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Frankenstein Government Now After the Food Supply

Well after hijacking 1/6th of the United States GDP in the form of ObamaCare, our Frankenstein Government has now seen fit to go after the food supply. Say hello to S510, the Food Safety and Modernization Act. I want to explain a concept to you. It is called a "beach head." This is how business and government infiltrate. They establish a "beach head." They propose a seemingly harmless and well intentioned law, such as S510- The Food Safety and Modernization Act. Great title isn't it? Who's not for food safety? People ignore what's in the bill thinking that it will not effect them and that the bill by itself can't be too damaging, even helpful. They take no active interest. General Mills, Kraft, and our government are smarter than us. They don't need to takeover the entire food supply and eliminate smaller competitors just yet. All they are trying to do is establish a beach head position, a foot in the

Wealth Without Work, Pleasure Without Conscience, Rights Without Responsibility

It was Gandhi that first uttered these things to his grandson, Arun. Originally he had listed seven attitudes or beliefs that would destroy civilization. Arun added an eighth, rights without responsibility. Now Gandhi lead a pretty bizarre life. His politics are irrelevant here. The relevant part of Gandhi's life is that he was a "truth seeker." That he identified those seven things some 60 years ago, gives us an opportunity to reflect back to that time. To ask ourselves, "have things panned out that way?" So it is, I chose those first two items because I think they are inextricably linked and applicable here. I chose the last item because that is the frustration we feel. It is the reason I write here. So are those things Gandhi uttered, true? Ask yourself this. Are people generally trying to "make the greatest amount of money with the least amount of work?" Have you ever heard anyone say, &

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Let's bow our heads and pray that Ron Paul gets the financial policy chair. If that happens, there is a very good chance that the curtain will be ripped away and expose Ben and the FED. A desperate man hastily pulling levers and trying to maintain the status quo monopoly on our money. We don't need the FED. I know it, Ron knows it, and the FED knows it. I pray that this country wakes up along with us. Mercy for the thieving rich and elite? Sorry Ben, I'm fresh out. Here's hoping Ron comes in on a pale horse. Well whattya know, even the tin hats at the Cato Institute are climbing aboard.

Getting Hopeful

People in the blogosphere seem to be waking up and taking an active interest in government. Many writers are talking about the FED. Worldwide, political and business leaders are taking notice. They are no longer sitting idly by. They are expressing their thoughts. So are run of the mill citizens. Like me. I see this as a very hopeful sign. Because the first issue in solving a problem- is recognizing that you have a problem. For the past two years, government and the FED have done everything in their imaginations to bullshit the American people into thinking there is no problem and that they can fix this. Green shoots, recovery summer, manipulated BLS figs, and now even a FED member has admitted that the FED is artificially ramping up the stock market. It's like they are fixing gravity. It's bullshit. And the last two things a fearful government has is bullshit and the last resort- brute force. Galileo was one of those dudes. He found himself in front of a fearful government

Lost Morality

This might very well be- the best explanation I have ever read on the moral and ethical state of this country. I think this dude absolutely nails it. I am going to post the link, courtesy of ZeroHedge here: This article takes me back. It takes me back to the worst, most unethical job, that I have ever participated in. In the late 80's, I worked for ITT Financial Services in Las Vegas as a loan officer. This is where I got my first taste of corporate greed and corruption. Previous to this, I had been a police officer for 5 years. Let me tell you how ITT operated. In Nevada at the time, they had no usury law. Thus ITT's lowest interest rate for small consumer loans was 42%. When people called the office and asked what our interest rates were, we were all instructed to say, "it depends on the size and the length of the loan." Interestingly enough, that misleading statement worked. Of the hundred or

The Kids Have To Go To School in California, Don't They Dad?

California doesn't fuck around, son. They tackle the big shit- head on. Two examples: San Francisco just banned McDonald Happy Meals because they come with a toy and therefore entice children to eat fattening food; and the Democratic legislature has made it illegal for a California employer -- even in a retail operation -- to ask a male employee who comes to work wearing a dress to wear men's clothing while at work. Billions lost, behold the mighty delta smelt. Welcome to the Welfare Golden State- Borrowing 40 million a day to pay unemployment benefits. The San Francisco Chronicle reports: With one in every eight workers unemployed and empty state coffers, California is borrowing billions of dollars from the federal government to pay unemployment insurance. The Los Angeles Times reports that the state owes $8.6 billion already, and will have to come up with a $362-million payment to Washington by the end

Fun Run On Bank Of America

Wouldn't it be sweet if we could convince all Americans to begin a run on Bank of America? It would be like the sheep telling the wolves, "We've had enough of your shit, prepare to die perro grande" A little street justice in a banking world that apparently is shielded by government and the FED. When is a Federal or State Prosecutor going to step up? Are you all co-opted and compromised? Bank of America, and that worthless toxic asset Countrywide Mortgage, have been two of my chief targets for the past two years. That Bank of America over paid drastically for Countrywide's nebulous assets and continues to grossly overstate their value is becoming well known. Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide founder and thieving scoundrel, was apparently allowed to carve out a 67.5 million dollar penalty in lieu of the prison sentence he so richly deserves. (Bank of America is paying 20 million of those costs) This is how it works. Mozilo commits massive fraud, dumps all of his sto

It Usually Takes Me a Little More Than Three Weeks to Prepare a Good Impromptu Speech

Although most sensible folks know that football is vastly superior to watching public service announcements, particularly in my circles, tonight found us taking a break and watching President Obama on 60 Minutes. I had an absolute epiphany when a friend of mine remarked that Obama always comes off like a calm, rational, centrist kind of guy as he watched the program. Now I've given a few interviews in my day and I forget that most normal Americans fall for the deceptive practice of TV "interviews" as they are presented to us. This is how it really works. The President is given a list of questions well in advance of the taping of the show, perhaps weeks or months. The President has something short of an eternity to review the questions, reject some, accept some, run them by advisers, spouses, or his crazy aunt and formulate an intelligent response. In what amounts to "rehearsed testimony" the interviewer then asks those agreed upon questions. The President