 10 dollars an hour to 12. They did not have to do this. I am still in a state of shock. I didn't have to beg anyone, get some glowing review or show up daily and kiss anyone's ass. This is a company that will work you 14, 16, 19 hours a day without paying overtime and does so frequently. Perhaps they have acquired some level of corporate shame. I'm not sure. I didn't give our team a 5% chance against the corporate oligarchy. One of the reasons government "work" has become so popular is that it shelters you from the reality of life in private, corporate America. In Idaho, the corporate oligarchy is at it's strongest. Not only are we in a right to work state, but employers in Idaho can fire you without

How One Great Lie Spawned a National Debate

The other day, I was engaged in the usual back and forth banter with a friend of mine who thinks Obama is a great President and of course the default position is- "well even if he's not- it's George Bush's fault." This is the liberal argument. We've all heard it. So this is nothing new. Yesterday, Rick Santelli (on live television) pulled the trigger on the greatest lie ever told to the US public. That the economy is doing fine. This is the biggest crock of shit ever proffered forth as fact but why can't America see it? Why do they insist on telling us that everything is fine? Why do we all argue ad nauseum about this? Because the people in power, the rich and elite, corporate America, Congress and the President are all personally invested in the great lie. Every card carrying and faithful liberal in America is invested in the great lie. Here is the great lie. If you conjure up 2 trillion dollars in stimulus, add 4 trillion dollars in QE programs

The Future Ain't What It Used To Be- The Sunday Collage

I have always kind of known, deep down, that America is it's own greatest enemy. I don't worry about China, or Russia, or whatever Al Qaeda boogie man our government cooks up.There will be no invasions, no evil enemies to repel, no new Autie Murphys, no Medals of Valor or Purple Hearts handed out to warriors on our soil. The future of America will come about as result of apathy, a complete lack of intelligence, and an American public so self absorbed with all of the wrong things- that we are going to end up losing the only thing that matters. Freedom. The chains that bind are given clever names. Tax hikes, Obamacare, property appraisal and re-assessment, compounding interest, fees, corporate monopolies, inflation. Want to lie to the American public? Sure, it's easy. Just call the greatest tax hike in the history of the country, "The Affordable Care Act." Or call a private bank owned by the world's elite, "The Federal Reserve Bank." That name im