Friday, October 21, 2011

TSA Now Leaving Airports to Look For Terrorists on The Highways

Quick grab your little wandy thingys, I think I have a terrorist in my closet. Gawd help us. From Sipsey Street, your one stop shopping center for all things Fast and Furious.


Anonymous said...

Brian...I just can't take much more. Its becoming more like a bracken novel everyday. I think I need some range therapy! Everyday I spend some time at your site, sipsey, ok, and wrsa and everytime I read a few more whacks at our freedoms.

Brian said...

Brian...I understand. I used to read the economic collapse blog and I had to stop. I swear I wanted to jump off a building.

I honestly try to look for something good but I can't find much. It almost requires some degree of self delusion or ignorance.

The only way I can keep my sanity is that I actually hope they will continue to fuck up at the rapid pace that they are setting...this slow death is glacial.