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MSNBC, Statist Obama Network, Caught Lying

This vid speaks for itself. I have not tuned in  to watch MSNBC for two weeks now. Missing, nothing.

The ACA is DOA

For months, maybe even years, I have been on this blog telling readers what an expensive nightmare the ACA is. ACA's sole purpose was to force healthy people back into health insurance pools- to pick up the tab for everyone else. This law is a complete sham and it is horribly expensive. The Affordable Care Act is not affordable nor is it caring. With it's outrageous deductibles and premiums, it hardly qualifies as insurance. It is a sham- foisted upon the American middle class and given a palatable name- to provide windfall profits to healthcare companies while stealing every last dollar and tidbit of personal information it can glean. I am not going to participate. At any level. My first act of civil disobedience will be to refuse to enroll. You will enjoy this article. Forbes discovers that the healthcare exchange is crashing because the Obama administration desperately wanted to hide the true cost of the ACA by forcing people into giving up all of their personal data b

Washington Post Puts Up Misleading Video- Debunking Follows

In just a minute, I am going to show you a video which apparently targets the American masses and was produced with some sort of 8th grade audience in mind. It was posted on Huffington Post today (10/14/13) where all of the really smart people hang out. This is the shit that Huffpo readers watch and this is what we are up against. So what's wrong with this deficit spending video produced by the Washington Post? Please pay attention to the graphing that occurs right around the :46 mark. This is the visual aid that they employ to pacify the sheep who watch shit like this and think it is accurate. Note also how they say the United States has "always borrowed money" as though that makes borrowing seem normal and acceptable. (Please ignore the references made by the video about our poor, victim, President Obama. I mean after all, I clipped this from Huffpo) First of all, saying that the US has always had to borrow is not entirely accurate. The US has not always had to