Guilty Until Proven Innocent, The George Kelly Story, Updated 4/23/2024

 George Alan Kelly is an old guy who lives just north of the Mexico border on a ranch. 

Now you might wonder, why would anyone buy a ranch on the Mexican border? Well, Mr Kelly bought the ranch back in 1997 when we protected the border. It wasn't a free for all until President Biden and his illegal immigration handlers turned it into a drug running, human trafficking, do whatever you want, war zone. 

Perhaps Biden and friends should be charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigration. 

At any rate, Mr. Kelly is eating lunch at his home and hears a single gunshot and sees a number of men, likely Mexican nationals, on his property armed with guns that he believes were AK 47s. He arms himself, fires a few warning shots in the air, and the trespassers eventually disburse. He calls police. The police come out, take the report and leave.

Hours later while searching his ranch, Mr. Kelly finds a dead body- shot thru the chest or back- depending on the entrance wound. He calls police again.

The deceased is a Mexican national who has been deported multiple times. Drug runner, maybe. Trespasser, obviously. Who shot him is anyone's guess but I'm betting it ain't George Kelly.

Mr. Kelly is arrested. His bond is set at 1 million dollars.

In America, you will hear this bullshit about being innocent until proven guilty. And for 25 years, every dangerous felon I ever locked up and wanted held in jail, got me the standard prosecutorial response. 

"Bail is only to guarantee the defendants appearance in court." Blah, blah, blah.

Now just where in the hell is Mr. Kelly going to flee to? Mexico? Is he going to drive down to Argentina? How about you just take his passport and let him go. George Kelly ain't going anywhere. He has no rap sheet or prior arrests that anyone knows of. 

His crime was reporting a dead man on his ranch. He would have been better off just burying the body.

The American shitshow rolls on. We'll know more on the 22nd when the prosecution has to lay out a case. They better have one.

Here's a link to the story:

Another one:

Here's a link to Mr. Kelly's GiveSendGo account. I donated.

04/23/2024- Update

The sham trial has ended in a mistrial. In what has been described as a 7-1 vote for "not guilty" the judge in this case has declared a mistrial because of one holdout.

This case should never have been brought to trial.

The bullet that killed the victim was a rifle round that traveled through the body and is missing. So no forensics. Mr Kelly who alleges he shot in the air, several warning rounds, says he never fired directly at the victim.

Armed illegal aliens frequently travel through his property. At 75 years old, it is hard to imagine that George Kelly, on a ranch he has owned for 25 years, has suddenly decided to start shooting people.

In the west, we respect property rights. That includes no trespassing warnings.

God willing, George Kelly will not spend one more day in jail. Because the problem is the lost jail time and the costs of defending yourself. That punishment happens long before any trial.

Give to legal defense fund. GiveSendGo - George Alan Kelly Legal Defense Fund: The Leader in Freedom Fundraising.


I would never dial 911.. Never.. This ain't America no more and what shows up at your door ain't America no more.. If somebody breaks in where I'm at I'll fix em up with a plate of food, give em some stuff and hope they don't shoot me.. But if they do shoot me that's better than being handed over to a bunch of crooked lawyers by assholes who ain't America no more.. I actually ask my Lord God to take me out of this shit hole a couple times a week..
MMinWA said…
My universal advice is do not call the police. Ever. I don't care if you have videos of 4 dindus crashing through your front door. Clean up the mess, hope your neighbors didn't hear shit(or they're too far away to have heard shit or even better yet, they pitch in), if you have land, plant them, if not, take a drive and dispose of them.

Ask me why.

Trying to do once was the right thing is done these days at your own risk.
One of these days someone will gleefully bust down the door and arrest us for something we said on a blog ten years ago.. Glad I'm about out of here..

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