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The New Age Slavers

Ahh, corporate America. When I think of all the cultural de-evolutionary events in America, the one that really makes my blood boil is the one where corporate America demands that you get an education before they will hire you and then big business sets abut the task of exploiting those talents while subjecting you to every corporate cost cutting measure available to them. Every once in awhile, I fantasize about going back to school- not to submit to our current corporate culture but rather, because I like learning new things. Odd, huh? My sister went to college for that precise reason. She actually enjoyed learning new things. Last night, while doing a little research, I noted that the all in costs of a four year degree at little Carroll College in Montana were about 200 thousand dollars. I am in awe at those numbers. That's the cost of a 30 year mortgage before you ever prove your worth in the marketplace. Who would do that?  You take all of the risk, you pay all of