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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tremendous Surge in 18-49 Year Old Fatalities Puzzling Authorities- Yet No Mystery Here

I've been reading about the huge surge in deaths as reported by a midwest life insurance group late last week.

About 20 months ago when this covid madness was in full bloom, I had a molar crack and become infected. This nasty toothache had me calling about 5 dentists until I found one that was actually open. The butcher of La Verkin not only charged me 650 bucks for the extraction but he drilled a nice gouge in the side of my tongue- a significant pain which persisted for nearly a month. It was a gouge which was easily visible on my tongue right next to the now missing molar. When I informed the dentist that I suspected he had nicked my tongue- he told me that I must have bit down on it instead.

It wasn't until a week or so later that it dawned on me- you can't bite your tongue when the tooth next to it has been extracted. Getting gouged twice by this dentist certainly meant there would not be a third time.

This incident kicked off a series of medical events, hernia operations, ICU style covid, retina surgery, and trying to schedule a colonoscopy.

It has been a giant pain in the ass- particularly scheduling the colonoscopy. I'm not here to whine about my medical maladies but rather to offer a premise for the outstanding number of deaths the USA has been experiencing in that 18-49 age group. Not only do I believe in this 4-sigma event, but I am also witnessing it firsthand. 

1. Cost. The vast majority of Americans in the 18-49 group have high deductible insurance. This means they might have to come up with as much as 15,000 dollars out of pocket before any financial help kicks in from these wonderful ACA health insurance policies. I think people in this age group will put off procedures, particularly if they think the procedure can wait. Disease processes do not wait.

2. Availability. The absolute hysteria created by the media surrounding covid has caused a complete back up in scheduling elective procedures. Not only are covid patients consuming bed and appointment space, but health providers are eliminating unvaccinated staff and creating staffing shortages. Trying to work full time and getting in to see a provider is a slow, cumbersome process. Today I tried to get through a health portal, I drove in person to my doctor's office for a referral, and for approximately the 6th time (including unreturned phone calls and emails)- in a couple months filled with holidays- I will try to schedule a 1700-dollar procedure I am paying for myself.

3. Vaccine deaths. I am a conspiracy theorist. I absolutely believe the government in its vaccination frenzy, is most certainly under reporting adverse reactions caused by vaccines- including death. The instance of heart problems including pericarditis and heart attack are being reported all over the globe- yet here in the U.S. we hear crickets in the legacy media about adverse effects. However, you will hear daily about some unvaccinated person who dies. This has been standard fare for months. Who benefitted the most from covid? Big pharma, hospital systems, and the US Congress/President/and government bureaucrats all of whom are bought and paid for by the big pharma/hospital lobby.

4. Poor treatment options. Doctors and hospitals have absolutely refused to treat people in the US- BEFORE they get sick. Ivermectin is most effective when used preventatively, hydroxychloroquine can also be used preventatively. Yet this government doesn't say shit about prevention other than push these vaccines which don't even slow the transmissibility of covid.

This also includes the ability to shop around in markets that have vacant beds- yet patients are prevented by their health insurers from seeking health care outside of their designated market. This is a luxury of cash payers like myself- I can literally go where I need to get a procedure done.

5. Collateral damage exists throughout the system. Disease processes are going untreated. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health are falling through the cracks. The murder rates- generally caused by those three things- are creating homicide rates we have never seen in urban areas. Even the covid masks cause breathing issues. 

6. Deteriorating US healthcare. Our healthcare system is held hostage by the ACA and hospitals who would rather focus on profit margins rather than great outcomes. We see this in virtually every ranking system worldwide and in fact- our mortality rate actually went down significantly last year.

How many deaths are accounted for here? I bet I captured 90% of our surplus, 18-49 death rate. I cannot think of anything I missed. Our national healthcare system has become kind of a dog-eat-dog system with several different pieces all contributing. 

The soaring death rates are tragic but amidst this leaderless group exercise we are enduring- I don't see any chance of improvement until the winter of '22-23 and some additional reforms thereafter. Until then we are stuck with this ailing system. One wonders just how bad this will get.