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Saturday, January 12, 2013

When Civil Disobedience Becomes the Rage Again- The Sunday Collage

I never thought I'd see the day. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that living in a free USA was going to require the use of civil disobedience. But, I suppose it was inevitable.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. The people forget. Those in power always seem to think that history does not apply to them. The last few Presidents. The 112th and 113th Congress.

On Friday, Congress passed a bill giving President Bush and Obama lifetime secret service protection. Interesting, isn't it? One wonders about the timing. Perhaps Obama has finally come to terms with the economic reality of his role and his predecessors' role in bankrupting our country. Planning and implementing secret service protection while he has support now- seems like a good idea before the next crisis when the public comes head hunting.

Obama has already hired 16,000 additional IRS agents and the government has been buying ammunition. They of course deny this and so the facts are in dispute. Stories like these abound right now or this one Now coincidentally- they want OUR guns.

Making school kids wear RFID tracking chips? Obama thinks he can nullify the Bill of Rights, specifically the 2nd amendment, by executive order?

How about circumventing debt ceiling talks entirely? That's what the Dems in Congress want Obama to do.

Obamacare? Shoving health care down our throats? RFID chips in passports? The Patriot Act and spying on Americans? Stealing taxpayer money and giving it to bankers? Ignoring the rule of law? Dropping bombs on kids from drones? Gunwalker, Benghazi, a Congress who can't pass an anti-spending bill.

How bad does this have to get? What will be the flashpoint?

Here is a comment I snitched from Zero Hedge on Thursday.

Quinvarius's picture
If they keep pushing this anti-gun stuff, a lot of people are just going to decide we are in a civil war.  They let the Fed print money to buy up all the housing we live in.  They let the Fed print money to give to their buddies, and devalued everyone elses savings in the process.  They spy on us.  They lie to us.  They claim authority over us no matter where we are.  They tax us endlessly while giving out freebies to people who will vote for them.  They are too incompetent to even figure out how to stop spending money.  They have no respect for the law.  They refuse to prosecute the biggest fraud cases teh planet has ever seen.  Now they think they are going to take away's people's guns?  At the very moment they seem the most insane, corrupt, and incompetent, they are going to try and disarm people.  It isn't going to happen that easy.  They need to be more careful.
For 25 years, I enforced the laws of this land. I was prepared to die for those beliefs and I watched as many did. I want you to understand what I am about to say- because I do not take it lightly.

What makes civil disobedience necessary? An oath to defend the Constitution, that's what.

Essentially, we have a lawless government. Perhaps not intentionally- but this is a group of people who have bankrupted the US treasury via crony capitalism. We are currently at a 103% debt to GDP ratio that by the end of the year will soar to 110%. Historically, countries do not return to economic health from debt beyond those levels.

And the only answer this rogue government ever finds- is more taxes. They are hoping and praying that some Deus Ex Machina miracle will happen- like a trillion dollar coin. The coin is an absolute testament to the insanity of our leaders. It should have been dismissed immediately- rather than floated for a couple of weeks as a solution. There will be no fireworks marking the end of our Republic. It will simply be a slow grind to insolvency marked by hikes in the debt ceiling. We will be spending just south of a 1/2 a trillion a year in interest. Bookmark the following link (I call it Debt for Dummies and I use it often while writing on Huffpo for reference)

We are out of time. We have three alternatives.

1. Do nothing and pray for a miracle.
2. Move to another country.
3. Take action, perhaps civil disobedience. (there are other, lethal actions)

I think you will like both of these quotes, I pasted them together because they seem so appropriate.

Martin Luther King Jr.
“I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Michel Templet
“If you're not going to use your free speech to criticize your own government, then what the hell is the point of having it?”
― Michel Templet

Doing nothing, apathy, is what landed us in this mess. Clearly the citizens' hands off approach toward our government isn't working- but this will continue to be the path of the apathetic, cowardly, and uninformed.

Moving to another country might be a solution- but it will not absolve you of your tax liabilities. The US government taxes all citizens, living abroad or not. You can renounce your citizenship. It appears a couple thousand people a year are doing that but I suspect most just leave and get visas. Renouncing your citizenship might allow you to escape taxes. If you are a retired military employee- you will lose your retirement if you renounce your citizenship. Here's some places where you can live well for 1500 a mo.

So if you don't want to continue being an over taxed sheep (1) or you don't want to be a resident of St Kitts(2)- that leaves option (3)- civil disobedience.

The only relationship any citizen of the US has with our government- is the one wherein the government is relying on you to give them your money. They do this via threats of force and imprisonment. Under normal circumstances, taking minimal amounts of money is normal and reasonable. Taxes are necessary. I have no complaint with my state (Idaho's) taxing structure. They balance their budgets and they do not over spend.

It is the Federal kleptocracy that I have a problem with.

For years government has labeled people who refuse to pay taxes- criminals, tax evaders. They want to dissuade sheep people from refusing to pay their taxes. They even pay rewards for people who snitch on each other. This is a desperate government. If they taxed fairly, there would be no need for snitches.

Here are some of the ridiculous tax rates of our crony capitalist system. Congress creates our tax code.

In one month, the charlatans who are running this country, Congress- are going to have another dog and pony show similar to the one that accomplished nothing in the summer of 2011. Remember that super committee nonsense? They are going to raise the debt ceiling again because they have to. They have no choice. They will come up with another form of gadgetry, not unlike the super committee, which will be sold as something new to the sheep. At some future point- that gadgetry will be discarded and abandoned just like the gadgetry of the super committee. The debt ceiling will be raised again if not abandoned entirely.

Or we can stop this madness now. Quit paying federal taxes. Take their unlimited credit card away until such time that they can behave like normal, rational people who produce budgets and adhere to them. Eliminating the FED would force government to go to citizens directly for money. Can you imagine having a say in how- your money was spent? That level of participation and freedom has not been available for 100 years in this country. The Federal Reserve Bank is the single most destructive force in America today. It allows the elected to escape the scrutiny of the the people. It is the ultimate loan shark. The Fed counterfeits and dilutes. It lies. It has ruined America.

Not in my wildest dreams, would I have ever said, that the time for civil disobedience is here. It is. Civil disobedience in the form of refusing to pay federal taxes. It may be the only method by which we can hope to force Congressional compliance with the debt issue. There is no magic coin, there is no Deus Ex Machina ending, there are no miracles. We have become debt slaves and we cannot escape by allowing a body of cowards to continue to mismanage the finances of this country.

This is not 1946. We lack the capacity, taxing power, and the jobs to come roaring back. We are swimming in a sea of debt with 70 years of inflation rot. Soaring health care costs with welfare and subsidy programs that were unheard of back in 1946.

The time for a tax revolt is now. There is no viable alternative. Interest slows for no man. A full 110% debt to GDP ration in 11 months awaits us.

Oddly, I don't expect much in terms of organized and deliberate civil disobedience. The citizens of the U.S. are apathetic, lazy, and uninvolved in their country. They are fearful. So were the citizens of America in 1774. Things went a little bit beyond civil disobedience back then. Maybe war can be averted but I doubt it. People always seem to forget.

I'm betting history repeats itself.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Last Stand*Forcing Congress To Act

It should never have- come down to this.

I've been working all week on the "Sunday Collage" which is about the importance of civil disobedience.

Great courage created this country and only great courage will save it. We have become a nation of cowards, of sheep, and the sad reality that we probably don't deserve what we have. For those of you who believe "life ain't fair", I couldn't agree with you more.

If the cowards got what they deserved- they wouldn't live here as free men.

So today, I was working on the Sunday Collage when something Craig T. Nelson said once suddenly came back to me. At the end of this piece, I am going to embed the clip. There are two things wrong with the clip. The liberals will hate it because Nelson was on Glen Beck's show. The other problem with the clip- is that Nelson kind of goes to pieces and loses his train of thought as he is trying to explain why he doesn't want to pay taxes anymore. I think the gravity of what he was saying on national television was actually causing him to pause, stutter, and re-consider what he was saying as he was saying it. He rambles around. I think the gist of what he was saying is obvious though. I am not sure how old the clip is now- maybe a few years.

Craig Nelson showed courage. Unfortunately- he could only say what he needed to on GOP time. That was a shame.

In a month or so, your Congress- filled to the brim with thieves and charlatans- are going to have the same debate they had in the middle of 2011. The charlatans are not stupid. They know they have economically ruined this country. So the game now- is trying to convince the minions that there is nothing wrong. They don't want you to know that we are completely bankrupt and insolvent. Congress is going to play their game in February and the vast majority of math challenged people in this country are going to go about their lives like nothing has happened. Those people- are the people who just don't care. The apathetic crowd. And often, they will tell you that with pride.

The cowards, or people who actually do know that we are about to economically implode, won't do anything either. They cower in fear at a government that will lock them up. Being a debt slave- is a better life than being locked up. That's how the cowards think.

The apathetic and the cowards always have one thing in common. Extreme self centeredness. As long as they get what they want- they don't care so much about anyone else. My generation, the boomers, bring self centeredness to a whole new, lofty, level. We are professionals.

If you want to force the charlatans of Congress to act on behalf of the American people- we have to take a stand NOW. What that means PRECISELY is that we have to quit paying federal taxes, en masse. Or sign a petition with a few million signatures on it stating our intentions. The only way to get Congress' attention is to take their credit card away. The United States pledges your work product in the form of taxes- to the countries who buy and hold our debt. That is their only collateral. A signature loan. By refusing to pay taxes, you are sending the message that you are no longer willing to fund this insanity. The party is over. There isn't going to be another 2.4 trillion added to the credit card. Countries with no jobs and debt to GDP ratio of at least 110% do not come back. This shit has to stop now.

Of course it will take courage. I will still pay my state taxes because state government actually behaves responsibly and produces a budget.

That is our only way out. The only power we have left. I don't really expect anything to come of this. The truth is, I haven't been expecting much out of anybody in this country for a long time.

And unfortunately, they haven't surprised me. Here's the Nelson clip.

One Simple Illustration Explains It All*Updated

*Update. If any of you cannot view the death spiral map below, would you please note it in the comments? I have it up on my comp but another reader said it wasn't visible.

The states that are shaded- now have more people on some form of government assistance or welfare than are actually employed.

This shows those states that are chock full of Democrats, statists, libs, and generally worthless bastards. It explains who voted for Obama. It illustrates those states that are either broke or taxing the hell out everything and everyone in sight- especially California, Illinois, New York. It also explains why the GOP is dead money. That's a shitload of electoral college votes-

Circling the drain. Ok, I saved the illustration to my desktop- hopefully it shows up. Click to en biggen.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We Aren't Killing the Right People

I am simply not interested in trading insults with the statists on Huffington Post, usually.

I've been making exceptions lately. Generally, I don't expect any level of genius or well thought out argument to win the day with people fairly accomplished at practicing the art of contempt prior to investigation. What can you possibly teach a group of people who made their minds up long ago? They support killing.

They simply object to the methods. Let me illustrate this for you.

We disagree on a fundamental point. The libs want to get rid of guns. I want to get rid of killing.

It is not the basis of a strong argument to say, "We are against killing people with guns- instead- we prefer to do our killing in abortion clinics." Because you see- that is our right.

So I become confused.

So then I think, "Well maybe the problem is.. that we are simply not killing the right people." Maybe the liberals aren't opposed so much to killing as to who and how we do it. Maybe if we get their approval first- we can then at least agree on who and how we kill people.

It's ok to kill the unborn in clinics, it's ok to drop bombs on kids in Pakistan, it's ok to let our men die in Benghazi... but somehow the liberal community feels offended when a mentally ill psychopath takes a gun to our children.

Just what kind of killing is it that we tolerate- and what is it that we don't tolerate? Must I ask a liberal first? How are the rest of us supposed to know?

The statist response to deranged people with guns is always the same, old, predictable one. Let's outlaw the symptoms. Forget the patient. Somewhere down the road, the new psychopath will then run into the school and slash the throats of your kids or blow them up with a bomb. Or make guns on his own. I got a news flash for you people. There are machinists and gunsmiths out here- who make their own guns.

Many statists employ that same misguided thought process that Steve Martin uses in "The Jerk." Here's how it works.

So maybe, it's really just the methods that the statists object to. Maybe in some clinical environment with surgical tools, killing is ok. Maybe dropping bombs on some kid in the middle east is ok, or letting some would be heroes, retired navy seals and a diplomat or two get killed over a 7 hour period while the cabinet watches via a drone. Maybe that's ok, too. I mean, they knew the risks, didn't they? Maybe that's what we do- we rationalize.

We rationalize that unborn fetuses aren't really people. We rationalize that unknown Pakistani kids aren't people we know thankfully- and unfortunately they are simply the victims of "bad luck." Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Diplomats and good samaritans- have nobody but themselves to blame. Normal acting folks would have gotten the hell out of there. Saved their own skins. So in some odd sense- the left rationalizes that all away.

But unarmed 8 year olds? That's pretty hard to rationalize isn't it? We can't find an excuse for that kind of behavior. Killing non fetuses- kids with actual names and faces. Toddlers and children who we must come face to face with. The faces of their parents, the faces of great anguish and sorrow. It pulls at us because we know we can't rationalize it away. We can't find a way to let it go. We gotta aim for the easiest thing to blame. Guns.

That's why they tolerate all of that other killing. Because tools, bombs, and guns in the hands of foreign terrorists don't have anything to do with the real agenda. Let's get those guns from those Bible thumping, pro-life, God fearing hicks. We won. They didn't.

I actually had a liberal friend of mine admonish me at great length one time for spending a lifetime carrying a gun. When a state trooper friend of mine was shot and paralyzed, my liberal friend said "What did he expect?"

That's when you know it's time to get out of the business. Dying in some gutter for the likes of her, somehow, didn't seem too appealing to me anymore.

We have a problem or two in this country. We live these unexamined lives. We examine other peoples' conduct while never looking at our own. We always think that somehow we are fine- it's those other people that act stupid. We judge others on their actions, we judge ourselves on our intentions. In addition to leading these unconscious and unexamined lives of untruthfulness- we have a spiritual problem. We don't know how to live correctly. We haven't figured out that it's not ok to kill people anywhere, anytime. What's worse is that we see no reason to stop, and we see no need to set an example. Our leaders like killing people- clearly they do- because they keep doing it. We are like the boss who tells his employees not to put their feet up on the desk- while his feet are up on the desk.

You can't just run around the world, here or there, killing people indiscriminately and then shout from the roof tops about how you are morally superior. America it seems, is not so credible.

We have lost our way and from what I've been able to discern thus far, I wouldn't bet the farm on us finding our way out of here anytime soon. Now if you'll excuse me- I got some brainiacs over at Huffpo I gotta take care of.

Obama's Mouth Writes a Check That His Ass Can't Cash

Ya know, I have had about all of the Obama rhetoric I can stomach.

The most divisive leader in my life is about to make the biggest mistake of his life. Obama thinks he can  simply issue an executive order and ban guns.

The greatest fools in the world are those who run their mouths and make ridiculous promises, painting themselves into a corner.

Remember, this is the guy at the top of the Gunwalker scandal and Benghazi. The same guy dropping bombs from drones onto childrens' heads.

Go ahead Obama, write your executive order- I dare ya. Molon labe.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why Forming a Gold or Silver Cartel Makes Tremendous Sense

In a way, there would be no point in understanding history if in fact it did not repeat itself so often. In this latest round of bankers "screwing the pooch", I find myself asking, "why on earth are metals producers sitting idly by- willing to take whatever crumbs bankers give them for their product?" It's a real head scratcher when you think about it. Do I just sit passively by and hope that my captors, the bankers, are benevolent? Or do I take action designed to improve my position and survivability and screw the bankers?

Who benefits the most from futures markets? The producers? I don't think so- not by a long shot.

Several months ago, the great silver and gold investor, Eric Sprott, lit a light bulb over my head. Sprott was talking about silver producers and how they should hoard their product rather than bring it to market.

Reduce supply and lift price. The problem of course and I will take it to the extreme, is this. Commodity markets and the underlying supply of any given commodity are manipulated by futures to such an extent- that players never take delivery of the underlying commodity. Futures bets are almost always settled in cash. 

You wonder if there were only one ounce of silver left in the world, if bankers would continue to trade millions of ounces- all re-hypothecated on that last remaining ounce of silver. Of course that is a little ridiculous and far fetched- but not entirely insane. Any one who calculates worldwide production of silver or gold- realizes that this is not such a ridiculous proposition. Contracts, with amounts totaling well beyond known annual worldwide production, are traded monthly.

It is a bankers fantasy. To make tremendous amounts of money by leveraging and manipulating a market with no actual need to ever- fully produce any significant quantity of the underlying commodity.

That is the whole principle behind banking. Loaning money on assets you don't actually possess. They call that fractional banking. You only possess a fraction of what you have loaned out.
Of course that scheme goes to hell during a bank run when bankers are forced to produce ALL of their deposits to satisfy customer demand. They don't have them. 

The same holds true for precious metals. If all the players holding contracts stood for delivery at the delivery date- the sellers couldn't produce the corresponding amount. So...

Why would you sell your product into a market that manipulates the price? Why sell your product at all? Why not just store silver and gold as you produce it? The problem of course is that your competitors will benefit from rising prices while your product is stored and you still need operating capital. Unless... you limit available supply and...

I've been mulling the idea over for weeks. I think all of the necessary ingredients are there. The world needs a real store of value and wealth. Miners have it. In fact, the world is going to come calling soon because the bankers have screwed the pooch. There's just not enough precious gems or artwork to go around...and if I owned a mine I'll be damned if I would give away my product on the cheap.

The oil producers figured this out long ago.

The FED has diluted the petro dollar and OPEC simply raises the price of oil. Everyone benefits except consumers. The villain ain't OPEC. Imagine the poor saps that are forced to buy our worthless dollar, with their even more worthless euros, to buy oil. No wonder the world hates us. We steal oil, export inflation, and kill a few people here and there.

I think the world of fiat money gets murdered when precious metals producers finally refuse to participate in crooked and rigged markets. Real price discovery would happen. The dollar would get crushed.

At any rate, I don't think there are that many big producers of precious metals. Worldwide, maybe 30 or so giant miners probably control 75% of all production. That is just a wild ass guess. The smaller producers would benefit whether they were in or out. You might even bring in countries that keep production quiet- countries like China. Thirty or so big miners is not such an unwieldy amount that they could not agree on production quotas knowing full well that sooner or later, people have to come calling. Their product is the only recognized money. Recognized for thousands of years. There would be no benefit in knowing history if you couldn't capitalize on it.

I'd hate to miss an opportunity like that.   


Monday, January 7, 2013

My Letter to Congress

Carnies, root canals, and colonoscopies are more popular than Congress.

I published this letter publicly. The 112th and 113th Congress may be the worst bunch of politicians this country has ever had.

To Whom This May Concern;

I no longer have any delusions about whether or not any of you understand
what selfless public service is. That was the type of public service that
our founders envisioned and practiced.

They didn't become engaged in public service to lie, cheat, and enrich
themselves via public coffers. They didn't pay off bankers or crony
capitalists by diverting money that was entrusted to them and that never
belonged to them.

Each of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

The people of this country know we are bankrupt. We also know that you
folks know that as well. Quit treating the American public like idiots. We
know who's greasing who.

I keep thinking that some of you will attempt to do the right thing- to
engage in campaign reform, term limits, or at least attempt to do
something on behalf of the American taxpaying public. Like maybe enforcing
the rule of law on thousands of bankers who committed control fraud and
bankrupted this country. But you don't.

You are cowards. You lack courage and strength of character. You are not
worthy to call yourself Americans. You have become greedy little parasites
who can't tell right from wrong. This will all end badly and rest assured-
that it was your job to fix it and you failed.

I only pray that history remembers each and every one of you.

Write Congress- One Link Here

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell these spineless cowards what I thought of them.

Stand up and be counted.

Idiot Pays 2 Million for Dead Tuna, Solid Investment

Every once in awhile, I come across a news piece with a subject that is so incredibly stupid- that even I have to pause and catch my breath.

This guy paid 1.76 million for a dead fish. Bluefin tuna. A delicacy, big deal.

Seriously, you cannot make this shit up. For some strange reason, I just want to find this guy and kick his ass. Really.

No "BS" Today, Today We Talk About the Big Game*Updated

* Wow. Nothing like feeling like a moron. Notre Dame looked damn good until they started the game. Thank God this nasty snowstorm prevented me from going to Nevada and betting it. God looks out for fools and idiots.

Bama 42- and Notre Dame 14. It was horrible right from the very beginning.

Damn... I get tired of talking about crooked bankers, politicians, and zombie markets all the time. Thankfully, we have a wonderful distraction today. The Notre Dame v Alabama title tilt.

Professional gamblers are those who derive a certain amount of income and not losses- from their gambling activities. That is my definition of professional gambling. It is hard to do this.

For many years, I was able to make money gambling.  One of the problems with living in Boise and gambling is that mostly- it is illegal here. I try to do things legally. There are a number of my friends here who use local bookies. I don't do that mainly because I just don't care about gambling as passionately as I once did.

They have a saying in horse racing. You can beat a race, but you cannot beat the races. That is true in every gambling endeavor. You must pick your spots. You certainly cannot play every hand you are dealt in poker, you cannot play every horse race, and you cannot bet every game. Doing so would have you bankrupt- post haste. So you carve out a niche or two, angles that you like, and then you wait for the opportunity to exploit your angles. Which brings us to tonite's game. One of the best gambling opportunities of the year. I am going to break it down for you.

Tonight Alabama is a 9.5 or 10 point favorite against Notre Game (my name) in the NCAA Championship.

Alabama hails from the mighty SEC. The SEC is currently an over rated football conference. It is hard to argue that the best football teams have consistently come from the south simply because they tend to have better and stronger athletes. However, with today's recruiting efforts, a lot of that talent gets recruited elsewhere. I think their talent pool has been depleted. That curve has been flattening out slowly over time. 

I am going to talk schedule strength and intangibles here. But first a little math. I am also going to disclose an angle that has almost always guaranteed betting success. 

Only about 32% of ten point spreads (double digit) or better are covered by the favorite. Sometimes teams don't even score ten points. Never ever take a double digit favorite when there is a remote possibility of two good defenses showing up. I learned that lesson the hard way. I only take double digit favorites when there is at least one terrible or non existent defense, a fair amount of offense, or when one team has thrown in the towel on the season. If all three of those things present, I will consider taking a fav and giving up the points. Mostly I just refuse to bet favorites with double digit spreads. I actually look for good dogs in those situations.

That makes Notre Dame a huge favorite to cover this spread.

Secondly, let's talk schedule strength. Notre Dame played 5 or 6 ranked opponents this year. They had a horribly tough schedule. They remained undefeated. Alabama had kind of a cupcake schedule. They played a lot of marginal teams. They lost to a Texas A and M team- although that team has turned out to be much better team than I originally thought. 

Again the edge goes to Notre Dame.

The two intangibles that make Notre Dame a must bet. Notre Dame finds a way to win. I saw that in the Pittsburgh game. Notre Dame should have lost that game. I think they have better athleticism which will make them more adaptable to varying circumstances.

My favorite angle? Never ever insult an undefeated team- a team that has played a horribly tough schedule- by hanging such a big losing number around their necks. That pisses teams off. It motivates them. They have nothing to lose.

Huge edge- Notre Dame

The bet.

I give Notre Dame an 85 to 90% chance of covering the spread. I give them a 55% chance to win the game out right. Under these conditions, I make two bets.

I start with one thousand. I bet 770 dollars on the spread. Winning that bet returns the bet plus 700 for a total of 1470.

I take the other 200 and bet it on the money line at +270. Each hundred gets 270 or 540 total plus your bet back for a total of 740. 

With the other 30, I would buy a nice steak and watch the game. Rib eye, medium.

Hit both bets and make 2210 dollars. Hit the spread only and you still net win 470. 

One last thing. I absolutely love this game in terms of gambling and as a fantastic game to watch. If it weren't snowing here today and I could zip down to Reno- you can bet your ass I'd have this game covered exactly the way I have described here. I can hardly wait to see it.



Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mystic River and the Powder Alarm- The Sunday Collage

I think you are going to enjoy today's piece. 

Before I posted this, I took a poll among my friends yesterday. The results of that poll were 0-6. Nobody had ever heard of the "powder alarm" and the events of 1774. What is even more interesting is how I came to know about it. It didn't happen in a classroom. Well, now that I think about it, maybe it did.

The powder alarm had to do with King George III's efforts to suppress United States colonial activities before we peasants- became too unruly. It was the first attempt at gun control in the United States. Before we were the United States.

For some odd reason, hardly anyone knows about the powder alarm. Maybe, our government educators didn't think it was important.

It is interesting what is selected and taught to us in school. It's difficult to deny that you are only taught what your government controlled educators want to teach you. What better method of indoctrination is there than  controlling the material and dialogue you teach to impressionable young minds? I can think of one silly video I remember to this very day. It was called "reefer madness." In that video, the producers tried to convince students that if we smoked pot or used other drugs we would jump off of buildings. Today, it is widely recognized as propaganda.

Trying to scare people by lying to them- is not exactly a road map for success. In fact, it backfires.

Somewhere, somehow, I began to develop critical thinking skills. I began to suspect that my government controlled education might be more than just random chance. It dawned on me, that it might be quite possible, to teach people only what you want them to know- for the good of the state. Who approves classroom curricula and text books? Some government educated sap, that's who.

This is especially true of history. It is told by the winners and oppressors. Today media practices the same methods. They protect their masters. Media broadcasts half truths and omits inconvenient truths. They tell only that side of the news that advances their agenda. Why is it so far fetched to think that your government controlled educators- don't do the same thing?

Could it be possible that this is the reason why our students don't know anything about the Federal Reserve, the origins of the central bank or who owns it? They know nothing about a currency system which is based entirely on expanding debt and fleecing the minions. By the way, if you don't know who or what a minion is- you are one.

I think Einstein said it best. If you know what compounding interest is, you charge it. If you don't know what compounding interest is- you pay it.

But today's rant isn't about the Federal Reserve. Today's topic is about the powder alarm of 1774. You may not know about the "powder alarm" because our schools don't teach it. Oh sure, they'll tell you about tax revolts and the Boston Tea party and you might even recall some of that. The part they leave out of those texts- is the gun control part. You see back in 1774, the King was broke and he had every intention of taxing the hell out of us. (Not unlike our government masters today) There was a problem with that plan though. Our population was armed and we weren't about to turn our money over to a thieving Monarch who couldn't manage his budget. So it was, that we had superior numbers and a lot of firearms. But we needed gunpowder. So the King's men floated down Mystic River and stole some gunpowder. That action tipped the King's hand. That was the provocation the colonists needed. 

In the end, it didn't work out too well for King George III.

Now I might never have heard of the "powder alarm" had it not been told to me by someone who had been educated at home, outside the mainstream channels, rather than the usual government instructors. Had I not listened and noted it, I would not have been able to pass the significance of this story on. Nobody listens to this guy because he doesn't have a government education. People do not find him "credible." Fortunately, I do not number among them.

Today in this country, the liberal left controls the agenda and they control the dialogue. As the shooting fatalities mount, the predictable and knee jerk reaction is always the same. Gun control. It is at a fever pitch. I have never seen it worse than it is now. Government it seems- has found itself a new agenda.
But King George III tipped government's hand long ago.

The Powder House

The people who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Fortunately, a few of us escape.

The reason the 2nd Amendment exists is simple. It wasn't placed there so that we could all go out and shoot a deer every year or trap shoot down at the club. The framers did not place it in the Bill of Rights to ensure that future psychopaths could access handguns and kill people. The second amendment is there because of one reason only- to ensure that never again would free men in this country be subject to the tyranny of a King or a government that enslaves it's people. The right to bear arms exists so that free men could put up a fight or take back their country if need be. That had been the history up until that point and still is. History is about to give us another encore performance.

The framers knew that. As it turns out, I don't think their concerns were too far fetched.

Looking back, I can't help but think that government taught me only what it wanted to teach me. Half truths, a Gulf of Tonkin here, I didn't inhale there. Government wants me to believe that it is this benevolent dictator- with only my pure interests at heart. I know this is not true. This indoctrination occurs at schools and college campuses everywhere from coast to coast. Thankfully, it does not occur among the home schooled to the extent government does not control that curricula. There are many people who believe that government is the answer to everything. One day, we may be arguing that point at the end of a gun barrel.

The battle lines are being drawn. I shall leave you today with a cluster bomb of quotes. All of them prescient, all of them by men far more intelligent than the "leaders" we produce today. Proof positive that the framers knew- how all of this might turn out.