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High Plains Drifters- The Monday Collage

It's time for the annual motorcycle ride. We've done Glacier Park, the Lost Coast of California, the Grand Canyon. This year it's the Black Hills. South Dakota and the Black Hills might just be my favorite place on the planet. I am leaving Tuesday and meeting the crew in Idaho Falls. It was 108 degrees in Boise today so we've got that going for us. I actually wrote a Sunday collage but it sucked. The bar at Frankenstein Government is set pretty high and I know that my readers are busy fucking off  living their extremely important lives and only have a limited amount of time with which they devote to reading.  So I don't want to waste their time. That's the selfless, caring, blog owner that I have become. That and I am burned out. So this trip comes at a pretty good time. Gawd, I love the summer. I'll try and post photos and some of the stupid shit that is bound to happen. It should be a good trip- I hear Jason's leaving the Indian behind so we