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Making A Case for American Apathy

Just make it past the introductory paragraph. Keep your apathy at bay for just 10 lines and we'll get to the good shit. I just listened to a 30 minute interview with David Rosenberg, the great economic predictor of Gluskin Scheff. Rosie, as he is affectionately called, makes no bones about labeling the current state of the American economy what it is. In a depression. No happy media spin for the clown prince in chief. Rosie states simply that recessions are contractions followed by rebounds. There is no rebound here and none in sight. We have not added one job in ten years. The stock market is no higher than it was 12 years ago. Recent GDP was a little better than expected but included one time aberrations that will not be repeated in the newer quarter. What does this mean for the typical on the ground working stiff in America? Not a damn thing. The current state of the economy will not put bread on the table, it will not help your attitude, and talking about something you ha

Great Stuff From Big Hairy News

I guess Big Hairy isn't buying the 14 year old sexual harassment allegations either. Funny stuff here.

The Christmas Tree Tax?

When I read about Obama's Christmas tree tax yesterday, I truly thought he had completely lost his mind. This morning I still do. Fifteen cents a tree to establish a board to sell trees. Here's a great read on that tax and many more- brought to you by the Washington D.C. central planners, courtesy of ZeroHedge.

Sexual Harrassment, Sharon Bialek Wants a Mulligan

I'm not sure whether or not Sharon Bialek plays golf. For the record and those who wander here... I am an uber conservative Libertarian. That means I am not even sure I like Herman Cain yet. I probably don't. But what I dislike even more, are the professional victims and whiners in this country who come forward when it is politically expedient to do so. Or they have some ax to grind. Or some lawsuit to file. Or some notoriety to gain. Some rub with greatness. What I really hate is their timing. You see, it is the timing that raises my inner cop instincts. Comes now the plaintiff, one Sharon Bialek. Ms. Bialek has come forward with an allegation that Herman Cain "groped" her. The alleged incident occurred fourteen years ago in 1997. Does that mean it's not true? Nope. Please read this writer's opinion as to what should be done. Fascinating. http://theiowarepub

Now Even McCain, Great RINO, Predicts Rise of a Third Party

What the hell is taking so long? I've been ready for years. RINO=Republican In Name Only. McCain=Only slightly better than Obama with less color.

Five Days In North Dakota

As a kid in Montana, and then Idaho, I grew up hunting, fishing, and trapping. I am talking daily. There were about eight of us- all equally obsessed and good friends- who hunted and fished all the way through high school. As a result of all of this outdoor activity, two of my best friends became professional hunting and fishing guides. Some of us became alcoholic. This is all traceable to our high school days. Two things derailed my hunting career. An absolute avalanche of anti-hunting Californians and like minded folks moved to Montana and Idaho over the past two decades. Californians are universally hated by most locals. These people nearly always posted their property once they bought it. I got sick of having to ask for permission and getting turned away. I have always believed landowners have embellished stories of damaged property as an excuse for denying hunters property access. Rather, I think they want just want to isolate themselves. In my mind, even after 30 years, they wi

Sarkozy Calls Netanyahu a Liar, Obama Concurs...Ain't That Rich?

In a room with these three men, you will only find one set of balls. Two brainiacs talk shit with an open mike.

We Won't Need To Extinguish The Government- They Will Do It Themselves

Imagine that a member of the mafia has decided to provide "protection" for your family business. The mafia will take 40% of your profits. You have no appeal. The mob even manages to pass a law that states that you must pay the bill or go to jail. You keep paying the bill for years. The mafia steals what little you have. You receive little or nothing in return. In the meantime, you try everything. You try talking to the cops and your politicians. They don't care. You get a lawyer and petition the legislature. You try everything you can think of. Nothing works. You are a hostage. You are truly a victim. You have done nothing wrong yet the law no longer protects the innocent. It protects the corrupt. The mafia's fraud and waste begins to mount. They have been reckless and careless. As they begin to realize they are on the verge of bankruptcy they start increasing the amounts they forcibly take from you. As the amount they steal approaches 50, 60, and then 70%- you begi

This One's For You Bad Santa!


Bank Protest Day, Please Close Your Too Big To Fail Bank Accounts

I am simply amazed at the number of people who still do business with the TBTF or Too Big To Fail Banks. The biggest four or five banks have 80% of our wealth. That is not just wrong- that is downright scary. Bank protest day. I closed out a Wells Fargo account three years ago. I opened two accounts. One at a credit union, one at a small town bank. One gives me a free safety deposit box, the other waives atm transactions anywhere- which in my estimation is the only advantage Wells Fargo had with a bazillion branches everywhere. If you bank at Citi, WF, Bank of America, any of these... ...please consider moving your accounts somewhere else. The TBTF banks would not be TBTF if the citizens of this country would start taking action and lose some of the apathy and laziness that these banks have been count