Monday, November 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton Can't Figure Out Why She Lost


The woman who desperately wanted to lead America is blaming her election day loss on FBI Director, James Comey.

For most of us, particularly those of us who take responsibility for our own actions, the answer is pretty simple. Hillary Clinton lost because of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton blaming everyone but herself for her election day loss is not particularly unpredictable or newsworthy. Forget all of the scandals, the deleted emails and the destruction of evidence, her dereliction of duty and her lies about Benghazi. Forget her history of  poor performance and those non stop attack ads that littered our television sets. We know about those things.

What is newsworthy and most telling is that at the ripe old age of 69, Hillary Clinton is blaming others for her loss. That level of unconsciousness, while not rare or unheard of, tells us a lot about what kind of person she is. It tells us what kind of a human being nearly became President. That's the part that scares me.

I wish that I could tell you that I always took responsibility for my actions and words but that would be untrue.

Each one of us have that in common. We set about our lives, making decisions and mistakes. We either learn and get better from our mistakes or we don't. If we do learn from those mistakes we become, wiser, better human beings.We understand. We try to make life more tolerant for our friends and family. We become less judgmental. In short, we mature.

If we don't learn from those mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them. We become angry and frustrated, blaming others for our failures. We are baffled and puzzled. We are intolerant and judgmental of others, convinced that we are always right. This is the kind of person who utters nasty things at the staff. Many of these people live their entire lives- never fully understanding who was responsible for their failures. They fail to learn. They go out the same way they came in. They fail to mature.

What Hillary Clinton does not understand is that in order for us to believe her, we must forget who chose to use a private server in violation of state department rules. We must forget who authored and sent classified emails to people not authorized to receive them, We must forget about the 33,000 emails that were deleted- emails that were the property of the government. We must forget that evidence was destroyed. We must forget a lot of things. If we can do all of that, if we can forget the truth about what actually happened and what was discovered during the investigation, then we can saddle up with Hillary and agree that James Comey was the reason she lost the election.

Or we can say, "Hillary if you had followed and obeyed the State Department rules and law (you are an attorney) there would have been no issue with an unauthorized email server to begin with." Pretty simple.

When a person cannot deceive himself the chances are against his being able to deceive other people. Mark Twain

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Ghost of Christopher Stevens- The Sunday Collage

It was Sept. 11, 2012. Less than 60 days before President Obama's re-election.

The Libyan Embassy and the annex in Benghazi were under attack. The attack lasted about 8-9 hours. When the attack was over, Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 of his countrymen lay dead. I have never been more ashamed of my country or more specifically- it's alleged leadership- than I was in the days following the attack.

Not only did our Commander in Chief disappear that night (his whereabouts have never been disclosed) but we had military support available within a 3 hour arrival time. They had been alerted and were ready to go but they were never sent.

I don't really care what we were doing in Benghazi. Perhaps we were smuggling arms or housing CIA spies and operatives. I don't care what shady shit we were up to. We violated the one rule that is encoded in our collective DNA. We let our comrades die at the hands of savages and we didn't move a muscle to help. The shame doesn't wash off.

Within 24 hours, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice began telling this false narrative about Benghazi being beset by an impromptu gang of attackers angered by some silly anti-Muslim video created in California. They even had the poor idiot arrested.

So why lie? Why lie about a coordinated attack as opposed to a spontaneous one? Because Hillary was well aware of Stevens' pleas and had ignored his requests for additional security for months. And when you fact check the entire Benghazi debacle- your only source of information comes from the same government employees that stand the most to lose from disclosing the truth. You realize then that fact checking- has approximately the same accuracy as a CNN electoral poll. It's a garbage in- garbage out process that awards itself credibility.

So not only did our officials do nothing but they created this horrendous lie which they spewed for three days and repeated it to the grieving families. Our Commander In Chief went missing that night. Who was going to give the order to fly military assets in?

This is the same Obama who called a press conference in the middle of the night to take credit for the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The only conclusion any reasonable person could draw was that Americans were left to fend for themselves and die that night rather than President Obama risking a military mission and failure less than 60 days before his re-election. Perhaps they were worried about unveiling a CIA gun smuggling operation at the annex. The details don't matter, help should have been sent immediately.

I can't imagine, even once, letting a fellow officer's screams or pleas for help go unanswered or ignored. I can't imagine leaving wounded soldiers to die on a battlefield. Rescuing our comrades or die trying is a ship that we all agree to go down on. That's just the way it is.

I will never forgive Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for violating that sacred code of conduct. I don't care that both are non- military. I don't care that both of them are liars and crooks. I don't care that one's black and the other is female. They let their countrymen die without exhausting every possible remedy that night. I don't care to hear lies, excuses, or rationales about help not arriving in time. They failed to do the job they were elected or hired to do. Not only would I have demanded they be recalled or fired on the spot- I would have had both prosecuted for dereliction of duty.

Chris Stevens is buried in Grass Valley, California. Sean Smith an information officer, and two CIA operatives and former Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, all went down with the ship that night.

We know the truth. I don't need a confession.

So please forgive me if I don't feel bad when I read reports of Hillary Clinton crying after the election results came in early Wednesday morning. Forgive me if President Obama's "legacy" of bad law and executive orders gets summarily erased. That level of superficiality is unimportant. Those two cowards will enjoy their lives, their children, and their grandchildren. They will get large pensions, make speeches, and tell everyone about the great deeds they accomplished.

I don't think I'm going to remember them that way- if I am forced to remember them at all. Instead, I'm going to remember the heroes of Benghazi and the spirit of courageous men and women everywhere who put it on the line and die in the process. That's the spirit we should all remember.

I can't help but think that maybe a few patriots showed up to vote this week. Maybe Chris Stevens had the last word. I hope so.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Our Owners Are Petrified- The Sunday Collage

From the beginning of time- the winners have been scripting history. They like it that way. They get to tell their version of events and the dead and vanquished lose their voices. The winners win, and the King, the Confederacy, the Mexicans, Custer and the Indians, the Japanese and the Germans, all go away. The winners are left to tell their version of history, manifest destiny style. In all likelihood, it has always been that way.

That's certainly how it is in America. We have a wonderful group of owners. They are the winners. These are the people with the best education and more success than most of us can ever dream of. They are Goldman Sachs bankers, corporate attorneys, hedge fund managers, billionaires who own our 6 media companies. They are the chief executives of insurance companies, of the pharmaceutical cartel, big oil, and every other glitzy industry where billions are made. They employ lobbyists to make sure their brand of laws get passed. In short, these are our owners. The people who get what they want. They get what they want with money. They get the best attorneys, the best lobbyists, they grease Congress with campaign contributions, easy loans, future jobs, preferential treatment. They get the tax code they want. Our tax code could be changed in one hour to a fair tax for everyone. You will never get that. Never, ever. Because our owners call the shots and they don't give two shits about you, small fry. They don't give a shit about what is fair. They want unfair. They want preferential treatment and that is why Warren Buffet pays less in taxes than I do. That is why GE pays less in taxes than I do and that's how Jeffrey Immelt gets to hire slave labor in other countries and pretend to be Obama's champion of American labor. In fact this article, shows you precisely how our owners operate.

This isn't win-win. This is they win- you lose. And it has always been that way. That is why during this election cycle our owners hand selected their two status quo candidates. Your choices were going to be known commodities, people who would keep our status quo owners happy. Their two selections for you this election cycle were Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. Two safe people who would not upset their apple cart. They had already been bought and paid for. The Clintons had received 100's of millions in "charitable" bribes. So had Jeb Bush in the form of campaign funds.

Then two strange things happened. The first was Donald Trump. He kept winning. One by one Donald Trump set down Jeb Bush and every other GOP lackey that our owners offered up. Because he had his own war chest- his own money- they couldn't stop the Donald. And Trump said all of the things the rest of us were thinking. Like this wretched Obamacare law. Corrupt Hillary. He talked about the imported slave labor force from Mexico which does in fact- steal American jobs.  They consume american taxes and saddle our prison systems, schools, and hospitals with all of the bills. Our owners don't build prisons or schools or hospitals. Our owners saddle you with that bill. And they laugh as you and I argue about who is going to pay for it. That answer was determined long ago.

The other strange thing which happened was far more manageable. Bernie Sanders. Bernie didn't have Trump's kind of money so when he really won the democratic nomination with grass roots support- our owners simply stole it from him and gave it to Hillary anyway. It was sick to watch.

There was no way in hell that you were ever going to get a Sanders v Trump election. One of these two would have tried to change things. They were guaranteed to change something. And if there was ever anything the status quo, the winners fear, it's changing things in America. They love the system just the way that it is. They have already bought and paid for it. They are winning and you are losing and they like it that way.

Our owners own the media. Long gone are the days of objective reporting. They are propaganda outlets, scummy and biased. I have never seen it this bad. They ignore any sense of fair or objective reporting. They could care less about fair. The owners, people like Jeff Bezos and his newspaper the Washington Post, desperately want Hillary and that's why you are a fed a non stop stream of anti-Trump sewage. The polls are rigged and oversampled with democrats. We know this. Hillary supporters try desperately to cleanse the stench from her activities- she talks nice- but we all know who and what she is and what she represents. She represents the status quo. The bankers, the lawyers, the captains of industry, the Jeff Immelts and Jeff Bezos' types. Nothing will change with Clinton in and that's why they need her so desperately. Every Clinton ad is a Trump attack ad. It's sick but the left buys in to that meme. Oh they claim Donald says things that they would never say. What a crock of shit. Some of the most vile and reprehensible things I have ever heard uttered came from liberal mouths. That's what they do- they have always attacked the superficial. Liberals love to attack others. Some eight years after Bush left, nearly a decade now, I still hear liberals whining about Bush. If only Bush could say cutesy things like Obama does. Maybe he could have won a peace prize too while bombing a few countries.

Our owners gave us Clinton, our owners gave us Bush. Our owners tried to give us another dose of Clinton or Bush this time around but it didn't work. But they have a plan B.

Plan B is this non stop, hateful shitshow airing on social media, the web, television and radio. Hold your noses and vote for Hillary because we all hate Donald Trump. Ignore her bribes, her scandals, her lies, the dead in Benghazi because Donald said the F Bomb or he called a woman fat. Those are far greater transgressions than ignoring the pleas for help from the dead Americans in Benghazi.

Our owners are petrified. Plan B requires everyone in America to hold their noses and vote for the most corrupt person ever to run for President in the history of the United States. That's how desperate they are. That's why this is the worst election ever. They are desperate and they will say any hateful thing if it has a chance of working. They gotta rig this thing because that crazy Trump might do something that the owners don't approve of. Like get rid of that shit Obamacare law or try to implement term limits on Congress. That's the kind of change you will never get. There's a reason we have a tax code we can't get rid of, a Congress which enriches themselves, and laws which steal our work product. Fleecing sheep has never been this easy.

The owners are counting on you. The American public, the most gullible anywhere, have a habit of never letting their owners down. On Tuesday we'll see if the American public is as collectively stupid as our owners think they are.  First Brexit, then the Cubs win after 108 years. Just once I'd like to see the sheep feasting on the wolves. Wouldn't that be something?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Of Crooked Hillary, Cockroaches, and a Deus Ex Machina Ending

The cockroaches are scurrying around this week.

There are 650,000 Hillary Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's computer. The possibilities seem endless.

Will the 33,000 emails that Hillary scrubbed and acid burned be found? Will all those people, many of them Clinton insiders and lawyers that Comey gave immunity to, finally be exposed? Will Loretta Lynch and Comey and that faux investigation finally find the light of day? Will we find Benghazi emails? Demand letters from Hillary to middle eastern sheiks for donations to the Clinton foundation? Will they find Obama emails to Hillary?

I'll tell you this much- I don't think I've composed 100,000 emails in my entire life. If Weiner somehow hijacked 650,00 emails from Hillary via Hillary's confidante- Huma Abedin- and preserved them- I cannot tell you the sheer delight that I would have to see the most corrupt and crooked people in America finally bite the dust. Every last one of the cockroaches. Sadly, that is probably a fantasy.

It was nice to see the Democratic National Chair Wasserman Schultz get exposed and her successor Donna Brazile get busted giving questions ahead of time to Hillary during the debates. They are all cockroaches.,3,46

And I haven't even mentioned the Wikileaks dump coming this week.

Thank gawd for people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Without patriots, people risking their very lives- all of these crooked bastards would continue to steal our liberty and get away with their crimes. In a way it seems so appropriate that to catch a lawbreaker you must break the law because these crooks, many of them lawyers, have found ways around the intent of the law. They flaunt their superior intelligence and their crooked schemes. Their arrogance is suffocating. 

I will bet you that the busiest people in America right now are the attorneys for all of these crooks- diligently working and trying to obstruct any chance of justice and trying to conduct damage control for their respective clients. Can you imagine the pressure they are bringing on Obama and the FBI? 

Wouldn't it be fantastic if a new President came in, an untainted one and a Washington outsider, and scrubbed these cockroaches from government?

Richard Nixon had nothing on these bastards. He was a piker, a bungling burglar. At least Nixon had the decency to resign. Unfortunately, the relief we seek must come with help from the executive branch which quite often is the most corrupt part of the machine. History tells us that our current administration hasn't even fired one crooked employee let alone criminally charging one- such as Eric Holder for authorizing the sale of guns to drug cartels- which caused the death of Brian Terry.

So it is that sadly, I have been seeking and left wanting the Deus ex machina ending which would remove this pestilence from our lives. I will probably be left wanting once again. Trust me, the cockroaches are busy this week. They are hard to get rid of.

The term Deus ex machina was coined from the conventions of Greek tragedy, where a machine is used to bring actors playing gods onto the stage. The machine could be either a crane (mechane) used to lower actors from above or a riser that brought actors up through a trapdoor. Preparation to pick up the actors was done behind the skene. The idea was introduced by Aeschylus and was used often to resolve the conflict and conclude the drama. Although the device is associated mostly with Greek tragedy, it also appeared in comedies.[3]

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Not So Great 2016 Election

A couple of days ago I got a call from my old friend, Pat. Pat wanted to know why I wasn't writing about these two morons that are running for President.

Honestly, they remind me of the last two morons. And the two before that. And so on.

The democrats and their lap dog media must really be scared of losing. Every article in every mainstream media outlet is running Trump down- while ignoring Hillary's crimes. It smells of desperation. Even those fake polls.

Actually I can boil this election down to one topic. That's all there is. The rest of this election is noise. More on that in a bit.

I have a two part theory on why we get such horrible candidates every election cycle. It is actually pretty simple. Ego maniacs and power seekers run for office. Sometimes I think, they actually run for the money particularly in the rural areas. Candidates today do not run for office out of a sense of public service. In fact, the idea of running based on public service is a notion so archaic you will never even hear anyone state it. When was the last time you heard a candidate say they were running for office because they wanted to serve the public? Let me guess- never.

Politicians today don't even think about serving the public. Mostly, they just serve their selfish interests. That's true at every level of government on down to local governments.

Part two of my theory is that decent, non ego driven people simply don't run for office. The reason good people are good people is that they do not engage in occupations where they must lie, repay favors, get played in the local press, etc. Status or a a political resume is simply not important to them. Good people want absolutely none of that nonsense. That's why we get the shit bags that we get running for office. Obama hasn't had a real job during his entire life. Honestly, if that guy had to turn a wrench or lift a heavy object he'd probably dislocate something. You can bet those hands have never owned a callous or seen a blister.

So this election hinges on one thing. Obamacare. The "Affordable Health Care Act" which is one of the greatest lies ever perpetuated by government.

Trump says he'll get rid of it. Hillary will keep it. There you have it. The only reason to vote for either of these two. Obamacare is the only reason Obama is supporting Hillary- he knows his "legacy" will stay intact. That's why he hates Trump.

It's that simple. Hillary the criminal or Trump the ego maniac womanizer- it doesn't matter. People are going to vote based on their Obamacare pain. I will tell you this- millions upon millions of us are pissed off over the dump truck full of lies piled on us by this administration and the worst Congress ever. There is new evidence now that supports the suspicion that King Obama even influenced Justice Roberts to allow the ACA to clear the Supreme Court. All three branches of government failed us. Big time. And the shittiest law ever- lingers on. Check this out. The latest million people getting hosed.

Trump has a real shot. All you have to do is beat a criminal- and know there are about 100 million actual taxpayers with jobs who have been screwed over by the worst law ever.

One last thing. Have you noticed that Hillary is nothing but a power hungry elitist- catering to banks and the big war machine? She would be perfect sitting atop the GOP because there is nothing about this woman that is blue collar. I can't believe the alleged blue collar base of the democratic party, working stiffs, buys her bullshit- they might as well be voting for Romney sans all the criminal conduct.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hot and Homeless in Tucson- The Sunday Collage

I love Tucson, Arizona. The people are friendly, the Mexican food is authentic, housing is cheap and so is gas. (currently about 1.79 a gal.) The mountains around Tucson provide a gorgeous skyline just before sunrise and just after sunset. The mountains are littered with giant saguaro cactus poking up everywhere. Tombstone and Bisbee are close by. If you're ever in this neck of the woods, Bisbee is worth the drive. Very unique place.

So in mid July, I sold my bungalow in Boise. It was going to be three weeks before my new home would be ready. That left me in the awkward position of being homeless for three weeks with nothing to do. I had narrowed the possibilities down to Saratoga, Del Mar, or Tucson. I love Saratoga Springs, NY. It is one of the coolest places in the U.S.- especially during the horse racing meet. But finding lodging anywhere near Saratoga or Del Mar (San Diego) is just insanely expensive. At over 200-300 bucks a day, three weeks in those places was going to run about 5k figuring in their sky high tax rates as well.

I could find places near L.A. for under 200 a day but that meant fighting Los Angeles traffic.

So I settled on Tucson. I turned the high speed Elantra toward Vegas. I spent a couple of nights at Sam's Town before reaching Tucson.

Nothing too eventful happened until I arrived in Tucson. I booked a room at an extended stay hotel. The last time I stayed here, the hotel was brand new and nice. Not so much anymore. I switched rooms to a quiet corner after spending a night underneath some tweakers who apparently stomp around on the floor all night and never sleep.. The hotel is already starting to show signs of being run down. But it's nice enough for my purposes. It's very easy in Tucson to find a decent hotel/motel for around 50 bucks and there are plenty of alternatives.

The only other knock on Tucson is the heat here in the summer. It's smoking hot. On consecutive days, the thermometer in my car showed 109 degrees. I happen to be one of those people who can handle temperature extremes pretty well so I don't even turn on the a/c until somewhere after 90.

The food here has been fantastic. There is an In and Out Burger near me. I found an Italian restaurant called Ragazzi and had the sea bass. It was excellent. I found a few authentic Mexican restaurants and the truth is- they are all good. For breakfast I found a place called the Baja Cafe. I have eaten there at least 7 times. The food is very good and every dish is under 10 bucks. The staff are friendly and they are very efficient.

They have a couple of Indian casinos with live entertainment on the outskirts of Tucson. The other night I listened to a band that only plays Bob Seger music- it was fun hanging out with the 50+ crowd. There were quite a few young folks there too, because the truth is- their generational music really does suck.

Driving in Tucson is strange. There are many people here who actually obey the speed limit.

The Elantra is hard to see out of. So I've managed to bang a few things including the trash cans at my house. I have also lost the use of one eye, on and off for a year now, and I've noticed my rear bumper cover has taken it's share of abuse during that period. When you lose an eye, you lose depth perception or the ability to triangulate between 3 points. At any rate, my rear bumper cover is banged up and I have already replaced it once so I am simply gonna wait until I sell the car to buy a new one. (On line covers are only 90 bucks compared to the 650 that I paid the body shop to fix the last one.)

The day before yesterday, the cops had a robbery and shoot out with a bad guy who is now with St Peter. They closed the highway to Nogales and this caused me to seek an alternative route to the casino. Traffic was backed up and very snarled as people tried to find ways around the closure. I was stopped at a stop light and suddenly felt a thud and lurched forward as some gal rear ended me with her Subaru. Her bumper matched mine pretty well and she put another crease into my already beat up bumper cover. She was about 70 and very apologetic. I looked at her grill, my bumper cover, and announced no damage. She thanked me. When I got to the casino, I reached up and inside with a screwdriver handle and pushed the crease out.

I made some dough when I sold my house so losing a grand or so would not be a life shattering event. Yesterday, I would get it all back and then some. It's funny how things happen.

Bad beat jackpots for poker started in California many years ago. Casinos take an extra dollar from every pot won and use it to build jackpots. They are generally awarded when aces full of something is beaten by a higher aces full of something, four of a kind, or a straight flush including a royal flush. Having your aces full of jacks full house beaten by a larger hand is a pretty rare event. So these jackpots generally build over time and some get quite large. In Kansas City, four of a kind must beat 4 of a kind. That jackpot is always at 100,000 dollars plus- although I have not seen it for many years.

Generally speaking, nearly half of the jackpot is awarded to the losing hand, about 25% percent goes to the hand that won, and the remaining 25% is usually divided among the players at the table where the bad beat happens.

In my 35 years of playing, I have only seen four of a kind beaten twice. I witnessed it when a man flopped four sixes and was beaten by a straight flush. That happened 30 years ago in Vegas before I had even heard of a "bad beat" jackpot. The only other time I have seen four of a kind beaten happened last night. The jackpot was 50 thousand.

I got into the game around 8 pm. It was a small 3-6 limit game. The players were pretty tough and the pots were small. I had decided to play until the band started at 9 pm. By 9, my cards were running pretty good and I was up a hundred or so and the poker room also had a promotional drawing for a 100 bucks every hour or so which I had qualified for. So I decided to play some more. I teased the dealer and asked her if she had ever dealt a jackpot and if so I inquired- did she have proof? About 15 minutes later, there were two players left in a hand. An older gal on my right and this crazy looking long haired guy on my left. There had been some betting and calling and after the last card had been dealt- the two people left in the hand become embroiled in a "raise war." Each of them would raise, the other one would raise back, and I actually heard both of them ask the dealer if they could raise again. The board had two kings and two nines on it. I'm not sure what the other card was. After 4 or 5 raises, I think most of the players like myself thought they each had a king and would split the pot. But generally speaking, and this has been my experience, common sense minded players will quit raising when they figure out that their opponent has the same hand. These two did not do that- because both of them knew they could not have the same hand. Unbelievably, the gal with four kings was the one who quit raising. She turned her hand over. Then the guy with four nines turned his hand over. A roar went up from the table as we realized what had just happened. Players from surrounding games scrambled over to see what had happened.

It took them two and a half hours to pay us. The casino checks video to see who was in the game and that no cheating occurred, employees prepares IRS forms for every player, the room manager counts the deck down to make sure all the cards are there, and then employees obtain 50 thousand in one hundred dollar bills from the casino cage. The gal with the 4 kings received 10,001 dollars, the guy with the four nines received 20,001 dollars, and each of the rest of us in the game received 1669 dollars. The rest was split among the players in the other games.

While we were waiting to get paid, they called my name for the drawing. I won 100 dollars more. The older gal who won the hand- drank 6 Black Russians while we waited to get paid. We became friends, yakking away. After we got the dough I kissed her and thanked her for not "mucking" or discarding those kings. She was pretty drunk by that time and I'm not sure her husband appreciated me kissing her but it wasn't like I was looking to run off with her. After 40 years of marriage... well let's just say I know a few men who wouldn't have minded too much but from the look on this guy's face... he might not have been one of those.

We tipped the dealer nearly 3000 dollars. Not bad for a night's work.

Homeless in Tucson. Not the worst place to spend your summer vacation.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Last Day in Boise

Some things, perhaps all things, must run their course.

Seven years ago, this month in fact, I moved to Boise. I found a nice condo near Vista and Overland. Two years later I bought my bungalow on the bench.

Boise is a nice town. There is a tug of war here.  A lot of liberal California attitudes in the north and the east side of town. The rest it seems, lean conservative. I used to see Ron Paul bumper stickers up here on the Bench so I must have been in the right part of town.

Idaho legalized your right to carry concealed guns this year. This was always your right although most states think their laws trump the Constitution. So now, we can carry guns concealed without a note from our parents. For violent criminals- this might not be the best place to practice your trade.

Idaho did away with live horse racing a few months ago. While undoubtedly saving me a considerable amount of money- horse racing was one of the big reasons I moved to Boise. Last year during the live race meet, I had one losing day out of 15. It was like handing out free money. I found the races, the trainers, and one excellent female jockey to be quite predictable. It was a very good year. In nine months, racing was gone.

So today I sit among the spartan ruins of my home, doing last minute fixes and cleaning before the new owners arrive. The bungalows sits on a large corner lot with mature landscaping and gobs of parking. It was the lot that attracted me here 5 years ago. Tomorrow, we close the deal and I will be officially homeless. My new home in Twin Falls will be occupied until the first week of August. Oddly, that home has mature landscaping and gobs of parking.

So I am in the process of figuring out what to do and where to go for the next three weeks.

I have never been to Del Mar during the live race meet. The Del Mar meeting starts Friday. Maybe I'll just throw a bunch of clothes in the car and head to San Diego. Maybe if I get to Del Mar, I'll post up some pictures. Take the surf train up the coast- best kept secret in America. I don't know what I'm gonna do yet but I have 3 weeks to sort it out.