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"If I don't write you a ticket, who would I write one to?"- The Sunday Collage

Today, I thought I'd use an old cop story as an illustrative tool. I hope you enjoy it. Many years ago on a Monday morning, I donned a new uniform and went to work patrolling city streets. It was probably about 7:30 when I saw this old pickup truck roll through a stop sign. His windows were still frosted up, I remember him peering out a hole near the dash. In the old days before complete paranoia set in among the police culture, I would often ask motorists to sit in my car rather than freeze my ass off while talking to them outside. Oddly enough, this practice often resulted in cops and motorists actually getting acquainted and having civil conversations. This then... is how I handled this traffic stop. When I asked this guy for his driver's license, he handed me an old driver's license before the days when we laminated them. I hadn't seen one of these in years. As I squinted down and saw the expiration date, I bellowed out that this thing had been expired for 17

The Last Issue of Harley Enthusiast

It's not everyday that you make the last cover of a magazine. In 2007, eleven of us toured the Lost Coast of California. The only thing that remains- is my right leg and one Chippewa boot. And maybe Troy. I think that's Troy in front of me. Funny how you stumble into weird things on the innartubes.