Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fear, Obedience, and Intolerance...If the Quran Is The Word Of God, We Are In a Lot of Trouble

I don't personally know anybody that has read the Quran. That is a fact.

Wikipedia's page on the Quran is very nice. It says nothing of the style or voice expressed by the Quran.

And since a billion Muslims adamantly believe it is the word of God or Allah, I suppose it was time for me to read it. I chose not to practice contempt prior to investigation. It was time to investigate. So it was, I was determined to read the Quran this weekend.  What I read shocked me. Really, shocked me. The English translation.

One of the things that absolutely confounds me are the flaming liberals who being chiefly atheistic- are quick to defend something like the Quran. A book that many have never read but pretend that they have. Next time you get somebody running their mouth about Muslims, Islam, or the Quran...ask them if they have read the Quran. And if they answer "yes", follow up with a little quiz of your own. Ask them how long the first book is. That ought to do it. Seven verses, very tiny, in the opener. One hundred and fourteen suras which preach fear and control through violence, obedience, and intolerance for anybody that doesn't believe.

We all have opinions about various religions and I am ok with that. I have tremendous levels of tolerance. You are free to believe anything you want without me criticizing it. And as I read the Quran this weekend, I couldn't help but think that if this is the word of some highly evolved God- then we are all in a lot of trouble. Because you see- the Quran does not preach love, tolerance, and inclusion for all people. It is tribal. Us against them. It excludes non believers. You are essentially told to submit to this doctrine or face the consequences. And if you are in need of a hateful, punishing God-  then this is the book for you. If you don't have enough fear in your life, add one of these things to your repertoire and become a believer. Here's a quick taste...pretty characteristic of the whole reward and punishment theme.  A quick look at Ramadan.

I'll tell you where I get a little crazy. I get a little nutso about the time the Muslims start shoving this stuff down my throat or else- that's when I buy twenty bucks worth of or else. In America...

We call it freedom of religion which means you can practice yours- just don't interfere with our beliefs or try to force feed us a Quran style dose of fear and control. The gloves come off when you stray outside those boundaries.

I just touched on the Islamic surface this weekend. That's all I have time for. I cannot spend a lifetime studying the veracity of Islam. I will say this and leave it alone. If the Quran is the last word on love, tolerance, and forgiveness- if this is the gospel according to God or Allah- we are in a lot of trouble. Before and after.

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