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CitiBank Now Following Bank of America, Stealing Money From Customers

Please take your money out of big banks. These are the banks that have socialized their losses via TARP and transferred those losses to taxpayers via treasury notes and the FED. Now the insolvent big banks are going to steal 5 bucks a month from their customers. Please retaliate. This is what I did while dumping Wells Fargo two years ago. Find two local banks (one is a credit union the other is a small and local bank) and get two debit cards for redundancy. I selected these banks for free checking and these two perks. One of them waives ATM fees anywhere. The other gives me a free safety deposit box where I store my gold and silver until the government tries to steal that. Here is the latest news from Zerohedge. These crooked banks will survive just as long as you keep letting them plunder you. Don't vote for crooked politicians and please don't support crooked ban

Quiet Lives of Desperation, A Sports Analogy Featuring Famous "Chokes"

Today the Boise State football team plays the University of Nevada at Reno or UNR. Today's game will be played in Boise. BSU has been installed as a 29 point favorite. The Nevada Wolfpack as you will recall, was the only team that beat us last year and dashed any hopes of playing for the national championship. It wasn't that we lost that game that is the subject of this well written, fascinating, and thought provoking piece. It was how we lost that game. I am going to focus specifically on our kicker, Kyle Brotzman. I was surprised to see a wiki entry for Brotzman that actually recaps the disaster in Reno last year. Oh how I felt when Brotzman missed those two kicks, especially the first one. You can't imagine how I felt because you see- I too have choked a number of times. My first big choke was in a baseball tournament years ago as a child. I was the last batter, we were down a run. I was determined to get a hit and keep u

When Former Politicians Start Telling the Truth, Life On The Rock Now Getting Bizarre

I saw this posted on Zero Hedge. A politician telling the truth. Ain't that rich? After four years, people may begin to realize that government and bankers have been lying to them this entire time. The world insolvency. Here:

After Bailing Out Bank of America, The Bank's Latest Plan Is To Charge You For Using Your Own Money

Let's recap. Greedy bankers bankrupt America with liars loans. When the scheme goes Ponzi and they run out of loans and money- not only do they avoid going to jail, but they manage to avoid bankruptcy by plundering US taxpayers for billions. They socialize their losses. They have helped pitch the world into a depression. Their latest trick? They are going to take your money, give you nothing for depositing it with them, and then charge you 5 bucks a month to spend it. Everyone with a bank of America account should close it NOW. It is time to quit doing business with crooks.

We Are About To Find Out Whether Or Not ObamaCare Will Render the Constitution Useless, That's What This Is Really All About*Updated

I think because I was a lawman in Moonbat City for so long, I became acquainted with how the nanny left or as I like to call them- the statists think. Often, I think their hearts are in the right place. Unfortunately for all of us, they never think shit through. In a nutshell and quite simply, the statists believe that people must be regulated. That usually means regulated with regard to democratic and liberal platform subjects. Usually environmentalist causes. That trickles down to human rights, health issues, and money issues. That pretty much sums up what they are concerned about. The problem with the statist agenda is that it is remarkably inefficient, expensive, and it destroys free markets. It requires vigilance, oversight, and work- yet it is still terribly wasteful. Most importantly, we lose a ridiculous amount of money and freedom in the process. That is why statism is no longer tolerable and in fact- it is destroying our way of life. It is a disease that cures itself ultima

Being A Zombie Is Good Work- If You Can Get It

Great story. Government at it's zenith. Hanging on with the apocalypse theme.

Why I Am Rooting For the Mayan Apocalypse

I used to think that all men, particularly as they grew older, were given some DNA programming that said the world was going to hell in a hand basket. It is universal. No old man has ever said how great life is- at the end of his life. Nor do those old men say- the future of America is promising. This is why. Mark Zuckerberg killed a bison and ate some of it? This is what passes for news in America? Let me tell you a little something. Nobody cares whether Mark Zuckerberg kills bison and eats them. I don't find that story amusing, interesting, or anything else. I don't find anything particularly interesting about Zuckerberg either. Take a look at that dog he is holding. A fucking Bichon Frise. I think that is some sort of French sissy dog. What kind of a man has a dog like that? And while I am at it, I don't like Facebook either. I think Facebook is the biggest waste of time on the planet. I'll tell you h

North Carolina Governor Takes Complete Leave Of Her Senses, NC Voters Very Proud of Their Insightful Governor

Wow. The NC Governor is calling for a suspension of Congressional elections. That way the idiots in Washington can focus on our job problem instead of their re-election problems. I hope that every one of them has to go back to becoming shyster lawyers or whatever worthless shit they used to do after they get bounced out of office. Grease their bank accounts with private sector money instead of ours. When called on her shit- the Governors' spokesman said she was joking. Sure she was. A classic statement from the statists. You voters are stupid. We in government have all of the solutions. See how good we've been doing? Yea we noticed. That's why Congress has a 13% approval rate. The worst in history.  You cannot make this shit up.

Cuban Methusalah Calls Obama Speech "Gibberish"

Old man delivers some other opinions on "Obama's War."

Good Samaritan, Male, Points Out President's Similarities With the Anti-Christ...

...and gets thrown out of a fundraiser. This is not the tolerant, free speech loving left wing party that I've come to know and love. Not only did they label this poor sap a "heckler" but they interrupted him by chanting "four more years." Gawd help us. I'd rather vote for the heckler. "Hey, will some one give that guy an unemployment check and get him the hell out of here?"

The Fifth Moron

The story I'm about to tell you is true. I have no interest in making something like this up nor do I possess the requisite imagination to do so. This story taught me a very valuable lesson. It is not mathematically impossible for four morons, all in various walks of life, to find each other at approximately the same time on the same day. I have learned one other thing. Sometimes it is very difficult to avoid becoming the fifth moron. There are several people who read this blog that know this story. They were there along with me. I can only tell you my role in this because quite honestly, I was never interested in discussing this with the other parties involved. The other people involved in the Moonbat City Anthrax Incident did not think it was very funny. In fact, I believe, they would call my behavior unprofessional. To that allegation I would enter a plea of nolo contendere. I was the Chief of Police in Moonbat City during the weeks immediately following 09/11/20

Frankenstein Government: Now Changing The Modus Operandi

I have been writing here for a little over two years. I have posted 1000 items. I don't know about you but I am getting bored. I am tired of writing dry, factual pieces about crooked bankers, crooked government, economics. Honestly, that stuff is stifling me. I need something different. Life is a tragic comedy. People are nuts and they do some fantastically ridiculous and self centered shit. They control, they manipulate, they use weasel language and fear tactics to drive their points home. It is hard to ignore this insanity and in fact, I find it quite comedic. I want to take advantage of this. Writing humorous stuff takes a lot of creativity and time. That type of writing demands a lot of thought and observation. Writing funny stuff requires the right frame of mind and honestly it is hard to conjure up the right mood on a consistent basis. That's been my experience anyway. I have often wondered how the most humorous writers can write consistently funny stuff. McManus, Roy

Silver and Gold Markets Getting Slaughtered

I can't remember seeing more panic stricken and broken markets- than I've seen in the last three years. They all have one common denominator. Central bankers are manipulating everything in a battle to stay alive and to remain in power. These terrible times and broken markets are merely the symptoms of the brazen banker class which has ruined and destroyed the fabric of the world with excess credit. Greed. The Crimex hiked margin rates on gold, silver, and copper late last week- effective this week- which should just about wring every small investor out of those markets. Europeans and Asians are selling precious metals hand over fist as currencies and markets are plunging. Last week, I bought the dip and I am paying for that error. This week, I am going to wait for the blood letting and the carnage to stop and I am going to double or triple up. In fact, I had set a goal of how much of each metal I wanted to own. Based on this bloodbath, I am going to achieve those goals al

Ok, So He Smoked a Lot of Dope

I liked him anyway. When I first heard him...I had my whole life ahead of me. I saw this tune on YouTube, pulled the trigger, and suddenly it was like a time machine- transported me right back to my college dorm room. Wow.