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The Great Super Bowl Sunday Post and Additional Bullshit

 I grew up playing virtually every sport. We didn't have soccer in the 70's and I thank God for that. What we did have was flag football and then tackle football. We had baseball and basketball. And track. And golf. I loved playing sports and despite the fact I was virtually talent free, I continued to engage in sports. When I could no longer freely engage in sports while maintaining an ever-increasing interest in sports, the next best thing was to bet sports. I had a wonderful week of sports wagering this week. I went 5-2 last night even after the Memphis Grizzlies squandered a 35 point lead. Which brings me to Super Bowl Sunday. Second only to Christmas to my way of holiday thinking. In the old days, I gave up the Christmas party in lieu of the Super Bowl party. Much alcohol was consumed at these events which included our own version of halftime. We played Kiss at extraordinary volume and included "Detroit Rock City" and "Lick It Up" until people in the ne