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Christmas In Leavenworth

This year's Christmas activities are taking place in prison. No, not really. I am in Leavenworth, Washington. A gorgeous place.|190#id=webcams&num=6 My sister's husband is from here. We are about 20 miles from Wenatchee. The town of Leavenworth has at least 12 million Christmas lights hung in the center of town. There is a little snow and ice. Last night we watched kids sliding down a hill in the center of town. It was fun watching them. They looked like park rats. So about ten of us are invading.   We are staying in a beautiful home over looking the Wenatchee River. This is my brother in laws'-father's home. I am writing to you from my couch, inside the deck, overlooking the river. I am the only one up. This may have something to do with the 9 gallons of beer and wine that was consumed last night. I do not miss those mornings. I do miss those evenings a little bit. I managed to cling to my

Lefty Press Is Insanely Adept At Vetting GOP, Had They Exercised Just 1/2 Of This Diligence With Obama- They Might Have Some Credibility

I am absolutely sick of politics. Of the media. Of political blogs. Herman Cain- Cheater. Mitt Romney- Mormon hustler with questionable business practices. He and his staff stole every hard drive from their offices before vacating the Governor's gig. (He's the cinch guy. They'll go easy on him.) Newt Gingrich- Serial cheater and asshole. Ron Paul- Racist newsletter writer. They had to dig that shit up from over 20 years ago- when All In The Family re-runs were still on. Sarah Palin- Dumb ass. Part time governor of Russia. Do you know why the media hasn't attacked anyone else? Because everyone else is largely irrelevant and not worth wasting the time on. Had these media assholes done 1/2 the hatchet job on Obama that they've done on every GOP candidate, I'd think they were credible. As it stands, I still think they are absolute cowards and corporate lap dogs. Irresponsible pussies. Because of them, we have this golfing idiot , I mean 4th best Presiden

Nationalism vs. Patriotism

-It's a curious thing in a material sense. The people who die fighting don't have much to lose. The people with everything to lose- don't die fighting. The trick is getting someone else to do your fighting for you. The haves are careful to call the have nots... patriots.  Time and time again, I see people confused by the subtle differences of nationalism and patriotism. The terms are not interchangeable and do indeed- define two different belief systems. Belief systems are opinions. It is important to make that distinction. Nationalism tends to be blind loyalty to the state or political entity. Patriotism tends to be loyalty to a country, culture, or concept such as freedom. It does not require blind loyalty to a political body or entity. The "Patriot Act" should have been titled the "Nationalist Act." That type of accuracy might have raised some eyebrows. The definitions are blurry and confusing because the state likes it that way. Those subtle

All You Can Eat Meat

The great thing about having your own blog is that you can write about any damn thing you want. So today I thought I'd take a rain check on government hating. Deviate into masochistic dieting with a little history. My diet history began after the summer of '07 and a U.S. tour via motorcycle. I ate and drank very well on that trip. You can hide a little extra weight at 6'4" or so. But there are limitations. Sooner or later things get a little squishy. In early November that year, I jumped into my Jeep and headed back to New Orleans for the winter. All 300 pounds of me. I was about to launch a weight loss mission. By Christmas of that year,  I weighed 218 pounds. I had lost 82 pounds in something like 55 days. From size 40 to 34. I could even fit into a 32 waist without too much struggle. I have told that story a few times. Very often people think I am full of shit or at least exaggerating and they have told me that. Losing weight in dramatic fashion is not easy, but

Hey, Let's Put Our Heads Together and See What We Can Come Up With

A "healthy" two headed baby boy. My mind goes numb with the possibilities. What is your IQ Mike? Well, it's 107 and 129.

Frankenstein Government Cancels Winter in Boise

Who knew? Just after Halloween this year, I went shopping at Home Despot. Home Despot and I are well acquainted. While doing my eternal home remodel this spring and summer, employees greeted me each and every day. For weeks. They called me by my first name. Some called me other things. So it was in early November- that I did the unthinkable. I was exiting the lawn and garden area and heading to the cashier. A cashier at Home Despot is required to stand in front of their till if they are not doing anything. This is how corporate America gets it's money worth. At any rate, there is this cute gal standing in front of her till like a good soldier. I know if her line is empty that there cannot possibly be one straight man left in the joint. I hit the rocket boosters just a touch... and out of my peripheral vision I spotted the snow shovels. Shit. Last year, we had this wintery surprise attack in Boise. A storm dumped 6 to 7 inches of wet and nasty snow. I do not particularly care

Ron Paul Steps In Doodoo, Manages To Incite GOP Faithful Who Are Desperately Trying to Cling To Relevancy

Lets face it, the GOP sucks. Their list of buffoons and old dead money players- shrinks weekly. I am now waiting for Sophomore Governor and quitter Sarah Palin to come riding in and try to save the day. And as bad as the GOP sucks, we all know that the central planners suck even worse. What a nightmare. Just when you think it can't get worse- it does. Ron Paul who is shredding GOP plans in Iowa and New Hampshire- has to go and try to defend Bradley Manning. Manning of course, has already been proven guilty by the press. Thus the marginalized GOP, already on life support (Ace of Spades) is just waiting to pounce all over something like this. And they did. Sometimes Dr. Paul, can you just stop and think before you open your mouth? The smear starts at the second word in the body of this piece. Defending the indefensible. Homosexual. Cross dresser. Awful. *Roll eyes now. Canadian Free Press. I am voting for Gary Johnson and

I Have Been Waiting Nine Months To See How Many Crooked Politicians and Government Employees Took Mozilo Money

Waiting since Mar 7. And I'll be damned if Issa refused to name the latest four bribe takers. Let's hope we don't have to wait until after elections to get their names.

Old Angry White Man Discovers James Kirchick, Anti-Paul Crusader, Writing With Merit and a Rigorous Frankenstein Government Defense

For a couple of years, I have been listening to slanderous claims of racial bigotry and other various  accusations lodged against Ron Paul. I never could source them and I could not research or evaluate the claims. I even read some Jewish blogger's hate filled rant about how Ron Paul hates Jews because he wants the Israelis to start paying their own costs of war without American aid- thus by connotation and assumption- the conclusion is in. Paul is an anti Semite. Surely there is no other explanation, no plausible deny-ability. In the new America, we condemn and judge without due process. You do know that FEMA is building camps, don't you? So what I am about to say- most of you know. I am a Ron Paul supporter. What I am not, is some media lap dog who in my fervent desire to get a black man elected President- covers up all that is potentially bad about the man. I do not practice contempt prior to investigation. Hell, I even read the Huffington Post for intelligence gathering

Suddenly, That Kook, Ron Paul Is Attracting Big Time Media Attention

If Ron Paul had just gone away like he was supposed to- the big media outlets could have said, "see we told you so." Just when the media thought they were in control of elections and exposure up jumps a bunch of angry voters who maintain that voters- not the media- still elect Presidents. Even ignored Presidential candidates. I am beginning to think that the blogosphere, the last bastion of truly free speech, may become a force to be reckoned with. I sure hope so. People are very angry. They have been- for about three years. Bankers have absolutely plundered us- five trillion in the last three years alone. People are now figuring out that electing a guy who hates the FED might just be what the doctor ordered. Pun intended.

Iowa Voters Give Banker Controlled Des Moines Register the Bird, Paul Surges in Polls

Many years ago, I think we blew an excellent chance to stop the 20 million jobs that left our shores. We had a chance to elect Ross Perot. Not your typical politician. He was simply too direct for people. He didn't talk shit. I say the same thing about Ron Paul. He is the right guy at the right time. This time the problem is the FED and that enormous debt load. Paul doesn't talk a lot of political bullshit. He is direct. Most importantly, and a point nobody will argue, he does what he says he will do. So I was hardly shocked to see the Des Moines Register endorse the white Obama, Romney. He is this year's beauty contest winner. He is rich and elite, he talks shit, and he has no verifiable or successful history as a public servant. Unless you count the bankrupt, taxpayer subsidized, Massachusetts version of Obamacare. I am tired of defending the only honorable, non cheating, transparent patriot in politics. Please don't vote for another stooge. We have an abundant

Hank "I'm Not Personally on the Brink of Collapse, So I'm Good" Paulson, Profiles In Modern Day Civil Service

Hank Paulson is never far from my thoughts. With a net worth of 700 million, he is the embodiment of American elitism. Arrogant and self absorbed, smug, and greedy. Hank Paulson may have pulled off the greatest crime in U.S. history. Working with a complicit and paid for Congress in 2008, Hank was able to secure all but a blank check to bail out U.S. banks. Banks that had made horrible and fraudulent loans, repackaged them, and sold them under fraudulent pretenses as "AAA". Hank Paulson was the CEO of Goldman Sachs when all of that near sighted crookedness and fraudulent loan originating was taking place. In fact, nobody had a better view of the landscape than Hank did. He knew what the bankers had done. As Treasury Secretary, Hank made the big banks whole via TARP and preserved them while cutting the economic throat of this country. After stealing a thousand billion or so from American taxpayers, Hank fled to parts unknown. He wrote a book about what a courageous guy h

"60 Minutes" Edits Out Obama's Fantastic Claim That He Is the Fourth Best President Evah!

I first saw this at Mr. Always on Watch. Obama's narcissism defies belief. Obama is clearly an idiot- at least 60 Minutes had the good sense to edit out the proof.

Here It Comes! Banker Inspired Des Moines Register Supports White Obama Er... I Mean Romney

And they say class warfare doesn't exist. Thank God for ZeroHedge. So the gal who is the CEO for the Des Moines Register- used to be employed in the upper echelons of Citibank? Oh the hell you say. The Register openly endorses Romney... Imagine that. Zero Hedge sums it all up nicely here. I can't wait to elect one more worthless, bought and paid for, elite beauty contestant. How many homes you got Mitt? Five? Are you sure that's enough?