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Inches From Insanity

 On my Twitter page. Cousin Ellis. "Ya can't stop what's coming, it ain't all waitin' on you." I underestimated the damage Obama infused into America. I am sorry we elected him. It wasn't the banker "get out of jail free card" for his donors, it wasn't his health insurer bailout aka ACA, it wasn't his many abuses of power or his cutesy little quips. I have talked about this traitorous shit ad nauseum. Obama was a tool for American aristocracy. Where does he live? Martha's Vineyard. That's all you really need to know. The aristocracy has rewarded him well.  If the aristocracy relied on Obama to safeguard their wealth, then the tradeoff would be greenlighting Obama's plan to destroy the fabric of our country.  And from Obama's loins sprang every fucked up and distorted alternate reality. Black Lives Matter, cancel culture, woke politics and speech, deviant sex, pedophilia, defund police, Trump derangement, pot sales on every