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Friday, March 26, 2010

How Hard Can Filing Taxes Be?

The most ridiculous waste of time on the planet is filing taxes. Without a doubt. It is a relic and a shining example of just how fucked up government has become.

What makes it even more ridiculous is that there has been and always been- a simple cure. The flat tax. No deductions. With hold, not over with hold our money, and just keep it.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to go get some Federal tax forms and booklets. They are no longer at the library or the post office, that's too easy. You must go to the Federal Building instead. Upon entering the parking area, I was forced to give ID.

Upon entering the building, I had to get naked. Off came my boots, coat, belt, every piece of metal short of my fillings. It took me six attempts to get through the checkpoint. All of this so that I could go get some tax forms and pay the government my money.

It's kind of a "let's steal your money, waste your time, and make it as difficult as we possibly can" type of scenario. Another shining example of government gone wild. In a drunken stupor, I couldn't invent this insanity. And what worries me most; is that there are actually people who will defend this money sucking waste of time and energy.

Soon I will sit down and try to decipher just how bad this is going to get. I have about 5 different types of income this year and so I will need help just to file my numbers in the right boxes. It is a testament to the insanity of Americans that we simply don't stage a revolt over this ridiculous system. We have thousands upon thousands of pages of tax code, all remedied by a simple flat tax. Only in America can the government turn a simple act like paying taxes or boarding a plane into an ordeal. Stalin would be proud.