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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Media Blackout of a Covid 19 Cure, the Strange Story of Ivermectin

Being retired with an insatiable desire to always learn more leaves me with a lot of time to follow links and research topics on line. This then, is how I stumbled onto the drug, Ivermectin.

About the time covid 19 filled the nation with hysteria, I was on line every day for hours. I was researching the number of cases, the mortality rates, and other effective means to avoid getting covid.

I stumbled across foreign reports of the Wuhan Virology Lab going "dark" in October of 2019. Spy agencies had been monitoring that site and the Germans noted that the lab completely shut down in October of 2019 for a little over 14 days. No phone calls, no light switches, dark. This of course is corroborated in time by reports from Chinese citizens reporting a new and deadly disease. 

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that covid 19 escaped from the Wuhan Lab. The only question I have is whether or not it was done on purpose- the Chinese having such a wonderful track record of valuing human rights and all. Precisely one year before Trump's re-election bid.

I also realized early on that covid was never going away. Like a deadlier form of the flu, I prepared for the long haul knowing that we were going to have to deal with this shit for a long time. So I researched how to not get covid, I understood the social distancing aspects and washing your hands but I really didn't understand how anyone thinks that a particle of covid, smaller than an n95 filtering system, couldn't penetrate a mask or at least adhere to one. Never mind these people with bandannas wrapped around their cake holes- I suspect mouth coverings are a lot more useless than most people think.

To this day, I still see people running around with masks on and not n95's necessarily. I'm ok with that- but I pray those good little sheep don't start imposing their mask tomfoolery on us all over again.

I began monitoring vaccines and vaccine information. As the vaccines became available, I realized how dangerous they might be and I also realized that I was in a class of folks who would not be moved to the head of the line to receive them.

President Trump took hydroxychloroquine early on. Of course the media ridiculed that move like everything else President Trump did. Ivermectin wasn't on the horizon and subsequently I believe, Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir have since been proven ineffective versus covid.

It was about that time that I stumbled onto Ivermectin on an Argentinian website. Doctors in South America were using Ivermectin with amazing results. Originally developed for river blindness and other parasitic borne diseases, Ivermectin blocks a pathway into the cells and prevents the entry of parasites and viruses. What's more, Ivermectin has been around for 40-50 years, it is generic and was dirt cheap. (Now that it has been proven effective, big pharma has recently been price gouging customers)

Another huge plus for Ivermectin was that you could take it after you noticed a few symptoms of covid and Ivermectin would knock it out anyway.

So rather than wait for the government's approval, it dawned on me that if I could get some Ivermectin, monitor my temperature daily with other potential symptoms, that I could travel freely about the country without worrying whether or not I could get Ivermectin if and when I needed it. Ivermectin is not well known in the United States but it is prescribed quite heavily in South America. 

My doctor is a very young and progressive guy. I forwarded him a copy of Pierre Kory testifying in front of Congress about his research group's findings on Ivermectin. After reviewing that and some additional research, not only did my doctor prescribe Ivermectin for my wife and I, he obtained some for his family. In this way we could live our lives vaccine free with a huge measure of protection if we needed it. 

We added daily doses of zinc and 10,000 units of Vitamin D so that those things would be present in our systems if we needed to suddenly use Ivermectin.

Time and time again as I tried to research Ivermectin in America, I noted anti- Ivermectin media reports. Some said it was unsafe, the CDC said Ivermectin hadn't been approved for covid use, other sites warned of damaging side effects.

Today I read a Pfizer business contract with Albania which suppresses the use of any competing drug and forces the buyer to use Pfizer doses and prevents the return of any purchased doses for refund. The Pfizer contract for all practical purposes reduces to near zero- any incentive a buyer might have to try something more effective once the contract is signed. It is unbelievable that Pfizer has similar contracts worldwide, does not have to disclose contract terms to the public, and gets away with this monopoly. Those lobbyists Pfizer employs have been quite effective at greasing Congressmen. Read the Albanian contract here:

As that was taking place, videos promoting Ivermectin started disappearing from You Tube and other social media locales. Dr. Pierre Kory's video disappeared. Recently, Dr Tess Lawrie's videos have disappeared from You Tube and Linked In.

Every time I extolled the virtues of Ivermectin on Facebook, those assholes placed some unauthorized warning banner on my posts.

It was as though the liberal media and the billionaire boy's club were censoring our ability to talk freely about Ivermectin. Big Pharma and Big Media have become inseparable in this country. They conspire. More and more wealth for them, suppress any talk of competing products, and ridicule or remove anyone supporting a position other than the one they have taken. Free speech has become some ridiculous theory that must be approved by corporate and liberal Americans who tell me the only free speech I have exists between the government and a citizen.

The worst part of the media blackout about Ivermectin is that hundreds of thousands of lives might have been saved if these censoring assholes and their masters weren't so self absorbed with lining their own pockets and saving their jobs. I think it is absolutely criminal what they have done. Here's a video of Lou Gossett Jr. talking about how Ivermectin saved his life. Two minutes.

People don't know about Ivermectin. This was done on purpose.

A personal story to wrap this up. About ten days ago, my brother in law and his wife came down with covid- most likely the delta variant. They had it for several days and a test confirmed it. Doctors near him didn't know what Ivermectin was- let alone write a prescription for it.

I called my doctor, arranged a phone visit with them, and they were able to obtain some Ivermectin. They are slowly getting healthier and feeling better as I write this. 

Ivermectin does have some potential side effects although they look like the standard side effects that most drugs have. I would also get some vitamin D and zinc. 

You must do your own due diligence and be responsible for the actions you take. I will leave you with a video of Dr. Pierre Kory debunking another doctors claim that Ivermectin hasn't been researched thoroughly. Kory speaks at the end.