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Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Citizens' Arrest of Hillary Clinton- The Sunday Collage

One of the most profoundly puzzling pieces of American history came about in early 1942. It was the FDR executive order which allowed 140,000 Japanese Americans to be rounded up, arrested, and imprisoned for no other reason than our unfounded "fear" that maybe they might be sympathetic to the Japanese war effort rather than the US war effort.

To my way of thinking, FDR single handedly destroyed every Constitutional guarantee afforded to any citizen of this country. The Japanese were illegally seized, denied due process or a speedy trial, their homes and businesses were lost, and they were falsely imprisoned.

All of that would be bad enough but something even worse happened.

I can find no historical record anywhere, that any individual here in America, ever filed a lawsuit on behalf of those Japanese Americans who had been stripped of their rights. You'd think somebody, somewhere, might have offered an opinion that perhaps, not only were we doing the wrong thing at that time- but that it was all quite illegal.

This fact speaks loudly about the lack of courage of people in groups, the herd think.

Cooler heads did not prevail. Oh sure, I get the whole emotionally charged rationale for our illegal conduct. I have argued it with the great generation and I will tell you- I give them no quarter. It was an act of unbelievable cowardice that many still justify. It is one of those regrettable acts that others would like to forget.

And the reason I mention all of this is because of something Ron taught me. Ron taught me that when I see an obvious wrong or an act of indecency that I should have the courage to stand up and be counted even when vastly out numbered by a sea of cowards. Which brings me to another profoundly puzzling piece of current American history. How does Hillary Clinton escape the rule of law? 

In order to keep this simple, I am going to forget about the 17 scandals including Whitewater and my personal favorite- the cattle futures bribe. Let's forget about the Vince Foster suicide and subsequent theft of evidence, let's forget about all of the millions in bribes she has taken and funneled back to herself through her make believe charity- and let's even forget about Benghazi. Let's focus on one thing only. The destruction of 33,000 emails and tampering with evidence.

Now I'm no lawyer thank gawd, but I was once charged with enforcing the law. To be sure, I never engaged in many cases involving the destruction of publicly owned records, or emails for that matter but I have done a few cases which involve the destruction of evidence and the intimidation of potential witnesses. 

Here is an interesting piece where Senator Chuck Grassley states the obvious- that Hillary Clinton very likely broke the law. The piece documents the areas of law which apply to Hillary Clinton.

You'll find as you read this article- that it really fails to address the issue of destruction of evidence. It simply talks about personal email as opposed to public email. The focus of the piece is so ridiculously narrow that virtually all of the larger issues go unmentioned.

I want to remind you here that Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. She knows the law. When she breaks the law she does so knowingly and with intent. When she deletes public records, she knows this is illegal. This is not a 19 year old girl that has been told by her boss to shred a few pieces of paper. 

Public records include emails generated at work. They are owned by the government and by virtue of that, become public records. You don't get to break one law (use your own server) and then imply that because you broke the first law- that this gives you the right to delete and destroy public records and evidence by stating that they were on your private server.

So let me summarize up to here. Public records are supposed to be kept and accessible. They are not personal property. They are supposed to be done on government hardware. Moving a public record from government hardware to personal hardware does not change the status of a public record. You are not entitled to destroy evidence of a crime pending an investigation. Your intent was made clear when you did so- coupled with the fact that you as a lawyer and servant of the court- thus you have no excuse in that you were unaware of the law.

That is 33,000 potential counts or violations. Here then is the federal statute governing such willful conduct. 

In fact although those emails may be lost forever- Hillary forwarded gawd knows how many to Huma Abedin which subsequently landed in the hands of Anthony Weiner wherein the FBI executed a search warrant and knows the precise content of those emails. These may have been emails which Hillary originally deleted from her private server which could be corroborated and proven through an actual investigation by an an actual police department not headed by a co-conspirator (Comey) to hide or aid in the destruction of evidence. I am no fan of politically minded law enforcing.

The extent of this bullshit is mind boggling.

So what happens when the rule of law is somehow replaced by the rule of man? What happens when a Presidential candidate promises to "prosecute crooked Hillary" and then fails to do so? What happens when the entire system fails for the myriad of reasons that it obviously has?

The law has a remedy. It is called a citizen's arrest. It normally occurs when a citizen observes a criminal act and arrests the suspected guilty party and turns them over to a competent authority or jail. This can be accomplished by physical arrest, arrest warrant or summons- I prefer the former. Of course one would risk a lawsuit from the Clintons' therefore we would have to find one courageous and judgement proof citizen who would ask among the plea bargaining arrangements that Ms. Clinton as part of her sentencing- would release any damage claims and thus end this 20 year criminal charade wherein every compromised lawyer up and down the beltway pretends to be Sergeant Schultz despite their expensive Ivy League educations.

If only we had a few good people left. I wonder if anyone felt the same way in 1942. Please view this clip and think of all the prosecutors, or cops for that matter, that think and act like Sgt Schultz...

P.S. I stole this from Trump. Like who am I?? Only the head of the executive branch- ya know the one that prosecutes criminals. Geezus. You can't make this shit up.

A.G. Lynch made law enforcement decisions for political purposes...gave Hillary Clinton a free pass and protection. Totally illegal!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

An Old Demon Comes Calling- The Sunday Collage

Last week I did something that many people would never do. I looked up a fellow cop that we very nearly fired, some 20 years ago. The reason I did this is because I always liked him and maybe deep down, I needed to get ok with what happened.

Sometimes in life you do something for one reason expecting one outcome- and an entirely different result happens. So as we sat down last week, I never saw the slow moving emotional train wreck that was headed my way. 

Mostly I think, that was a result of my bad memory and poor judgment. But then again, I have always been that way.

So we sat down and talked and eventually the conversation turned to that three month time frame some twenty years earlier- a time when he was very nearly fired and ultimately resigned. Back then I had chalked the whole episode up to his immaturity and nothing else. 

What I failed to do, quite honestly, was examine my own behavior and how I handled things.

And as I sat there talking and listening, I heard an angry 20 something recount what happened blow by blow. I couldn't stop thinking about how poorly we handled that situation. I also noticed a failure on his part to take any responsibility for what happened. Twenty years of anger was on full boil.

And for everything you know in life- there was a time when you didn't know it. You get schooled and taught. That's how life works. Nobody is born a great manager but many of us think that somehow we have some intelligent skill set that sets us apart. That of course is unconscious ego and pure bullshit. The reality in my life is that most people suck as managers. Like most, I had no reference point. No way to measure where I stacked up in the world of people managing until just a few years before I retired. I met a truly great manager and human being with an outstanding sense of right and wrong. He was committed to helping people when they were down. He didn't throw good people away. He was fair. He was absolutely dedicated to being a decent human being, he was selfless, and he always used impeccable speech. So through him, I began to realize how inadequate I had been as a manager myself. Not because he was trying to prove some point to me but because he was simply a great manager. That's how he worked. He became my mirror- just a little too late I'm afraid.

That is the irony of my resume'. 

So about the time my friend had summarized his feelings from way back when- he volleyed the subject back to me.

I told him the truth. I probably sucked as a manager. I could have handled that situation far better with the emotional equipment I have now. Back then, in some unconscious way, I probably thought I was a good manager. I simply didn't know the difference between good or bad. None of us are born with some operating guide- we are simply the sum total of all of the crappy and average managers we have ever had. We act like them mostly, thinking we've made some vast improvement, because we manage to cut a bad habit here and there.

I did the best I could at that time. It probably wasn't that good. I know that now because I found good once. I know how that guy would have handled it. 

The other odd thing I've learned is that I am no longer invested in being right. You don't "win" conversations by arguing about who was right or wrong. You take responsibility for your shortcomings without pointing out theirs. With luck, they will discover that all on their own. 

Just like I did.

My friend gave me a B- as a manager. I'll take that. I hope the two of us can be friends again.