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Friday, September 21, 2012

BYU Snatches Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

I have learned a lot about Boise State football this year.

Last night I settled in for the BYU vs. Boise State game. Every year if you watch enough football, you are going to witness a serious clunker. Last night was clunker night.

Two really good defenses squared off against two pretty horrible offenses. When you put all of that in the blender, you wind up with a 7-6 final score. 

For years, Boise State fans have been spoiled. We are not used to horrible offense. We have high scoring teams. Not this year. We are however, used to crappy kicking games- and so both our punter and our place kicker's terrible performances were par for the course. Only one field goal attempt which missed- and some of the ugliest and short punts I have seen all year.

But the most shocking thing last night were the coaching decisions. I can't remember how many times Coach Pete went for a first down or a score on fourth down and failed. At least four times. The clincher came when BSU recovered a fumble on their very own one yard line- and then failed to get it in the end zone after four attempts- at that moment I knew this was going to be a long ass season.

As bad as Coach Pete's decision making was- BYU's Coach Mendenhall's judgement was even worse. After putting their back up quarterback in and watching him shred BSU's defense- he led BYU in for a very late score. Then BYU went for 2. Coach Pete's terrible decision making was apparently contagious- and it was nice of Mendenhall to reciprocate all of those shitty decisions of Coach Pete's with one of his own. The BYU attempt failed. If they had simply kicked the point after, tied the game, I think they would have easily won. BYU's defense was better and the new quarterback had obviously "kick started" his team. 

I watch a lot of football. Like any hard core fan, like those in Vegas, sometimes you just gotta scratch your head and say, "what the hell were they thinking?" Did they have too much wine with dinner? 

Boise State, ranked 25, is going to drop right out of the top 25. That was a horrible performance Thursday night. We had no business winning that game. It was like a race to the the bottom and BYU Coach Mendenhall, at the last moment, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. He arrived at the bottom first.

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