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The Atheist's Song- The Sunday Collage

"Without God, all things become permissible." -The Brothers Karamazov Happy Easter to the three people who still read this thing once in awhile. It is Easter eve. Easter is an important holiday in my family which always marked the arrival of spring. It also marked the one day you must absolutely attend church. Easter was for my mom. Always there was dinner afterwards. Unfortunately, there are a significant amount of people that don't believe in God. I'm ok with that just as long as they don't ridicule or berate my beliefs. If folks cross that line, well things tend to get ugly and animated quickly.  For many years I struggled with the concept of God. I read books, I talked to people, pastors, priests. I discovered that the Vatican had removed books from the Bible in the grand editing process that they employ. And then, through a series of sobering events, I came to believe. It started in my 47th year.  It began with forgiveness. How could a man, charged with some