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More Sunshine and Rainbows

You wanna really get pissed off? What's worse than entering this country illegally, obtaining a false social security number, and qualifying for social security benefits? We owe you. And the only way we'll pay you- is if you leave our borders. That way we can send the money to another country never to see it again. Congress is like a special ed class- only these clowns would find themselves at the bottom of the bell curve. You simply cannot make this shit up. Your turn to read, I need some fucking aspirin.

Welcome to Another Pollyanna Day in America

First a quote from a very well written piece on Zero Hedge. Perhaps the greatest misconception of all, especially in economics, is that bad news encourages bad events. That the truth is hazardous, and for the economy to remain healthy, the establishment must continue to lie. The presumption that our financial system is so dependent on our mass psychology is complete nonsense. The dollar is being fundamentally debased whether or not we blindly “believe” the dollar is fine. Our country is facing unserviceable national debts whether or not we force ourselves to think positive thoughts. The stock market is exceedingly overpriced and primed for collapse even if you and I ignore all the warning signs and drink margaritas on white sandy beaches all day with big dumb smiles on our faces. Two plus two equals four no matter what the psychological state of our society is. The facts are not subject to my “good vibes” or “bad vibes”, and if this is the best argument MSM pundits

Why Doesn't This Make Sense?

It does of course. In the twisted, apathetic, USSA. Not particularly weird given Obama himself is a bit of a mystery. Particularly in that whole citizenship realm. "Fathom the odd hypocrisy that Obama wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but people don't have to prove they are citizens". -Ben Stein

Going Viral Bitchez

Every once in awhile I stumble onto something so clever or well done- that I just have to post it. This is one of those things. It has nothing to do with this blog. If you are offended by profanity to the extent that it just ruins your day...I can't bear that kind of burden. Please do something else. If not this is one clever and catchy tune...