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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Take Your Mind Off the Pain


Get This...Mexico Is Pissed That The United States Is Dumping Mexican Criminals Off At Mexican Border

Well ain't that just tough shit.

Remember when the whole Congress was kissing Calderon's ass? I do. Which reminds me, Congress. Fuck you. And while I'm at it, fuck you Calderon. Some microscopic justice at the link.

For Non Bachmann Fans Everywhere...Lady Gaga Parody

I've never been a big fan of Michelle Bachmann. Not because I don't agree with her, but quite honestly because I don't think she's that bright. And oh yea, she is a lawyer. Shit... even her staffers don't like her.

TSA Now Leaving Airports to Look For Terrorists on The Highways

Quick grab your little wandy thingys, I think I have a terrorist in my closet. Gawd help us. From Sipsey Street, your one stop shopping center for all things Fast and Furious.

Louisiana Now Banning Cash In Misguided Attempt to Thwart Thieves

The statists are alive and well in Lousyanna. I can say that because I used to live in New Orleans.

This is simply bad law. Louisiana is banning cash transactions in excess of (1) per month for the sale of second hand merchandise. 

I call this the "accidental discharge" or "knee jerk" reaction rule. Imagine if you will, the police department going to the firing range every three months. Six men qualify at once. You have one hundred and twenty men to qualify on the range. During the course of qualifying officers, there is an accidental discharge which results in some Corporal's toe getting shot off by the officer at the neighboring station. The Chief decides that to prevent further accidental discharges, only one officer will be qualified at a time. This increases overtime costs dramatically for all of the officers waiting to qualify and also for the range instructors. Overtime losses are then multiplied 4 times per year. The Chief thinking that he is brilliant and surely worth more than he makes- believes he has prevented accidental discharges up until such day that a lieutenant shoots his own toe off.

Common sense should state that any problem's cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. This is misguided statism. You cannot pass laws that cost tens of thousands of innocent people time and money while trying to a prevent a few hundred thieves from pawning stolen stuff. Not only will you end up collectively costing everybody more money in the process, but the overall effectiveness of the program will require additional man hours to monitor and enforce. And of course because it is government- nobody will ever measure the program 5 years later to determine if it was effective or not. And shit can it- if it is not. There is never a mechanism to get rid of crappy laws once they are on the books.

The juice ain't worth the squeeze. 

So what does an old lawman think about this? The law will be ignored. Unscrupulous buyers will still buy when they can make a buck without getting caught and unsavory characters will continue to sell stuff. I never met a man yet, who while possessing stolen property, didn't say he got it from some other guy by the name of Joe (which he can't identify) down at the river. Or that he found it. You simply won't be able to prove anything but simple possession of stolen property- if that. Law enforcement could still recover some stolen property if that was the stated goal. There is a much better way of doing that than requiring a bunch of duplicitous and largely wasteful paperwork and outlawing cash.

In Boise, Idaho second hand dealers still do cash transactions. The buyers, generally pawn shops, simply report everything they buy to the local police on a computer spreadsheet in an email each night. They furnish a description of the property and the sellers ID. Compliance is quick, efficient, and painless. Thousands of legitimate customers and businesses are not inconvenienced for a few thieves and they are still able to use cash. I am told it works just fine.

We Spend 1.3 Trillion a Year On Agencies That Did Not Exist the Day that JFK Was Killed

Welcome to Frankenstein Government. From Randall Hoven at American Thinker. A very good read.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Chevy Volt- A Huge Waste of Money, Now Being Given Away

At 46 thousand dollars apiece, after taxes, preparation, destination charges etc.- the Chevy Volt is a complete non starter. In fact, at 30 grand less- the Hyundai Elantra gets better mileage, it is quicker, and roomier. Unfortunately- even the South Koreans are kicking our asses.

The only reason I would buy a Volt is to park it in storage and gamble that 50 years from now that it might be worth something as a first year boondoggle.

Government Motors is aptly named. Here's their latest trick. Giving the Volt away.

Gold and Silver Update*Update

I wanted to plug Turd Ferguson's, "TF Metals" site tonight.

Turd's site is about one of ten that I read daily and weekly. It is excellent and I love the comments. Turd and the commenters keep the trolls to a minimum. Many of the players are futures players- although the incredible margin hikes in silver have literally ruined that market. The ratio, 1 actual dollar in your account for every 6 dollars of silver controlled by a contract (at 30 bucks an oz.) has essentially ruined the small speculators. The good news is that the silver market has been turned over to only strong hands which means the volatility is likely gone.

Remember a simple rule. Banks hate precious metals. Metals are real money. They are the competition. Every time you buy metal- you are shorting worthless and unbacked currencies.

The CFTC has voted for position limits. No longer can giant commercials force the price of metals down with unlimited and naked selling. They will have to prove they have the underlying commodity. Precious metals markets have been manipulated by commercial banks for years. This is a very positive development for precious metals although I expect banks to find a way around new position limit rules.

Yours truly and a few of his friends signed the petition for position limits.

I don't know all of the nuances of the new position limits and the deadline is kind of murky. I do know that the big commercial shorts have to unwind their positions. I look to places like TF Metals to interpret this for me. Turd believes, and so do I, that banks are going to try and force metals prices down as much as they can so that they can cover their outstanding short positions at more accommodating prices.

I only buy physical. I am waiting to buy my last huge chunk of silver. One hundred ounces will take me to 350 ounces of silver- that was my original goal over a year ago. Any price in the 26 range means I buy. That simple. I am only looking for two more ounces of gold. Gold at 1500 means I buy. My original goal was 10k of each metal. I am toying with buying an oz. or two of platinum. Platinum has really been taken out lately.

Trust banks to give us the price we want. Don't worry as they push that price down. They are going to try and exit their obligations just as cheaply as they can. That may be the last cheap entry point in a world gone completely berserk. I expect the FED not to do anything or announce anything (did you see that CPI report?) until its member banks unwind their positions. Quiet. When the big commercials are about out, say hello to a smoldering euro, printing gone bananas, and QE3. I believe that 2012 will be one of the most rewarding years ever- for precious metals buyers.

*Found this Elliott wave gem suggesting a gold downside of 1200 possible. Food for thought. 

Obama's Last Chance

It must be tough being so intelligent. That big 'ol Columbia/Harvard brain just sitting there doing nothing. Bus tours. Trying to make nice.

How would it be to have the answer to your re-election dreams sitting in front of you and not notice it? That's the problem when you are forever broadcasting rather than listening. When you have decided that you are the teacher and never the student. That's too bad. Because you see, Bank of America's pending theft of taxpayer dollars, is a dream come true. Can you imagine- rather than exposing taxpayers to a multi trillion dollar derivatives debt- if Obama were to grow a pair of balls. To finally do what he should have done 3 years ago. Tell Bank of America they are done. No more bailouts. Adios. Receivership. Can you imagine the cheer that would go up in America? Finally the assholes that engineered this disaster would be getting theirs. Wow. It might be enough to get Obama re-elected. Sssshhh now.

Like I said, it must be tough being so smart, a real burden. Thankfully most of us have escaped that fate.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Accidental Libertarian

The story I am about to tell you is true and as I scroll backward, I think it is odd how life shapes you. How values can shape political beliefs. Back in my police chief days- I was hell bent on telling the truth. That was my standard. I tried very hard to always tell the truth to people even when I knew they would not like it. I didn't really care for pollyanna spin or lying politicians which I was finding in epidemic proportions. And if I caught you lying and waxing some bullshit to me- I made a point of calling you on it. This prevented a lot of subsequent bullshitting. However, this penchant I had for truth telling - cut my career a little short. That was the downside.

We all make choices. Kiss up or tell the truth. Very often, those two styles are mutually exclusive.

Many years ago, I was at one of these giant statewide meetings in Boise promoting Idaho's seat belt law. There were mayors, local and state politicians, city administrators, chiefs, sheriffs, the media. Vendors selling stuff. That sort of thing. The Governor and the Idaho Department of Transportation had picked some gal to speak about the benefits of the seat belt law.

She was one of those bubbly, high energy gals. I liked her. She spoke about traffic statistics, injuries, deaths, and thus- promoted all of the magical goodness and improvements that wearing seat belts would bring us. I was ok with most of this. And then she made a fatal mistake. She began to preach about how our medical costs would go down. How insurance and litigation costs would go down. By the time she finished that part of the rant, I decided to let her have it. I stalked her at the break. I caught her in the hallway.

I told her that I didn't give a shit about whether we saved insurance companies money or not. I stated to her that we have been putting safety devices on cars since 1969, that driving fatalities have plummeted over that time, and I'll be damned but insurance costs have gone straight up. Not once had an insurance company ever sent me a refund or reduced my premium. Nor had medical costs gone down. In summation, I said, I am in the saving lives business and absent that- I hate seat belt laws. I hate that private business, insurance companies in this case, can lobby politicians to pass laws that strip me of my freedom. I agree with seat belt laws for reasons aside from fattening insurance companies' and their profit margins.

That was the day I became a libertarian. I had no idea how bad America was going to get.

More than ten years later, the statists and moonbats are in control. They pass ridiculous laws regulating every facet of human conduct. They want recycling laws, laws outlawing light bulbs. They've outlawed happy meals in some parts of California. In my hometown of Moonbat Valley, they are trying to outlaw plastic grocery bags. Earlier this year, some school kids tried to outlaw transfat in local restaurants. They have a dog poop law on the bike path. In Seattle, you must wear a bicycle helmet. You must wear a life preserver if you go into the water. The democrats of California passed the great "stolen valor law."

Screw freedom, pass laws. Worry about the enforcement costs later. That in a nutshell is how the left and the statists think. They can't stop. Statists will seek to regulate every facet of our lives. Statists hate freedom which in my mind- makes them de facto communists. That's right. I said it. If you want government regulating every facet of human conduct then get the fuck out of here. Move to N. Korea. Or China.

Am I the only one who is sick of the statists telling me what I can eat, how I can light my room, what is politically correct for me to say or not? Can I disagree with assholes like Al Gore who don't know anymore about global warming than I do? The libertarian party is refuge for me. The only place that makes sense in a world where all that really matters is regulation gone nuts and a kleptocracy/nanny government keen on stripping your wealth.  

I am a patriot and I love freedom or at least the dwindling illusion of freedom. That's how I became a libertarian. Libertarians realize that every time you pass a law we lose freedom and money. Sometimes we are ok with that, mostly we are not. Libertarians have an actual platform that doesn't mutate. Ron Paul adheres to it.

At the end of the day, the Democrats might be called the Big Government Party. The Republicans might be called the Big Business Party. The Libertarians are called refuge. Minimum government, maximum freedom. That's how I found them- quite by accident.

Idiot Moonbat Jackson, From Bankrupt Illinois, Asking That Obama Suspend the Constitution...

,,,or some shit like that. This is an interesting article. It may qualify for one of my crappy writing awards by failing to stay on point and rambling. Weird stuff at the end.

The Criminal Enterprise That Some Refer To As Bank of America, Now Imploding, Taking Taxpayers With It

How can a bank socialize it's losses and rip off the American taxpayer? By doing this. Simply unbelievable.

Wow...People Really Don't Have a Clue

A few months ago, a very good friend of mine who reads this blog, told me he skips over anything having to do with money or the FED. He said it confused him and he didn't understand it.

This is a guy who would be quite happy if I just posted pictures of half naked chicks on here. Not that I have anything against half naked chicks...but...

I forget. I forget that our people have been purposefully misinformed and misled. That our nation, run by bankers, has done very little to teach the millions of citizens just how they will be ripped off for the rest of their lives. Bankers profit by keeping consumers stupid. Since bankers and the government have always been in bed together- and the government runs your education system- I don't think it's such a mystery why the average American doesn't know shit about the FED. They can't tell you how money is created, they don't understand anything that the banking world does. This is not an over sight.

This was done on purpose.

Behold! A jaw dropping quiz given to the  Occupy Wall Street crowd. We are in a lot of trouble.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Most Transparent Administration Ever!

Subpoenaed documents in the Fast and Furious investigation. Darrell Issa holding a completely redacted page. Think they have something to hide?

Anonymous People Now Suing Because They Are Getting Old, Moonbats Mulling Stolen Vanity Act

More greed driven insanity. Geezus. I don't know where to start or who to hate here. State someone's age, get sued for a million. Maybe we should pass another law preventing such insensitive and outrageous conduct- the Stolen Vanity Act. Calling Mr. Conrad.

Scroll to the last few lines of the piece. You can't sue without damages so read what they allege are damages. You can't make this shit up.

Moonbats Introduce and Pass Stupid Law, Courts Debate It, Moonbats Will Undoubtedly Try To Uphold It, All of This Insanity Preventable Had Stupid Law Not Been Passed In the First Place

Now comes the "Stolen Valor Act."

In 2005, the moonbats looked around and thought to themselves, we need some more stupid laws. What can we come up with? Two democrats, including Kent Conrad, introduced the Stolen Valor Act. This was a law that was supposed to prevent people from lying about receiving war medals. Why?

Well because lying just ain't right. And leave it to the moonbats and RINOs to pass some ridiculous law that regulates what people say about themselves. We need to lock people up who tell fibs. If that were the case, every politician we have would be locked up. Including Mr. Conrad of North Dakota. Conrad you might remember... is one of the politicians that received one of those cozy little home loans from Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide fame. Angelo gave out signature loans on his own lending authority, greased politicians, the details of which Conrad has never fully disclosed. What we really need is- "a crooked politician receiving secret home loan law."

At any rate, the moonbats who need to regulate everyone elses' deceptive conduct passed the Stolen Valor Act along with complicit republicans because lord knows- we don't have enough laws. All of this because some moron in California, on some sort of local water board, lied about receiving the medal of honor.  Now the courts have this stupid law which should never have been passed in the first place.

And the best part? The fucking courts are going to try and find some way to uphold this insane law. They just might. Soon we will be able to lock up every man, woman, and child who tells a lie. 

For the better part of my twenty five year law enforcement career, thousands upon thousands of people lied to me every day. Those lies were significant. Sometimes they caused the wrong people to almost go to jail. Sometimes they caused a tremendous amount of additional work or a complete investigative "do over." And without a doubt- I got pissed from time to time. I have charged people with filing false police reports and I would be a liar if I told you that I hadn't caught a significant number of females lying about being raped for various reasons. How many "Navy Seals" did I meet? Hundreds, virtually all of them- full of shit. I can think of two right now- that I will see today. The same is true for Vietnam vets. I cannot tell you how many delusional people claimed to be Vietnam vets who I found out subsequently- weren't even the appropriate age.

People lie. People lie because they do not feel good about themselves. It has nothing to do with you. And despite the fact that moonbats feel victimized by this- well-

The point I am making is this. Human beings have been lying since the dawn of creation. I have yet to meet one male or female, sans Jesus Christ, who has not lied. That includes the pathological liars who passed this law. Laws such as this are the symptoms of a frankenstein government which cannot regulate the things that matter- like thousands of felonious and fraud committing bankers and corporate conspirators that have bankrupted the world- yet find the time to pass silly ass laws directed at California water board office holders.

What's the libertarian take? Go ahead and lie. Not a big deal. We're used to it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

There Goes That Crazy Ron Paul Again, Talking About Ending Colossal Government Failures Like Departments of Education and Energy

What a madman that Paul is. Not only does he think the US is broke, but he wants to end useless government bureaucracies and get us out of wars. What the hell is he thinking? No wonder he gets no press. For more crazy ideas like cutting EPA spending by 30%... please read the summary at the link.

My other favorite pet project is California. Thought I'd slip this in here... Not only have the moonbats turned California into a pure socialist state...but soon the rest of the U.S. will be asked to start bailing out these liberal strong holds like California and Illinois. I hope all hell breaks loose. I'd rather sell California back to the Mexicans at this point. Not kidding.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Hundred Year Old Fossil Found Running in Toronto Marathon

Holy shit. They asked this guy what his secret was. This is what he said.

He smokes only filter-less cigarettes claiming that it is those toxic filters that kill you. He only drinks organically produced alcohol and refuses to eat cantaloupe. He votes moonbat and always runs with a helmet, see picture.

Fauja Singh, 100, receives a finishing medal after crossing the line in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in Toronto on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Frank Gunn)

Fear, Obedience, and Intolerance...If the Quran Is The Word Of God, We Are In a Lot of Trouble

I don't personally know anybody that has read the Quran. That is a fact.

Wikipedia's page on the Quran is very nice. It says nothing of the style or voice expressed by the Quran.

And since a billion Muslims adamantly believe it is the word of God or Allah, I suppose it was time for me to read it. I chose not to practice contempt prior to investigation. It was time to investigate. So it was, I was determined to read the Quran this weekend.  What I read shocked me. Really, shocked me. The English translation.

One of the things that absolutely confounds me are the flaming liberals who being chiefly atheistic- are quick to defend something like the Quran. A book that many have never read but pretend that they have. Next time you get somebody running their mouth about Muslims, Islam, or the Quran...ask them if they have read the Quran. And if they answer "yes", follow up with a little quiz of your own. Ask them how long the first book is. That ought to do it. Seven verses, very tiny, in the opener. One hundred and fourteen suras which preach fear and control through violence, obedience, and intolerance for anybody that doesn't believe.

We all have opinions about various religions and I am ok with that. I have tremendous levels of tolerance. You are free to believe anything you want without me criticizing it. And as I read the Quran this weekend, I couldn't help but think that if this is the word of some highly evolved God- then we are all in a lot of trouble. Because you see- the Quran does not preach love, tolerance, and inclusion for all people. It is tribal. Us against them. It excludes non believers. You are essentially told to submit to this doctrine or face the consequences. And if you are in need of a hateful, punishing God-  then this is the book for you. If you don't have enough fear in your life, add one of these things to your repertoire and become a believer. Here's a quick taste...pretty characteristic of the whole reward and punishment theme.  A quick look at Ramadan.

I'll tell you where I get a little crazy. I get a little nutso about the time the Muslims start shoving this stuff down my throat or else- that's when I buy twenty bucks worth of or else. In America...

We call it freedom of religion which means you can practice yours- just don't interfere with our beliefs or try to force feed us a Quran style dose of fear and control. The gloves come off when you stray outside those boundaries.

I just touched on the Islamic surface this weekend. That's all I have time for. I cannot spend a lifetime studying the veracity of Islam. I will say this and leave it alone. If the Quran is the last word on love, tolerance, and forgiveness- if this is the gospel according to God or Allah- we are in a lot of trouble. Before and after.