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Friday, September 21, 2012

FG Board Meeting, Commenters, The Weekly Wrap up

The Frankenstein Government annual board meeting was this past Wednesday. All board members, me, were present and accounted for. Here are some of the highlights.

Year over year revenue was flat. Sales were steady. Advertising revenue remained non existent just the way we like it here. There was some discussion about advertising. The CEO said fuck it. There was also some talk about a tip jar. The CEO said only bums use tip jars. The meeting lasted 12 minutes and then I made a motion to end the meeting. The motion was seconded by myself and the motion carried. I adjourned to the racetrack by 11 a.m., got a form, and settled in for some gambling.

For some unknown reason, I cannot comment in the comment box under my blogs. This is probably because I am an idiot and I lack any kind of computer savvy. I should also tell you that I read all comments and I am very impressed by the level of intelligence here at Frankenstein Government. I only have one commenter giving me grief and we will settle that at my mother's home this Christmas.
At any rate, I wanted to say thank you to all of my readers and people who take the time to comment.  Oh and btw...

I loved both comments under "At Least I Tried." One by Fredd was well stuck and true. The second one was a story that struck home with me and reminded me of the dysfunction of local government. I learned to hate government by working in government. I dwelled in similar dysfunction for 25 years. Thank you once again.

I still have not had to resort to embedding photos of near naked and naked women to get hits. I've been running at about 35k hits a month. I am keeping all options on the table in case my writing continues to suck. Often, I wish the Fabulous 50 had a best Libertarian blog. But they'd probably give the blue ribbon to that Ron Paul site anyway.

I had a fantastic non working week. I got everything done that I needed to do. I played golf with dad on Tuesday. I won more money at the racetrack in 4 hours than I made working for an entire month. My aunt and uncle were in town until this morning and tomorrow morning I am leaving for Portland. I think I already have a new job but I'm not sure I want the hassle. I may pass. I am taking most of October off to go to New Orleans and then the annual hunting trip in North Dakota. I have a full plate here. In addition to being the CEO of FG I am also the foreign correspondent. I will bring you bizarre stories of crawdad eating (I suck the heads) and maybe some pheasant killing from up north. Some bizarre shit always happens when we hunt.

I am trying to avoid any talk of Obama and Obama lite. There will be plenty around Halloween.

So that's it. I gotta tell you I do not miss working. Screwing off is great work when you can get it-especially when those double digit long shots fill your trifecta boxes.   

The Brainwashing of the American Voter

Our two party political system is not the big conundrum that many believe that it is.


  1. A confusing and difficult problem or question.
  2. A question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle.

There comes a time in every person's life when they should ask themselves, "Am I part of the solution or am I part of the problem?" For the vast majority of Americans, not only do they fail to stop and consider that concept, but they fail to fully understand how to become a part of the solution.

I am approaching my 9th campaign cycle...cycles in which I was eligible to vote.

Perhaps the simplest way to state this problem or dilemma is through the use of a metaphor. I am a 17 year old pregnant girl living at home. My boyfriend beats me and my father is angry and beats me also. Which man do I stay with? {Play jeopardy tune}

The correct answer is neither. Do you agree? If you do, congratulations, you have arrived at the solution. The safest course of action, given the facts, is to remove both men from your life.

We have an entire culture built upon the idea that we MUST select a candidate from one of our two morally corrupt and monopolistic political parties. Time and time again, commenters and emailers- citizens in general- implore each other to vote for one of these two sadistic men. Well, maybe your dad beats you but at least he provides shelter. I'd stay with him instead of that worthless boyfriend.

And so it goes... and so you do. And yet, we know that selecting one of these two men is not the solution. Why then- do we continue to do it? Why do we keep selecting one of two shitty candidates thinking that we will achieve a different result?

We are dumb shits, that's why. We are just as dumb as the two parties that run this country think we are. We are all 17 year old pregnant girls that think we are stuck with one of these two men. And I think the parties have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt- that this is true. We do it every two years. Over and over again. Now if you can accept the fact that you are an idiot- then there is a chance you can actually land on the solution and extract yourself from this idiot cycle.

How is it possible that we have an entire culture, an entire media empire, and an entire chorus of well educated people still practicing this concept of selecting one violent man because the other choice is even worse?

We have been brainwashed into thinking that any vote not cast for one of these two candidates is a "wasted" vote- when in fact- the only wasted votes are the ones we cast for the men who continue to beat us.

It's not a conundrum. We know what the solution is.

This year, like last year, I am going to vote for the Libertarian candidate. This is what I will get. I am virtually guaranteed that the rich and elite did not select my candidate to continue their status quo tax system that allows them to keep all of their wealth while stripping me of mine.

I will not be voting for the clown prince of golf who seems content to destroy the U.S. by putting the Cloward-Piven welfare strategy into play and destroying our way of life.

I will not be voting for a silver spooned member of the aristocracy who has five mansions. This is a guy who views the White House like it was a HUD home. Check out all five homes here, the article says six but it is wrong. He doesn't represent my values.

Most importantly- I have escaped the life long brainwashing that still has so many people firmly in it's grasp. I became part of the solution prior to the last election. In fact, many voters including the hard hit black demographic, are talking about staying home on Nov. 6. I understand that actually. They will not be doing any harm by refusing to vote for a communist or an aristocrat. They are voting well or not at all. But it would sure be nice to see Gary Johnson get a few extra votes.

One last thing. I don't want to hear one more brainwashed commenter tell me how to vote and why. I understand you fear another Obama term. Obama is not the enemy. Our "two party"system is the problem. I am not the slightest bit interested in voting for either party or either of these two terrible candidates- up to and including this.

If I knew I was casting the one tie breaking and thus winning vote (which of course is not possible) for the communist or the aristocrat- I wouldn't. I would still vote for Johnson.

Some of us have figured out the solution. We don't support abusers or a system so completely broken that only an idiot would continue to support it. Vote well or not at all. 



BYU Snatches Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

I have learned a lot about Boise State football this year.

Last night I settled in for the BYU vs. Boise State game. Every year if you watch enough football, you are going to witness a serious clunker. Last night was clunker night.

Two really good defenses squared off against two pretty horrible offenses. When you put all of that in the blender, you wind up with a 7-6 final score. 

For years, Boise State fans have been spoiled. We are not used to horrible offense. We have high scoring teams. Not this year. We are however, used to crappy kicking games- and so both our punter and our place kicker's terrible performances were par for the course. Only one field goal attempt which missed- and some of the ugliest and short punts I have seen all year.

But the most shocking thing last night were the coaching decisions. I can't remember how many times Coach Pete went for a first down or a score on fourth down and failed. At least four times. The clincher came when BSU recovered a fumble on their very own one yard line- and then failed to get it in the end zone after four attempts- at that moment I knew this was going to be a long ass season.

As bad as Coach Pete's decision making was- BYU's Coach Mendenhall's judgement was even worse. After putting their back up quarterback in and watching him shred BSU's defense- he led BYU in for a very late score. Then BYU went for 2. Coach Pete's terrible decision making was apparently contagious- and it was nice of Mendenhall to reciprocate all of those shitty decisions of Coach Pete's with one of his own. The BYU attempt failed. If they had simply kicked the point after, tied the game, I think they would have easily won. BYU's defense was better and the new quarterback had obviously "kick started" his team. 

I watch a lot of football. Like any hard core fan, like those in Vegas, sometimes you just gotta scratch your head and say, "what the hell were they thinking?" Did they have too much wine with dinner? 

Boise State, ranked 25, is going to drop right out of the top 25. That was a horrible performance Thursday night. We had no business winning that game. It was like a race to the the bottom and BYU Coach Mendenhall, at the last moment, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. He arrived at the bottom first.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This Is Gary Johnson

No elitists for me. I am voting well or not at all.

This is Gary Johnson.

Please Don't Tell Mom I Am A Pollster, She Thinks I Am A Piano Player In A Whorehouse

Every election cycle, there they are. The polls. People who make their living by "polling" other people and asking them their opinion. It is one of the most inefficient intelligence gathering methods that we employ- easily manipulated- and even if polls were accurate which they are not, they are of dubious value anyway.

If we removed polls, just completely got rid of them altogether and forgot that they ever existed, would we miss them? That is the standard for judging whether something has value or not. If I remove it from my life- does my life change?

I see bloggers every day- talking about polls like they actually mean something. Or getting all lathered up when pollsters manipulate demographics to get the results that they want.

Psst, newsflash here. People have been lying and manipulating information since the cave days.

Does anyone really think that there is this giant pool of voters, who haven't made up their minds yet, who are going to be swayed at the last minute because of some new tidbit of information? A giant bloc of secretive voters who unbeknownst to the general public are going to decide the election?

Not hardly.

Polls are like the official gossip of our country. Gossipers love to hear the latest piece of information first. That way they can feel good about themselves as they go about telling uninformed people things they don't already know. They feel valued by their target audience that way. I knew a couple of folks like that. 

If I am ever at a party sometime and someone introduces themselves as a pollster, let's say for Rasmussen, I am gonna puff out my chest and proudly announce that I am a piano player in a whorehouse. I can feel good about myself. I am doing something useful with my life.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jesse Ventura Tells It Like It Is

The aristocracy wants you to vote. Obama or Obama lite. Ventura tells it like it is.

Our Country's Aristocracy Gave You Two Choices, Now Shut Up and Vote For One

We don't care who you pick. We run this place. So shut up and vote.
-The management

One is a sociopathic liar who has accomplished nothing but verbal vomit and lots of golf and vacations.

The other is an elitist. A member of this country's aristocracy. A silver spoon fed- rich kid who found all the best schools while avoiding the public service of Vietnam. He represents the working class. Meh.

My ass.

A self serving banker. Same as it's always been. Maybe this will open your eyes.

This year- tell the aristocracy to screw themselves. Vote well or not at all. Gary Johnson.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Only A Complete Idiot Would Miss the Opportunity of a Lifetime

I giggle every time I see Obama campaigning. He reminds me of a desperate little man, a failure, who is still trying to cling to relevancy. He wouldn't even have to campaign at all- had he not missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

And they say this guy is smart. I don't think so. Let me tell you why.

The most significant thing that separates great Republics from banana Republics is the rule of law. That's it. Our willingness to protect and preserve law at all costs has made this country great.
When people, even a minority, are all protected from the majority- they are safe. The greatness of a country, of a Republic then, is the willingness to protect everyone within your borders with established law and practice. Even the minorities.

And conversely, abandoning the rule of law, allows anarchy to take hold and flourish. It allows the haves to oppress the have nots. That is what is happening here in America. Either the rule of law matters, or it does not. The law did not matter in 2008. The rule of law in this country was  abandoned at the behest of a bunch of crooked and elite bankers who had bought themselves some politicians.

Trillions of taxpayer dollars were used to save crony capitalist interests- primarily those of bankers. Giant monopolies were created, the precise thing that this country has sought to avoid. Banks were directed to take over smaller banks. Hundreds of thousands of bankers who had all committed control fraud- escaped unpunished. They even confused people further by claiming and thus convincing some- that it was the pigeons who were responsible. Millions of people taking out mortgages they could not afford.

That is wrong and so simplistic on so many levels. Confidence men and schemes cannot flourish without marks. All confidence schemes need marks. Suffice it to say here- bankers know math. They knew the marks couldn't pay but they sold them mortgages anyway. They weren't out the money. They simply sold those crappy mortgages to the taxpayers. Defrauding math challenged people is not something new.

And at the very same time, we had Bush in the White House. A man that had abandoned the rule of law as well for his elite brethren. A man that our country was collectively sick of. The GOP offered up some more old whitey politics with a cute two year Governor thrown in as frosting on the Republican cake. You almost couldn't lose.

So I think, it doesn't get much better than that. An opportunity of a lifetime, maybe of the century. All you have to do is run your mouth a little bit to a national audience starving for something new that didn't talk like a hick. Take a few hundred million dollars from bankers to campaign with and let the entire electorate cleanse themselves of any hint of lingering racism by voting for you because you look mostly black. It was a fucking no brainer.

Unfortunately, Obama could not escape his own nature. He committed the one act that would spell doom for the rest of his Presidency and probably his life. He completely ignored the hopes of millions of voters. Voters and victims clamoring for some sense of justice and law when he gave the crooked bankers and the ruling elite a get out of jail card. He ignored what they had done- he had ignored the rule of law. The same law he allegedly taught.

Can you imagine how powerful this man would be had he prosecuted all of those crooked bankers and supported the rule of law in this country? Can you comprehend the support he would have gotten from millions upon millions of weary people here and abroad had he allowed insolvent banks to fail? Had he refused to create banking monopolies and protected our treasury like it was his own bank account?

Had Obama done that simple act- he could be sitting on the beach or the golf course- absolutely untouchable. By this time, new banks would have taken the place of scoundrel banks. Business would be working again, deficits and debt piles undoubtedly smaller. The crooks would be in jail. The marks might have had to suffer a little too. The message would have been sent. The people would have nodded approvingly. We could all be proud that we live here and that we are a nation of laws. A place that sets the example for others to follow.

This ain't Jamaica or Haiti. 

But instead our President goes about the business of trying to blow smoke up our asses again- wasting all those millions upon millions in a futile mission doomed to fail. It's really pretty sad. Obama had a chance to solidify his Presidency and to prove that the the rule of law is colorblind. That justice matters.

Of course all of that takes a little vision. It would have been kind of nasty and almost dishonest- taking all of that banker money and then turning on them. But that's our system. The rich would have remained rich- but the little guys, a far greater number, would not have been in homeless shelters. I could have slept at nights had I done that, I think. In the big scheme of things, doing the right thing is not always the convenient thing. For Obama, a man who has accomplished a great deal with his personal life with other people's money, the die was cast. This is how he has lived his life- taking money from people like Tony Rezko and Jon Corzine. And then looking the other way.

Some people might call that smart. This whoring yourself out to the highest bidder. Not me. I see a man who did not have the wisdom or the foresight to see what lies ahead. A guy with questionable patriotism who missed the chance to go down as one of the greatest. Instead he will find his destiny in the annals of history as some footnote alongside Calvin Coolidge and Jimmy Carter. Known not for anything he did- but rather that he was born- half black. That is hardly noteworthy.

A lawyer who doesn't understand the importance of the rule of law. That doesn't seem very bright to me.