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When Civil Disobedience Becomes the Rage Again- The Sunday Collage

I never thought I'd see the day. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that living in a free USA was going to require the use of civil disobedience. But, I suppose it was inevitable. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. The people forget. Those in power always seem to think that history does not apply to them. The last few Presidents. The 112th and 113th Congress. On Friday, Congress passed a bill giving President Bush and Obama lifetime secret service protection. Interesting, isn't it? One wonders about the timing. Perhaps Obama has finally come to terms with the economic reality of his role and his predecessors' role in bankrupting our country. Planning and implementing secret service protection while he has support now- seems like a good idea before the next crisis when the public comes head hunting. Obama has already hired 16,000 additional IRS a

The Last Stand*Forcing Congress To Act

It should never have- come down to this. I've been working all week on the "Sunday Collage" which is about the importance of civil disobedience. Great courage created this country and only great courage will save it. We have become a nation of cowards, of sheep, and the sad reality that we probably don't deserve what we have. For those of you who believe "life ain't fair", I couldn't agree with you more. If the cowards got what they deserved- they wouldn't live here as free men. So today, I was working on the Sunday Collage when something Craig T. Nelson said once suddenly came back to me. At the end of this piece, I am going to embed the clip. There are two things wrong with the clip. The liberals will hate it because Nelson was on Glen Beck's show. The other problem with the clip- is that Nelson kind of goes to pieces and loses his train of thought as he is trying to explain why he doesn't want to pay taxes anymore. I th

One Simple Illustration Explains It All*Updated

*Update. If any of you cannot view the death spiral map below, would you please note it in the comments? I have it up on my comp but another reader said it wasn't visible. The states that are shaded- now have more people on some form of government assistance or welfare than are actually employed. This shows those states that are chock full of Democrats, statists, libs, and generally worthless bastards. It explains who voted for Obama. It illustrates those states that are either broke or taxing the hell out everything and everyone in sight- especially California, Illinois, New York. It also explains why the GOP is dead money. That's a shitload of electoral college votes- Circling the drain. Ok, I saved the illustration to my desktop- hopefully it shows up. Click to en biggen.

We Aren't Killing the Right People

I am simply not interested in trading insults with the statists on Huffington Post, usually. I've been making exceptions lately. Generally, I don't expect any level of genius or well thought out argument to win the day with people fairly accomplished at practicing the art of contempt prior to investigation. What can you possibly teach a group of people who made their minds up long ago? They support killing. They simply object to the methods. Let me illustrate this for you. We disagree on a fundamental point. The libs want to get rid of guns. I want to get rid of killing. It is not the basis of a strong argument to say, "We are against killing people with guns- instead- we prefer to do our killing in abortion clinics." Because you see- that is our right. So I become confused. So then I think, "Well maybe the problem is.. that we are simply not killing the right people." Maybe the liberals aren't opposed so much to killing as to who and how we

Obama's Mouth Writes a Check That His Ass Can't Cash

Ya know, I have had about all of the Obama rhetoric I can stomach. The most divisive leader in my life is about to make the biggest mistake of his life. Obama thinks he can  simply issue an executive order and ban guns. The greatest fools in the world are those who run their mouths and make ridiculous promises, painting themselves into a corner. Remember, this is the guy at the top of the Gunwalker scandal and Benghazi. The same guy dropping bombs from drones onto childrens' heads. Go ahead Obama, write your executive order- I dare ya. Molon labe.

Why Forming a Gold or Silver Cartel Makes Tremendous Sense

In a way, there would be no point in understanding history if in fact it did not repeat itself so often. In this latest round of bankers "screwing the pooch", I find myself asking, "why on earth are metals producers sitting idly by- willing to take whatever crumbs bankers give them for their product?" It's a real head scratcher when you think about it. Do I just sit passively by and hope that my captors, the bankers, are benevolent? Or do I take action designed to improve my position and survivability and screw the bankers? Who benefits the most from futures markets? The producers? I don't think so- not by a long shot. Several months ago, the great silver and gold investor, Eric Sprott, lit a light bulb over my head. Sprott was talking about silver producers and how they should hoard their product rather than bring it to market. Reduce supply and lift price. The problem of course and I will take it to the extreme, is this. Commodity markets and t

My Letter to Congress

Carnies, root canals, and colonoscopies are more popular than Congress. I published this letter publicly. The 112th and 113th Congress may be the worst bunch of politicians this country has ever had. To Whom This May Concern; I no longer have any delusions about whether or not any of you understand what selfless public service is. That was the type of public service that our founders envisioned and practiced. They didn't become engaged in public service to lie, cheat, and enrich themselves via public coffers. They didn't pay off bankers or crony capitalists by diverting money that was entrusted to them and that never belonged to them. Each of you should be ashamed of yourselves. The people of this country know we are bankrupt. We also know that you folks know that as well. Quit treating the American public like idiots. We know who's greasing who. I

Write Congress- One Link Here

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell these spineless cowards what I thought of them. Stand up and be counted.

Idiot Pays 2 Million for Dead Tuna, Solid Investment

Every once in awhile, I come across a news piece with a subject that is so incredibly stupid- that even I have to pause and catch my breath. This guy paid 1.76 million for a dead fish. Bluefin tuna. A delicacy, big deal. Seriously, you cannot make this shit up. For some strange reason, I just want to find this guy and kick his ass. Really.

No "BS" Today, Today We Talk About the Big Game*Updated

* Wow. Nothing like feeling like a moron. Notre Dame looked damn good until they started the game. Thank God this nasty snowstorm prevented me from going to Nevada and betting it. God looks out for fools and idiots. Bama 42- and Notre Dame 14. It was horrible right from the very beginning. Damn... I get tired of talking about crooked bankers, politicians, and zombie markets all the time. Thankfully, we have a wonderful distraction today. The Notre Dame v Alabama title tilt. Professional gamblers are those who derive a certain amount of income and not losses- from their gambling activities. That is my definition of professional gambling. It is hard to do this. For many years, I was able to make money gambling.  One of the problems with living in Boise and gambling is that mostly- it is illegal here. I try to do things legally. There are a number of my friends here who use local bookies. I don't do that mainly because I just don't care about gambling as passionately as

Mystic River and the Powder Alarm- The Sunday Collage

I think you are going to enjoy today's piece.  Before I posted this, I took a poll among my friends yesterday. The results of that poll were 0-6. Nobody had ever heard of the "powder alarm" and the events of 1774. What is even more interesting is how I came to know about it. It didn't happen in a classroom. Well, now that I think about it, maybe it did. The powder alarm had to do with King George III's efforts to suppress United States colonial activities before we peasants- became too unruly. It was the first attempt at gun control in the United States. Before we were the United States. For some odd reason, hardly anyone knows about the powder alarm. Maybe, our government educators didn't think it was important. It is interesting what is selected and taught to us in school. It's difficult to deny that you are only taught what your government controlled educators want to teach you. What better method of indoctrination is there than  controlling t