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Friday, September 21, 2012

FG Board Meeting, Commenters, The Weekly Wrap up

The Frankenstein Government annual board meeting was this past Wednesday. All board members, me, were present and accounted for. Here are some of the highlights.

Year over year revenue was flat. Sales were steady. Advertising revenue remained non existent just the way we like it here. There was some discussion about advertising. The CEO said fuck it. There was also some talk about a tip jar. The CEO said only bums use tip jars. The meeting lasted 12 minutes and then I made a motion to end the meeting. The motion was seconded by myself and the motion carried. I adjourned to the racetrack by 11 a.m., got a form, and settled in for some gambling.

For some unknown reason, I cannot comment in the comment box under my blogs. This is probably because I am an idiot and I lack any kind of computer savvy. I should also tell you that I read all comments and I am very impressed by the level of intelligence here at Frankenstein Government. I only have one commenter giving me grief and we will settle that at my mother's home this Christmas.
At any rate, I wanted to say thank you to all of my readers and people who take the time to comment.  Oh and btw...

I loved both comments under "At Least I Tried." One by Fredd was well stuck and true. The second one was a story that struck home with me and reminded me of the dysfunction of local government. I learned to hate government by working in government. I dwelled in similar dysfunction for 25 years. Thank you once again.

I still have not had to resort to embedding photos of near naked and naked women to get hits. I've been running at about 35k hits a month. I am keeping all options on the table in case my writing continues to suck. Often, I wish the Fabulous 50 had a best Libertarian blog. But they'd probably give the blue ribbon to that Ron Paul site anyway.

I had a fantastic non working week. I got everything done that I needed to do. I played golf with dad on Tuesday. I won more money at the racetrack in 4 hours than I made working for an entire month. My aunt and uncle were in town until this morning and tomorrow morning I am leaving for Portland. I think I already have a new job but I'm not sure I want the hassle. I may pass. I am taking most of October off to go to New Orleans and then the annual hunting trip in North Dakota. I have a full plate here. In addition to being the CEO of FG I am also the foreign correspondent. I will bring you bizarre stories of crawdad eating (I suck the heads) and maybe some pheasant killing from up north. Some bizarre shit always happens when we hunt.

I am trying to avoid any talk of Obama and Obama lite. There will be plenty around Halloween.

So that's it. I gotta tell you I do not miss working. Screwing off is great work when you can get it-especially when those double digit long shots fill your trifecta boxes.   


Brian said...

This is a test of comments

Brian said...

testing again

Marcus said...

Yeah, it is pretty sweet when you can play the ponies and pull in more loot in a few hours than busting your ass for a few weeks at some shit job. Good for you, brother. All the power to you. Me, I know nothing about the tracks. My thing is the futures markets and I've been hauling in more loot in the past few weeks than my shit job pays in a few months. The goal is to make enough so that I can tell my mofo managers a couple of words, those words not being "Merry Christmas" (which wouldn't fly anyway since they're a bunch of PC libtards who've banished Christmas). Not bragging, just saying I can relate to your experience. By the way, I'm glad you enjoyed my little rant I posted a few days back about slaving away in a PC shithole for the past 25 years (under "at least I tried"). It's a sad but true story. But the bright side of the whole sordid affair is that I've managed to pour all of my energy, frustration and anger into the world of trading. My focus is now on getting myself the f**k out of there and doing so with a nice pile of loot so that I can get the best revenge: living well while they slave their asses off and consume each other like the rats they are. Enjoy your hunting in North Dakota. Sounds good to me.

Bearded Youth said...

Sounds like all is going well. Miss you here at the office. Give me call when you're ready to go hit another round. Take good care boss and enjoy yourself in Portland.

Brian said...

Give me a call this week. Centennial beckons.

Anonymous said...

35,000 hits a month! That's why you're my hero.