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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Bankers- The Sunday Collage

God save your majesty!

I thank you, good people—there shall be no money; all shall eat
and drink on my score, and I will apparel them all in one livery,
that they may agree like brothers, and worship me their lord.

The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.

Nay, that I mean to do.

Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4, scene 2, 71–78

Shakespeare wrote those lines as he tried to convey the thoughts and feelings of the oppressed. I have always thought Shakespeare chose the wrong profession to lash out at. It's a fine piece of trickery that after all these centuries- the people of America or any where else for that matter- still haven't figured out who the bad guys are. I don't think it's the lawyers.

Thirty years ago, I lost my first job in policing due in large part- to the fraudulent practices of the banking sector. It is an amazing thing- that moment when you become enlightened for the first time in your life and you discover the truth- and the truth doesn't set you free.

In the mid-80's, I had a very dear friend sit me down and ask me what I knew about money. The truth was- I didn't know anything about money. I knew somebody printed it and that I had some in the bank. That was probably the extent of my knowledge about money. The vast majority of Americans don't know anything about the "Federal Reserve" or the "gold standard." They don't know anything about money because the oligarchy that runs this country- and when I say oligarchy I really mean the bankers- don't want you to know anything. Because what you don't know, buys the bankers very nice real estate in the Hamptons without having to turn one greasy wrench or produce one basket of fruit. Bankers don't produce anything. They simply rip stupid people off, churn and skim their investment and retirement accounts, charge compound interest for loans with money that either doesn't exist or isn't theirs anyway. Geezus what a scam. The only time Christ was ever angry was at the "moneychangers."

I think nearly 95% of the people in this country are completely ignorant about our "money" system and how it works. That is not an oversight or coincidence. That education was skipped on purpose. Instead we hear bullshit about "manifest destiny" or "American exceptionalism." How many of you have heard of Jekyll Island and the bankers who carved out the Federal Reserve Bank back in 1910 or so? Can you remember what class in high school or college that you first learned of it?

In the mid- 80's I read a book entitled, "Money." That book is no longer available. What that book described to me was a privately owned "Federal Reserve Bank" with undisclosed stock holders. It described how banks exchange credits on ledgers and how each new loan creates more "money" and more debt. It explained leverage and loan to reserve requirements. It described the bankruptcy of the United States in 1933 when FDR seized gold by executive order and once gold was in the custody of the U.S. government- it was repriced from 20 bucks an ounce to 35 dollars an ounce. The private ownership of gold, with a few exceptions, became illegal. I want you to stop and think just for a second, how insane it is that possessing any innocuous and harmless item and in this case- a small piece of metal- could be deemed illegal. This is the same President who eight years later would issue an executive order which allowed the seizure of the bodies of lawful Japanese American citizens and put them in relocation camps. They were denied any and all human rights, stripped of their possessions and any type of due process, and carted away. Think about that.

The point being, is that the vast majority of Americans are stupid and cowardly. They are sheep. FDR proved this. Americans will believe any fucking thing irrespective of the real facts- just so long as they think the source of that information is credible. Once they buy in- they will then argue and often vehemently- that they are apprised of the "facts" and you are not. They practice cognitive dissonance based on deceptive beliefs brought about by the lies of politicians and echoed then by media sources.

If you don't believe people will blindly obey idiots in authority, read this fascinating link.

In 1971 while still on the gold standard, France was demanding debt payments in gold. Rather than give them all of our gold- President Nixon closed the gold window and told France they would be getting payments in Federal Reserve notes. No gold for you. Nixon also established the petro dollar. This was probably the greatest coup of his entire Presidency. It propped up our sagging dollar, created demand for it, and extended the life of the world's reserve currency. Nixon swapped the gold standard for the oil standard. A status that is quickly dissolving.

After reading the book "Money" I realized that despite my superior government education including state university and a few economics courses, that I had been duped. How could any decent education not include the history and ownership of the Federal Reserve? It was almost as though (with the utmost sarcasm) that whoever was writing the textbooks forgot the chapter regarding the history of the Federal Reserve and our "money" system. We have an unbacked fiat currency masquerading as "money" which is nothing but worthless Federal Reserve debt notes. The only thing that gives Federal Reserve notes any value at all- is that the sheep are still accepting them in exchange for goods and services and still think they have some value.

It begs the question. If everyone believes a lie, does it not in fact, become truth?

The answer is yes, of course. We have all kinds of grand delusions in this country that people believe in and defend. Currently my favorite delusion is that people actually think we are financially solvent- that somehow we are going to magically pay off that 18.2 trillion dollar debt we owe. We are never going to pay that back. Just like Greece, just like Japan, just like Spain and Italy. Never gonna happen.

We have become just another debtor nation. Our debts far exceed our capacity to pay them. We are nothing but a giant Greece on steroids. The only thing we have going for us is that the dollar still retains it's status as reserve currency and other countries are forced to use it. We can't even print our way out of this mess. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone owning bonds and equities suddenly sold and demanded the proceeds in cash? Trillions upon trillions of dollars? Our fiat currency system would simply collapse. We don't have trillions of dollars laying around and we sure as shit don't have trillions of dollars worth of gold laying around either. The demand for "money" or "gold" would simply out strip our country's capacity to meet those demands. We would default.

That in fact is why countries and banks around the world are beginning to talk about eliminating currency entirely. They are so vastly over leveraged with unbacked monopoly money and debt- that they can't possibly meet huge demands from the public for cash or precious metals. So the future is starting to emerge. Bankers will bribe politicians with loans, future jobs, and re-election funds into issuing card or chip like instruments. Politicians will then sell this idea to the vast majority of useful idiots by telling them how much it will save everyone, like they did with Obamacare. They will no longer have to waste time and revenue printing "money." The liberals and their media mouthpieces will begin by trumpeting all of the benefits of this newly thought out idea unto the unwashed masses.

Mark my words. This will happen. And your idiot countrymen will make it so.

Collectively, people are stupid. Politicians know that. That's why they lie to get elected. It works. Because there is never a shortage of idiots willing to believe what politicians say. P.T. Barnum said there's a sucker born every minute. I believe Barnum grossly understated that. There are hundreds of suckers born every minute.

Can you imagine being a 70 year old Greek citizen right now? Is that how you want to wind up? Your money seized and reliant on someone else's goodwill?

In 16 years or so, I am going to be a 70 year old citizen of the greatest debtor nation to ever evolve on the face of planet Earth. I've got a couple of decisions to make.

Do I stay and take my chances that in 16 years I won't wind up like some old Greek begging for my money? Do I try to protect what little wealth I have and prepare for the distinct possibility of a US default or a dollar collapse? Do I get the hell out of here?

The Big Finish

In 1987, I found myself in a world of trouble because my best friend and his family had discovered how corrupt the banking system had become. They opened their very own bank, off shore, and began to trade credits on books just as real banks do when paying off loans while entering debits and credits on electronic ledgers. No "money" ever changes hands. The banks didn't take too kindly to these "fraudulent" acts- the same acts they were committing by the way- and my friend and his family were prosecuted for bank fraud. I got in trouble for distributing 3 copies of the book "Money" to area judges.

I learned a couple things from that mess. No matter how idealistic or morally right you think you are- it is the people with power that run things. Money makes the wrong things- right. That's why in America right now, bankers own and run everything. They finance our wars and kill our children, they bribe our politicians with re-election money, they have people removed from appointed offices, they have destroyed the gold standard and mired our nation in trillions upon trillions in debt which we will never pay. Of course this will end badly- it's just a matter of when.

Our forefathers hated banking- and central banking in particular. They knew how dangerous it was.

“The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered. ”
― Thomas Jefferson

Here's a great link from Doug Ross this morning on our banking overlords.

Now that the bankers have all the money, power, and are demonstrably above the reach of  the law- how are we going to get our country back?

With all due respect to Mr. Shakespeare, I know where I would start.