Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moonbats Introduce and Pass Stupid Law, Courts Debate It, Moonbats Will Undoubtedly Try To Uphold It, All of This Insanity Preventable Had Stupid Law Not Been Passed In the First Place

Now comes the "Stolen Valor Act."

In 2005, the moonbats looked around and thought to themselves, we need some more stupid laws. What can we come up with? Two democrats, including Kent Conrad, introduced the Stolen Valor Act. This was a law that was supposed to prevent people from lying about receiving war medals. Why? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stolen_Valor_Act_of_2005

Well because lying just ain't right. And leave it to the moonbats and RINOs to pass some ridiculous law that regulates what people say about themselves. We need to lock people up who tell fibs. If that were the case, every politician we have would be locked up. Including Mr. Conrad of North Dakota. Conrad you might remember... is one of the politicians that received one of those cozy little home loans from Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide fame. Angelo gave out signature loans on his own lending authority, greased politicians, the details of which Conrad has never fully disclosed. What we really need is- "a crooked politician receiving secret home loan law."

At any rate, the moonbats who need to regulate everyone elses' deceptive conduct passed the Stolen Valor Act along with complicit republicans because lord knows- we don't have enough laws. All of this because some moron in California, on some sort of local water board, lied about receiving the medal of honor.  Now the courts have this stupid law which should never have been passed in the first place. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/10/17/supreme-court-to-take-up-stolen-valor-act/?test=latestnews

And the best part? The fucking courts are going to try and find some way to uphold this insane law. They just might. Soon we will be able to lock up every man, woman, and child who tells a lie. 

For the better part of my twenty five year law enforcement career, thousands upon thousands of people lied to me every day. Those lies were significant. Sometimes they caused the wrong people to almost go to jail. Sometimes they caused a tremendous amount of additional work or a complete investigative "do over." And without a doubt- I got pissed from time to time. I have charged people with filing false police reports and I would be a liar if I told you that I hadn't caught a significant number of females lying about being raped for various reasons. How many "Navy Seals" did I meet? Hundreds, virtually all of them- full of shit. I can think of two right now- that I will see today. The same is true for Vietnam vets. I cannot tell you how many delusional people claimed to be Vietnam vets who I found out subsequently- weren't even the appropriate age.

People lie. People lie because they do not feel good about themselves. It has nothing to do with you. And despite the fact that moonbats feel victimized by this- well-

The point I am making is this. Human beings have been lying since the dawn of creation. I have yet to meet one male or female, sans Jesus Christ, who has not lied. That includes the pathological liars who passed this law. Laws such as this are the symptoms of a frankenstein government which cannot regulate the things that matter- like thousands of felonious and fraud committing bankers and corporate conspirators that have bankrupted the world- yet find the time to pass silly ass laws directed at California water board office holders.

What's the libertarian take? Go ahead and lie. Not a big deal. We're used to it. http://reason.com/blog/2010/02/19/barr-dont-barr-lying


Dave said...

Thats funny. Whats the penalty for telling someone that I won the Bronze Star. Sure, its despicable, but people generally ARE despicable. I can think of better reasons for locking people up. Like, lying about my citizenship, forging a bogus certificate of live birth, faking college transcripts, you get my meaning.

Remember we used to joke about that. every guy in the Navy was a SEAL, every Marine was in Recon, every soldier was a Ranger/Green Beret. When people asked me what I did in the Marines, Im sure they were shocked when I told them I was a rifleman for 8 years and I was simply proud of that.

I must say, no one has ever told me that they actually worked in a mess hall. Funny, I do remember seeing those folks.

Brian said...

That's true Dave. We knew that saying you were a rifleman was just cover. We always knew you were CIA.

Do you remember that former Navy Seal friend of ours of Dominoes fame? Going to BSU and waiting tables at Olive Garden. I see him once in awhile. Every bit the maniac... well without the mind altering enhancements.

Dave said...

Ha Ha ... that guy was a maniac, but fun. Remember your golf outing?