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First, We Abandoned Virtue- The Sunday Collage

This post was first published in September, 2014. Sorry for the delay today. Late night, didn't get home until 2 a.m. A couple of weeks ago, I was reading some interesting stuff about societies and how they eventually crumble and implode. More than a few people have postulated that the first things to go wanting are values, morals, and integrity. This was first proposed by Socrates and then expanded on by Plato as they spoke of virtue as moral excellence. How are people supposed to understand the importance of virtue if your society doesn't teach it and your leaders don't possess it? Not only do we lack any type of "leadership by example" but when was the last time you actually heard anyone, anywhere, describe a President or a  Congressman as honest?  If all you ever see is this current day "dog eat dog mentality" from your leaders doesn't that become the standard? If you look outside politics, you see greedy corporate pirates such as the Koch B

I Couldn't Attend the Funeral- But I Sent a Nice Letter of Approval

 I was lost and now I am found. A month or so ago, I was messing around with my control panel and managed to lose everything on my computer before re-installing it. This is what happens when you barely have enough know how to turn your computer on and then attempt to change all the settings. Anyhow, what was lost is now found. After an ample amount of work and cursing. In the comments, I saw an old friend ask if I was still around. To MM and my 3 other readers, yes, and while I have achieved a level of writer's block that has me wondering if I should have even bothered to restore the settings on my laptop- I am still here looking for new subject matter. This morning I was perusing the old town's newspaper when I came across the obituary of a former colleague of mine. I am so used to feeling a sense of loss every time one of my old friends die- that I have never felt an opposite emotion. A bit of glee when an old enemy left this earthly coil. Now I've never gone looking for