Saturday, November 21, 2015

Now the Government Wants Your Passport- The Sunday Collage

More "land of the free" blogging.  This time it's the "Drive Act." The government is calling it a highway and infrastructure bill and it's free!!

I am going to just post this and edit it tonight- so forgive me if you find any glaring mistakes, I have lots to do today.

The "Drive Act" like the "Patriot Act" and the "Heart Act", is yet another mislabeled and deceptive piece of legislation designed to raise more taxes and steal money from already existing, dedicated funds. Contained within the Heart Act is a provision that allows the government to seize your passport- your paid for property- if they decide you owe them more than 50,000 in taxes.

Like freezing your banks accounts, the government does this without any sort of due process. Due process as you will recall- is part of that thing called the Bill of Rights.

In 2014, over 3400 Americans renounced their citizenship. That figure is set to double in 2015. The truth is, it's far worse than that. More people are fleeing the U.S. than at any other time in the last 50 years. From wiki:

There were 235 renunciants in 2008,[25] between 731 and 743 in 2009, and about 1485 in 2010;[26][27] In 2011, there were 1781 renunciants.[28] A total of 2,999 Americans renounced their citizenship in 2013;[29] in 2014, 3415 have renounced their USA citizenship or long term residency. [30] The State Department estimates 5986 renunciants and 559 relinquishers during FY2015. [31]

If you think those numbers are remarkable, consider this. The U.S. charges a renunciation assessment. In 2008, Congress enacted the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Act that imposes a penalty—an "exit tax" or expatriation tax—on certain people who give up their U.S. citizenship or long-term permanent residence.[47] Effective June 2008, U.S. citizens who renounce their citizenship are subject under certain circumstances to an expatriation tax, which is meant to extract from the expatriate taxes that would have been paid had they remained a citizen: all property of a covered expatriate is deemed sold for its fair market value on the day before the expatriation date, which usually results in a capital gain, which is taxable income.

They named that bill the "Heart" Act" and passed it in 2008. 

In addition to the renunciation tax, the government is also charging a 2350.00 fee per person to expatriate.

It would be a complete mass exodus except for Social Security, Medicare, and taxes on foreign earnings. People who have been forced into paying these income liquidating taxes for 40 years- expect something back. If you renounce your citizenship- the government doesn't issue a refund. If you simply move out of country- they will continue to tax your income streams even though you no longer live here which lays waste to the theory that you are actually receiving something in return for all of that money the government takes from you.

One of the great tricks of the government is that when they pass legislation like the "Heart Act" and the "Drive Act"- they target higher income individuals. The poor, middle class- the big voting bloc- will read the law and think- well it doesn't apply to me. They become apathetic. That's how Congress manages to keep passing garbage laws like this- by targeting small groups of individuals rather than everyone. Once our body politic manage to pass these laws without serious backlash, then they will simply amend the law later on and apply it to everyone else. Once you give them an inch- they will take a mile.

What about a  hyper inflationary event where the currency spirals out of control? Wouldn't that subject everyone to the minimum provisions of the "Drive Act?" Of course it would, but government doesn't care nor do they consider things like that. It just gives them the additional means to strip you of your property and money.

I will link the actual government propaganda for this bill- note the passport omission. It is written and offered as propaganda. If you didn't know better- it actually sounds good.

Make sure you read the last line of this website propaganda. It's all free!!! Woohoo!!!

So here's the latest on the "Drive Act." I think you'll like this. Another "land of the free" writer.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Life, or Sometimes Death, In Moderation- The Sunday Collage

Today I want to talk  little bit about the rise of extremism and intolerance. The idea was brought to me courtesy of a statement by a political candidate who believes abortion under all circumstances- including rape or incest- should be illegal. (Carson) Very often this position is taken by religious zealots who believe that somehow instances of rape and incest are examples of "God's will" and that a subsequent birth despite the criminal circumstances that led to the conception- were somehow ordained by our creator.

Indeed, I have friends who read this blog and who agree with that position. I am ok with that and I'll explain why in a bit. 

If I've learned one thing over the years, I think it would have to be that life should almost always be done in moderation. The needle should hang around the middle of the gauge. When an issue becomes extreme- the people promoting extreme views become unstable and downright dangerous. People adhering to extremes cannot accept the idea that moderation and tolerance for the views of others is the proper approach. Instead they think that they have been singularly pre-ordained and programmed by God himself with all of the correct answers. God in his infinite wisdom apparently forgot to tell the millions of people practicing abortion that it should be illegal. So today I thought I'd discuss a few issues where people tend to come off the rails with extremism. So let's take a random walk through a myriad of examples first of moderation and then extremism.

I have a friend who can smoke one cigarette in the morning and one cigarette at night. She has been doing this for 30 years. Smoking in moderation. I can't do it but she does.

People who can drink once in awhile, take it or leave it style, or perhaps a drink a day are said to be "moderate" drinkers- meaning I suppose, that their drinking does not cause the rest of us harm. In other words- it's not extreme.

There are folks who go to church once or twice a week. They practice their own beliefs in private and they do not use casual conversations to promote their beliefs or diminish the beliefs of others. In other words, they live their lives with respect for others.

My favorite group of people and you will meet damn few of them- are those that practice tolerance for others and engage in moderation at all times. Very often you will hear others refer to them as "nice people" because they do not offend anyone. Of the thousands of people I have known, I can honestly say I have only met two or three people like this. I had the very pleasant opportunity to work for one- unfortunately his working life and ultimate termination came about as a result of an extremist held completely hostage by ego.

We both worked for the same woman, a gal who once told me that she enjoyed "firing" people. Firing people is an example of extremism. You don't fire people because your ego enjoys it and therefore you must satiate that need- you fire people when you have exhausted all of your intermediate remedies- and thus terminating a person becomes your last recourse. So it was, this woman fired my boss who was effective while practicing life in moderation, primarily because he would not practice her brand of extremism.

We were once a very nurturing society, particularly in small towns and rural areas. In those settings people are forced to be courteous to each other because they interact very frequently. I understood this well. The ticket you write today might be to the mechanic or doctor you will need tomorrow. Often people in small towns attend the same churches and functions. People help each other in rural settings. I feel grateful for those who helped me.

The idea of a caring, nurturing, tolerant society is completely lost in the big city. I believe that. Occasionally there are random acts of kindness in the city but in small town America- helping others or taking time to help others simply because you care- happens every day.

This week in Paris, ISIS attacked and killed a hundred innocent people.

Islam is extremism. I want to believe that people should be free to worship and support the religion of their choice. The problem with Islam, Sharia law, and the Quran is that they support extremism and intolerance of others. That is why I have often thought that Islam is not a religion but rather a spiritually sick philosophy founded by a self declared prophet 600 years after the time of Christ. The other problem with Islam is that while I have studied it a bit and I have read the Quran- most non Muslims have not. If you want a hateful, exclusionary God- then Islam is the way to go.

I am about to introduce to you the concept of killing human beings in moderation.

Killing a person is probably the worst thing human beings do. Yet there are times when it becomes acceptable or at the very least, unavoidable. Killing people in the defense of your life or intervening when someone else is about to be killed are the only times when killing someone is acceptable. That was what I was taught and unless you've been trained specifically to kill someone or are in that business- I think most people generally don't think about it. It's just not something they need to think about but they should. The extremists are growing in number.

My brand of killing in moderation does not require state executions or dropping bombs on brown people.

Ben Carson does not adhere to the idea of abortion in moderation or in certain circumstances. He quite clearly is a Christian adherent to the idea that all births are "God's will" and that all potential babies should be born. I understand that and Carson may actually be practicing his brand of life in moderation. What's he going to do? Reverse the Supreme Court? Not likely. If that is Carson's brand of extremism, the one where the innocents get a chance, I can live with that too. Either way, I'm not too worried about his position.

I miss small town America and civics classes. I miss helping people and having them help me. Here in the big city, it's just another dog eat dog environment. I don't even know my neighbors. Practicing life in moderation has been hard for a guy like me. But I'm getting better.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Getting Ready For the "One Big Run"

The great hockey player Wayne Gretzsky was great not because he knew where the puck was- but because he knew where the puck was going to be.

In May of 2013, Ben Bernanke began his "we're going to raise rates" bullshit which is the last policy tool the Federal Reserve has left before introducing negative interest rates.

A few of us who understand our debt fueled fiat currency scheme- knew this was bullshit. In fact, I wagered one ounce of gold with some moron back in April that the Fed wouldn't raise rates- this after they said they were going to raise interest rates in May or September. I have not heard from the moron since then nor was I too concerned about losing my gold.

Now the latest rhetoric is Janet Yellen saying they may raise rates in December which is also bullshit. I will take all bets to the contrary. 

For two and a half years I've been listening to this gibberish. At some point, you'd think the American people might wake up and figure this out but alas this country has a long history of being slow on the uptake. I on the other hand, have been keeping track.

In addition to the non stop rhetoric coming from the Fed, they have also been engaged in non stop manipulation of the precious metals markets. They do this to prevent a run into metals which in actuality- is a short on the dollar. If everyone suddenly realized that not only are we bankrupt but that our dollar is worthless- they might start trading dollars for something which is tangible and has value. So in addition to lying to us about nominal rate hikes which have never materialized- the Fed has no choice but to make precious metals look unattractive to investors- thus keeping demand for dollars intact. They do this through the bullion banks which are Fed shareholders. Pretty easy to figure out really- except that the Fed has always refused to disclose it's shareholders and internal operations. It operates above the law with essentially no oversight.

The problem the Fed has now is that they have been suppressing the paper price of precious metals for so long- that the rest of the world has been buying up actual metal inventories. The Chinese are avid gold buyers and at least one company, Zijin Mining, is busy buying a stake into lucrative miners all over the world. Russia and India have been gobbling up supply as well.

With the precious metal lynch mob that is the rest of the world closing in- I don't think the Fed nor the President's Working Group can hold off the demand storm that is coming. The longest precious metals bear markets have lasted 5 years. We are months away from the end of a 5 year bear market which began in 2011.

I have been waiting for the last washout which I think will occur by January when gold trades below 1050 and possibly into the 900s. It may get there much sooner. I think mining stocks will get trashed. At that point, I am going to start buying every lucrative miner I can get my hands on. I am also adding to my physical stores and buying calls. I have as much "powder" as I can muster, a complete list of lucrative miners including some takeover candidates and I have been watching fringe players like bitgold. I like the idea of bitgold especially because American banks are now preventing Americans from purchasing Canadian pharmaceuticals using Visa and Mastercard. With a prepaid bitgold card- we may be able to circumvent the grasp of American bankers who have absolutely no problem interfering with our ability to spend our own money. Here is a good link about bitgold and some of the dangers.

In a number of deals- I have noted that even the miners are buying up the best assets. Here's a link which gives you an idea of what is going on.

I honestly believe this is an investment opportunity of a lifetime. We have a bankrupt world that can do nothing other than try to print itself out of the tremendous hole it has dug itself into. As people scramble to protect wealth- out of paper instruments and into tangible assets- wouldn't it be nice to be there first like Wayne Gretzky?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder- The Sunday Collage

There is nothing that will make my blood boil faster than a rude driver. I think you'll like this story. It's about an old retired cop trying to come to terms with the realization that I can no longer intervene in the traffic dysfunction that is now part of my life nor can I acquire instant gratification through the use of a citation or a pair of handcuffs. 

The chief problem I am desperately trying to overcome has to do with pushing a patrol car around for 25 years and becoming accustomed to people driving responsibly. I am used to motorists using their turn signals, yielding, putting away phones, and actually behaving when a patrol car is visible. This is the world I inhabited for 25 years. It seems like some sort of illusion or dream now- that world of courteous drivers. I can only describe what has happened to me since then as "Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder."

This was the brave new world I discovered in 2007. The world the rest of you drive in. I am still trying to come to terms with it.

Now I have to tell you a little something else about me. I am nearly 55 years old. At 6'4" and 260 or so, I still think I'm the toughest guy on the block. It doesn't matter whether I am or not (I most certainly am not) but that doesn't slow me down when I run into one of life's bona fide assholes.

These are the types of self centered people who don't care about anyone else and rather than have the good sense to just hide that sociopathic piece of their psychological make-up, they actually revel in it. They are proud of it. When you meet these people, you remember them.

When I meet them, they remember me.

I'm not talking your run of the mill driver who simply cuts you off or tailgates you for a few miles- often that is just careless driving. I am talking about a special kind of asshole. The kind of person that is deliberate and malicious. When I was a kid in Butte, people like that got their asses kicked on the spot. They didn't call the cops because the cops just shrugged and said they had it coming. Same with their parents. Good parents were merciless and kept these types in check. Forty years has come and gone and now these assholes have swelled in number. There are no consequences anymore- the sociopaths do what they do and when confronted- they run away, call the police, lie about being innocent victims, or get lawyers. That is the sad truth within our culture. There are no instant consequences...well most of the time. Until you run into a 54 year old guy who is not having a Pulitzer prize winning day and running out of time. This happened a few weeks ago.

It was about 430 PM when I arrived at a manufacturer to pick up some big pieces of equipment for shipment. The shipping and receiving area at this shipper is very confined. On this day, the property owners had dumped asphalt onto two of the exit points which only left one entry and exit area on the property. I pulled into the property, oddly, so that I would not obstruct any other trucks as they attempted to enter through the remaining, narrow, entrance. That's when it happened. A guy in a DHL box truck entered the property and parked his truck right in the middle of the only exit. There was plenty of room for him to park on one side or the other- but being the lazy, thoughtless bastard that he was- he simply parked in the middle of the driveway and obstructed the entire exit. It is possible, and he may not have known, that the other exits were blocked. At any rate, I was blocked in and others were blocked out. I only had about 15 minutes to get out of there and pick up another shipment across town before 5 PM. Such is the nature of "just in time" shipping. I hemmed and hawed for a minute and then I entered the shipping area and very nicely (really) I asked the DHL driver if he could move his truck to one side so that I could exit.

He looked at me and said, "No, you can wait until I'm done." I said, "you are blocking the exit." He then said, "I get blocked in all of the time." Then I said, "So does that give you some sort of license to be an asshole?" In awe, I walked out to my truck and watched this guy run in and out of the building until he was done. I briefly considered helping him but decided against it. After 5 minutes or so as he was locking the back of his truck, I asked him why he couldn't take 30 seconds to move his truck. He just stared at me, weighing out his next move. That's when I said, "Ya know, you are a special kind of asshole." He just stared at me, turned, and jumped into his truck.

If you hear those words come out of my mouth, the translation is this. I am prepared to kick your ass right now and teach you the manners that you are so woefully lacking. I will even give you the first swing.

When I was a young man, my parents instilled a sense of responsibility and shame. What this means is that when you screw up and block somebody in- you immediately recognize, apologize, and take care of the problem that YOU created. What you don't do is compound that mistake by being an asshole. The first transgression is forgivable- the second transgression is not.

I see that same self centered attitude everywhere. People just don't care. They don't care because they see no reason, no benefit in caring about others. It's not getting better either- it's getting worse as the government, inflation, taxes, runaway health and education costs keep squeezing more work hours and more money out of us. People are tapped out in America. They lack any kind of empathy for others and they lack the spiritual benefits of taking responsibility for their behavior. Can you imagine how bad this is going to get when that fake money stock market implodes and wipes out every one of their retirement accounts?? The apathetic world has no idea that the legislation is already in place which will allow bankers to short and ultimately seize all of their savings.

If you think things are bad now- just wait for that shit.

Years ago when I got my passport, I will never forget the postal clerk asking me where I was traveling to. I thought about it for a second, looked at her and said "I'm not going anywhere, yet. I didn't get this thing to travel- I am getting this thing to evacuate."

That's my plan B. I'm gonna find someplace where I don't have to drive, a place a little less cutthroat with a beach. Maybe get a bicycle with a basket on it. I really don't think it's gonna take too long.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Why I Decided To Quit Reading Media Shit- The Sunday Collage


I spend 20-30 hours on line each week, reading and writing. There are so many good thinkers and good writers out here and I try to find them. I don't like wasting time reading garbage churned out by 25 year old writers who really don't have a clue about what the rest of us may know.

I just can't read cheesy, generic writing from people who cannot think on their own. That includes any headline with some inflammatory twist or anything that smells like propaganda. Propaganda can be anything (an opinion) designed to make you think one way. Propaganda is a tool that our media owners use to divide us. Propaganda is never objective. Much of it is written by obedient employees. It is then filtered by a media editor who accepts or rejects it based on what his supervisors want. His supervisors want advertising dollars and they do not want controversial topics or truths. Big media is not interested in objective reporting nor do any of those ass wipes perform any "watchdog" function. That was quite obvious to me when President From Nowhere entered the race in 2007. The kind of investigative reporting- the kind that sought out the truth no matter where it led- clearly died with Nixon in the 70's.

If you want objective reporting and writing- you are going to have to find it on your own.

About a year ago, I was going through my media and blog feeds. Some of the feeds that I was receiving were absolute trash. I have a limited amount of time to read. There are two things I look for. Objectivity is the main thing. Propaganda by it's very definition is never objective. Propaganda tries to get you to "buy in." The other sorting out approach I use involves advertising. I quit reading a couple of blogs because they accept money from the enemy. I don't care what your rationale may be. If you are trying to be objective and write about the absolute death grip Wall Street bankers have on Congress let's say- and you subsequently accept advertising dollars from banks- I will not read your schtick. I don't care how well you write or how intelligent you think you are. I will offer two excellent examples.

CNN is a huge media conglomerate and probably my least favorite "news" outlet. They produce more propaganda which they cleverly disguise as "business" news than any other news outlet. I absolutely detest CNN business news stories. They are never objective- they are always pro Wall St. and the Fed (our national money supply manipulators) and you will never ever see anything remotely defined as investigative reporting because they simply don't engage in it. Their writers and editors are obedient workers. Their owners sit on Wall St boards.

I don't watch Fox for the same reason. It's just an anger generator. A different kind of propaganda with a different agenda. They have found their own unique niche. My father watches a daily diet of that garbage and I see what it does to him.

An example of a blog I quit reading is "naked capitalism." I actually quit reading it for three reasons. Chief among those reasons is that naked capitalism accepts advertising money from banks. This is a site that spends 90% of it's time writing about the evils of banks and Wall St. If I am fully aware of the fraud and evil that big banks and Wall St. have engaged in- and I pretend to be something not of that sort- then how do I justify taking their money? When I see that level of hypocrisy I question whether you write simply at the behest of ego. It certainly damages your credibility. One night I made the mistake of reading naked capitalism's rules for usage on the site. I have never read anything more arrogant, pompous, or superior than that. I have not returned to the site. Tonight I checked up on them and sure enough- they still have a Capital One advertising banner on the blog.

All week this week, on the computer and on television, I was bombarded with blurbs about Lamar Odom and his drug overdose in a whore house in Pahrump, Nv. I do not care about Lamar Odom and his drug use in a whorehouse. That goes on every day in every little nasty whorehouse in Nevada. My former in laws live in that crappy little town and I used to spend a week every year in Pahrump.

Lamar Odom's story is nothing but clickbait. That's the shit the media is counting on you to read. It's a different kind of propaganda.They know people read it because they count clicks and their masters make money. But every time somebody clicks on that crap- you perpetuate that same kind of garbage cycle and ensure that they will feed us some more. It's a sad commentary that people just love to read bad news about someone else. Or about idiots like the Kardashians.

So I've gotten kind of picky about how I spend my time on line each week. I might search Matt Taibbi's name if I want to know the latest banker games. I might go to Doug Ross's site and sort out which headlines interest me. I read some trading sites and gather investing ideas. But what I have decidedly quit doing is supporting propaganda generating sites and pretentious sites that engage in hypocrisy. I don't find them interesting or useful.

I am glad Lamar Odom survived this week. We can all breath a sigh of relief. It's over.

Monday, October 12, 2015

It's Been a Hard Three Weeks, The FG Update

I thought I'd give you guys my latest update. I've been trying to write but just not feeling up to it.

My right eye surgery happened on Sept. 23rd. For the first week, I had to sleep upright in a chair. During the second week and throughout most of this week, I had a gas bubble in my eye. It eventually went away yesterday.

Throughout this entire time, I've had continual throbbing headaches. My vision in that eye is still so blurry that I keep it closed. Mostly, I just sleep throughout the day.

In 2003, I hit a Ford F-150 at 40 MPH on my motorcycle. It broke one arm, chipped the other elbow, cracked  a few ribs, and I had the usual road rash and various lacerations.

I have to tell you, other than the cost, if I could pick one mishap over the other- I'd probably take the motorcycle wreck over this. I will never forget the morning I woke up after that wreck. I mixed a little beer with Vicodin to get  to sleep that night and when I woke up the following morning- I never felt so much pain throughout my entire body. Elbows, arms, ribs, wrists, legs, It was pretty bad. I remember thinking about those guys who break everything- arms and legs. That has to be some serious pain. So I've seen, it can always be worse.

The good news is that the worst of it is over. My vision is still blurry. I still don't have much energy but I'm gonna see the doc tomorrow. Thankfully, I have five days of football to watch each week, it's playoff time in baseball without the Yankees, and every day it gets just a wee bit better.

My eyes and my vision have been near perfect my entire life. My vision has always been something I took for granted. Not anymore. If I can get this eye functioning somewhat normally again- I've made a commitment to myself to make sure I see a few things on my bucket list before anything like this happens again.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

If Obeying the Law Places You in Peril, You Must Break the Law- The Sunday Collage

For those of you who might have wandered in here and think you have stumbled upon the rantings of a man- one dosage short of properly medicated- know this. I am sober, free of psychotropic medications, I have no rap sheet and I believe in law. Good law. Not the shit this country currently debates.

I am going to switch gears rapidly in this piece so try to keep up Troy.

One of the problems of living in a government loving, statist, paradise is that the government worshippers never give it a rest. Statists, people who love government, do so because they want to force their brand of control and compliance upon everyone else. So they saddle up with government. Right now in America, the government worshippers are in control.

Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan stated "government isn't the solution- government is the problem."
Indeed. That was before the whiners and the free shit army over ran the rest of us.

The "life isn't fair" crowd are now firmly in control. They want free abortions, free health care, free money, free food and they want laws to make someone else pay for that. They are whiners. They pass helmet laws, flotation device laws, use stickers, trail fees, and they desperately want to take our guns away. They are so adamant about gun control that they would burn the Bill of Rights if they could. They must hate the fact that although they find themselves the majority-they still can't get our guns. All those God given rights, all that ridiculous legal precedent blocking them from imposing more laws on the rest of us. It must drive them bat shit crazy. Good.

Can you imagine Christopher Columbus landing in America, finding the Indians, and demanding free food and free health care? How about Davy Crockett dialing 911 at the Alamo and saying, 'Can you guys step on it, we've got a bunch of angry Mexicans bearing down on us and they may try to do us harm."

We were never great because we were dependent. We became great because we weren't.

Ok, ok, let me get back on point.

A few years ago, I was on my motorcycle in my hometown and stopped at a red light. I glanced into my rear view mirror and I saw a landscaping rig bearing down on me with no chance of stopping in time. I ran through that red light and found an opening. The idiot in the landscaping truck put a nice set of skidmarks right through the crosswalk and into the intersection. I didn't think twice about who was at fault. In fact, I was the Chief of Police in that town and I didn't even bother going back to hassle the driver.

I want to tell you this. Tonight, if someone breaks into my home, chances are good they will be shot and killed. Maybe they will come to their senses and survive. Then I will call the police.

By the way, that's exactly what I would have done in Roseburg, Oregon. I would have pulled my gun and hunted that guy down or at the very least kept him from killing me. I wouldn't have cared two shits about gun registration laws, gun free zone signs, or any other statist law which conflicts with common sense and my second amendment right which "shall not be infringed" according to the supreme law of this land. Where I go, guns can be found.

Ok, here's the big wrap.

We were once a great country because we embraced independence. We fought our own wars and we spilled our own blood. We didn't go looking for fights beyond our borders. We realized that if we wanted to live and thrive- that was our responsibility. We didn't blame others for our poor decisions.

We never expected anyone to provide us with happiness. We knew that came from within ourselves, not outside ourselves. We believe in a Creator, because believe it or not, that's where our courage comes from. We don't fear the loss of this life because we believe there is a better life waiting for us. And all bullshit aside- that's a hell of a lot better deal emotionally than some atheist who thinks this is all there is and when confronted by some maniac at Umpqua CC finds himself unprepared and begging for his life.

Maybe that's how some people want to live, but that's not the way I want to live. And I'll be damned if some loser is gonna stare me down, ask what religion I am, and shoot me.

I've tried to live my life according to the law and I have encouraged others to live that way. But the way things are going, I don't see this getting any better. It's going to get worse, much worse. I hope the people that survive to create a new United States when that day comes will remember what this country did right- and where it went wrong. In the meantime just accept that if you are anything like me, you are now in the minority. This does not make you wrong it just means that the free shit army has wrestled majority control of the U.S.-which in the history of the world- is always the beginning of the end. Take care of your responsibilities, try to obey the laws that you can until such point that compliance becomes impossible. They'll try to strip you of more of your rights and more of your money and it's coming fast. You'll know when that day arrives because free men, civil rights, and common sense are not required to part company- no matter how many bad laws they pass.