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Gun Review, Taurus G2C@.40 Cal. and... Idiots at the Range

 I have been looking for a concealable gun with more oomph than a 9mm. I have a beautiful little Kimber Micro 9mm with a built-in laser but it only carries 7 rounds. It is a fine shooting gun, but it has three problems. With the laser that little gun is now running near 1000 bucks off the shelf. The other problem I have with the Micro 9 is that it is built just like a .45 caliber 1911. It is single action sans the back strap safety. So in a tense situation it will do as long as you remember to cock the hammer. I simply can't carry it cocked although it has an external safety. I am not a fan of the 9mm round in general. In a pinch, I want a gun that will fire just as quickly as I pull the trigger. I set out to solve three problems. Find a concealable gun in the more powerful, .40 caliber. Increase the number of rounds. Do all those things inexpensively. That is how I landed on the Taurus G2C. I read a lot of reviews and I watched a couple of You Tube videos. Everyone seemed to like