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FG Board Meeting, Commenters, The Weekly Wrap up

The Frankenstein Government annual board meeting was this past Wednesday. All board members, me, were present and accounted for. Here are some of the highlights. Year over year revenue was flat. Sales were steady. Advertising revenue remained non existent just the way we like it here. There was some discussion about advertising. The CEO said fuck it. There was also some talk about a tip jar. The CEO said only bums use tip jars. The meeting lasted 12 minutes and then I made a motion to end the meeting. The motion was seconded by myself and the motion carried. I adjourned to the racetrack by 11 a.m., got a form, and settled in for some gambling. For some unknown reason, I cannot comment in the comment box under my blogs. This is probably because I am an idiot and I lack any kind of computer savvy. I should also tell you that I read all comments and I am very impressed by the level of intelligence here at Frankenstein Government. I only have one commenter giving me grief and we will s

The Brainwashing of the American Voter

Our two party political system is not the big conundrum that many believe that it is. co·nun·drum /kəˈnəndrəm/ Noun: A confusing and difficult problem or question. A question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle. There comes a time in every person's life when they should ask themselves, "Am I part of the solution or am I part of the problem?" For the vast majority of Americans, not only do they fail to stop and consider that concept, but they fail to fully understand how to become a part of the solution. I am approaching my 9th campaign cycle...cycles in which I was eligible to vote. Perhaps the simplest way to state this problem or dilemma is through the use of a metaphor. I am a 17 year old pregnant girl living at home. My boyfriend beats me and my father is angry and beats me also. Which man do I stay with? {Play jeopardy tune} The correct answer is neither. Do you agree? If you do, congratulations, you have arrived

BYU Snatches Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

I have learned a lot about Boise State football this year. Last night I settled in for the BYU vs. Boise State game. Every year if you watch enough football, you are going to witness a serious clunker. Last night was clunker night. Two really good defenses squared off against two pretty horrible offenses. When you put all of that in the blender, you wind up with a 7-6 final score.  For years, Boise State fans have been spoiled. We are not used to horrible offense. We have high scoring teams. Not this year. We are however, used to crappy kicking games- and so both our punter and our place kicker's terrible performances were par for the course. Only one field goal attempt which missed- and some of the ugliest and short punts I have seen all year. But the most shocking thing last night were the coaching decisions. I can't remember how many times Coach Pete went for a first down or a score on fourth down and failed. At least four times. The clincher came when BSU recovered

This Is Gary Johnson

No elitists for me. I am voting well or not at all. This is Gary Johnson.

Please Don't Tell Mom I Am A Pollster, She Thinks I Am A Piano Player In A Whorehouse

Every election cycle, there they are. The polls. People who make their living by "polling" other people and asking them their opinion. It is one of the most inefficient intelligence gathering methods that we employ- easily manipulated- and even if polls were accurate which they are not, they are of dubious value anyway. If we removed polls, just completely got rid of them altogether and forgot that they ever existed, would we miss them? That is the standard for judging whether something has value or not. If I remove it from my life- does my life change? I see bloggers every day- talking about polls like they actually mean something. Or getting all lathered up when pollsters manipulate demographics to get the results that they want. Psst, newsflash here. People have been lying and manipulating information since the cave days. Does anyone really think that there is this giant pool of voters, who haven't made up their minds yet, who are going to be swayed at the last

Jesse Ventura Tells It Like It Is

The aristocracy wants you to vote. Obama or Obama lite. Ventura tells it like it is.

Our Country's Aristocracy Gave You Two Choices, Now Shut Up and Vote For One

We don't care who you pick. We run this place. So shut up and vote. -The management One is a sociopathic liar who has accomplished nothing but verbal vomit and lots of golf and vacations. The other is an elitist. A member of this country's aristocracy. A silver spoon fed- rich kid who found all the best schools while avoiding the public service of Vietnam. He represents the working class. Meh. My ass. A self serving banker. Same as it's always been. Maybe this will open your eyes. This year- tell the aristocracy to screw themselves. Vote well or not at all. Gary Johnson.

Only A Complete Idiot Would Miss the Opportunity of a Lifetime

I giggle every time I see Obama campaigning. He reminds me of a desperate little man, a failure, who is still trying to cling to relevancy. He wouldn't even have to campaign at all- had he not missed the opportunity of a lifetime. And they say this guy is smart. I don't think so. Let me tell you why. The most significant thing that separates great Republics from banana Republics is the rule of law. That's it. Our willingness to protect and preserve law at all costs has made this country great. When people, even a minority, are all protected from the majority- they are safe. The greatness of a country, of a Republic then, is the willingness to protect everyone within your borders with established law and practice. Even the minorities. And conversely, abandoning the rule of law, allows anarchy to take hold and flourish. It allows the haves to oppress the have nots. That is what is happening here in America. Either the rule of law matters, or it does not. The law did no