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Of Course Our Tax Code Sucks, They Like It That Way

Congress writes the tax code. It is beyond complex and simply ridiculous. It hoses the middle class because we don't make enough to qualify for big exemptions and loopholes. I kind of giggle when I hear people talk about the mortgage deduction. At 4% interest- the standard deduction provides more tax relief than itemizing. For me, the mortgage interest deduction is a waste of time. It has been that way for years. It doesn't change because Congress and their cronies- like it just the way it is. Check out this list of government assisted tax dodgers. Don't expect it to change with Obama or Romney in. It won't. I don't call these folks tax dodgers- tax cheats per se- because Congress created these loopholes for their corporate benefit. I am trying to fact check this list. Please don't be confused by the inclusion of CEO names...these are not individual returns, they are corporate. OCT 25, 2012 2:18 AM UTC 1). 1. Bank of America CEO Brian

Bin Laden, Gaddafi Proven Dead

Funny stuff.

Never Write Faster Than You Can See

One of the problems with being an insanely popular blogger is that you are your own editor. I work on a razor thin margin. So finding quality help on the cheap can be difficult. In the old days, I would write something and save it, then view the blog the following day for accuracy and editing. Sometimes I just shit canned the whole piece. I still kill 10-15% of my blogs. When you are a Police Chief in a small town- you simply can't tell the world that your boss is a self absorbed narcissist. You have to be careful. Your on the job life expectancy can drop precipitously based on content. Just because something is true- Eugene used to say- doesn't mean you gotta tell anyone. (Eugene was an old salty cop and one of my heroes) So content can be a problem but mostly- it is difficult to edit your own stuff. Grammar and sometimes mistakes can you make. Having said all of this- and having broken free of those chains that once bound me- let me offer up this advice. If you write

A Pissing Match

Everyday I am on the computer for at least 4 hours. I read through about 20 links and I read a lot of comments. Once in awhile I stumble onto a real gem. Heres today's grand prize winner. I stared and drooled at that chart. It makes no sense. Then I thought, "Where did it come from?" I clicked back and read the source in the lower right hand corner. Everything started to crystalize. Note that the chart and the declining debt to GDP ratio stops in 2010. How would 2011 have looked? Well this article thinks it would have looked like this. Unfortunately, this is based on facts. Where on that chart would they squeeze in 1.7% GDP or this year's 1.6% GDP? From the governments lips to your eyes... Real gross domestic product -- the output of goods

Trump Shoots Blank, Field Bet Wins

Obama's very first executive order once he became President was to seal all of his personal records. Who does that? Well, a guy worried about his personal records, that's who. There are only a few reasons to do that. Citizenship status, your lineage, some type of fraud. So the Donald offers 5 million bucks to Obama's favorite charity if he will release his college transcripts and passport information. It's a shame he didn't offer more. The reality is, is that Obama is so dishonest that there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that he would disclose that information. I suppose the beauty here- is that Obama knows millions of us know he is full of shit and a fraud. So Trump's offer will go uncollected. It's probably the safest bet in history. And as usual, it is the type of self indulgent, "it's all about me"

FG's Outlaw Line on the Big Trump News

I've been surfing the intermesh a little tonight- trying to figure out what Donald Trump's big news about Obama is going to be Wednesday. Apparently, Trump thinks he has something big. Douglas Kass tried to steal some of Trump's thunder by revealing his October surprise yesterday. Here's what he tweeted about it: "High above the Alps my Gnome has heard that Donald Trump will announce that he has unearthed divorce papers between the Prez and his wife." Here at Frankenstein Government, I am never afraid to go out on a limb. President Obama provides such a target rich environment of half truths, lies, sealed personnel records, wandering rhetoric, and opaqueness that even I am left in awe. I often think that Obama could teach run of the mill sociopaths a thing or two. Maybe graduate school. So we have a job ahead of us- sorting out the possibilities. Since I have wasted 4 years of my life following

Don't Vote At All

Great blog on ZeroHedge. This is an excellent piece on why you shouldn't vote at all. I liked it a lot and Casey made some excellent points. But Casey offers no solution. Not voting, as Casey advocates, will accomplish nothing. Someone will always vote. Casey seems more invested in protecting a superior ego which maintains that not voting- allows you to escape responsibility for our broken system. I don't see the solution there. But for those of you who agree, this piece might be for you. Interesting enough to link.

Joe Biden's Brother "Wins" 100 Million Dollar Contract in Iraq

When it comes to unethical conduct, nobody can match this administration. I know drug dealers with more restraint. They all should be in prison. I mean that. I will add this. When Obama loses this election, pay attention to his pardon list.

Richard Nixon Never Let Me Down

-Hunter Thompson, from the Great White Shark Hunt, I think. "I never expected much of him and he never let me down." Thirty years later, with millions of people just dying to boot Obama out of office and stick Romney in, I feel exactly the same way. All over again, one more time. An ode to George McGovern.

Sheep and Muppets

The fascinating thing about sheep and muppets- is that the sheep and muppets always think someone else is the sucker. The truth is- millions upon millions of people are suckers. That makes the likelihood that you are a sucker- pretty good. The goal of the wise guys is simple. They convince the sheep and the muppets to turn over their money. They make gobs of money by taking advantage of math challenged sheep and muppets. It really is that simple. I have often written on how capitalists prey on their own. They do this without a conscience. Capitalists justify it by saying it's your fault for not educating yourself rather than applying some ethical or moral responsibility to themselves. Stealing from the poor and uneducated, whether it's legal or not, is deplorable. A fair profit for your work or service used to be the standard. Now days, corporate America will charge you just as much as humanly possible- so long as it is marginally legal. Behold that low bar.  http://fi