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Frankenstein Government Considers Paying Readers, Or Boob-A-Thons, In Desperate Attempt To Acquire More Readers

Ya know I've been banging away at this keyboard for a little over two years. I manage about 2000 page views a week. I will never advertise. Then I see these new blogs come on line. Half naked chicks, funny shit, guns, and more half naked chicks. What happens? The new blogs get gobs of followers, page views up the ying yang. What happens to me? Nada. Left at the altar. Same old number of followers, same old amount of page views. Even when I manage to write clever shit. I can't do the half naked chick thing. My friend Al says I should. He says the internet was primarily invented by men to exchange porn. For free. All of this other shit is ancillary according to Al. Google earth, maps, buying shit, writing nasty stuff about the government. A waste of time, Al says. Time spent looking at porn is time well spent. You gotta admit, it's hard to argue that. Al's sister, Jenny, suggested I get girls to lift their shirts and snap photos from the neck down. Post them he

The Collapse Is Herreeee Johnny!*Updated Courtesy of ShakeALeg

This is going to get interesting. I've been watching and reading about the eurozone collapse for what seems like years. I can sum it up in a sentence or two. The greatest credit expansion of all time will be followed by the greatest collapse of all time. This will be a world wide event. The only thing keeping this collapse at bay is the life or death struggle of the status quo (bankers, insurers, bond holders, politicians) as they desperately try to find ways of stopping the inevitable. Dave over at the Golden Truth published my all time favorite quote from Austrian economist Von Mises who quite succinctly stated the out come: "There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a

Cops Making A Quarter Million To Guard a Bridge?

This is the type of nonsense that happens when you allow public sector employees to unionize. Taxpayer chaos. A quarter million to guard a fucking bridge? That type of "no brain" job should be contracted to a private security company for 15 bucks an hr. No wonder we are all broke.

The United States of Corruption, More Banker Lawlessness, MF Global and Jon Corzine's Testiphony*Updated

I have been waiting for this for weeks. Corzine should have been in a jail cell. Please allow me to get the introductory dry stuff out of the way- so that we can talk about criminal acts and the good shit. This is how the elite and connected are given every opportunity to escape. The MF Global scandal is just one more example of an executive branch that is ethically and morally bankrupt. Obama and this administration. What has happened with MF Global is actually pretty simple once we get the background out of the way.  MF Global was a derivatives broker/agent which includes options and futures. Customers' kept money on account and traded for their accounts. MF Global traded for it's own accounts. Customer's money and MF Global money should not have been commingled. MF Global was also a primary dealer for government bonds- which has a hell of a lot more to do with the company's CEO and connections than whether or not MF Global was properly capitalized. It's CEO,

Government Dumps U.S. Military Personnel Remains in Landfill

Like we need any more help disliking or distrusting our government. Wow.

Finally I Find Something At Ace of SpadesHQ Worth Stealing, In Fact It Should Probably Be My Logo


The Used Car Experiment- How the Government and Bankers Secretly Stole 250% From Us

For the past couple of weeks, I've been looking at used cars. Some new ones. Mostly I am doing this because I am tired of getting my ass kicked every time I fill up my Ford F-250. It costs me about 300 bucks a month in gas just to get around town. Ten bucks a day. Yesterday, I very nearly bought a used '06 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. I went home, thought about it, and scanned the car ads. I was absolutely blown away at the price of 9 and 10 year old cars. Oddly enough, through October this year, the cost of used cars according to the BLS has risen over 5%. Let me put this in perspective. In 1978, I bought a used 1971 Dodge Challenger for 1200.00. That meant the car was 7 or 8 years old. I think gas was around .67 a gallon. I wrecked that car six months after I got it because I was an idiot teenager. Now I am an idiot adult. During my third year of school (1982), I bought a 1974 Ford Galaxie. Ugly fucking car. The Galaxie had a little bit higher miles than the Challenger and

President Obama's Third Day In Office in 2009, "My Best Day Is Behind Me"

Obama's approval ratings have dropped like a rock since day two of his presidency. Wow.  Here's the day by brutal day account of the lost last three years.

The Government Won't Destroy the Constitution, It Will Simply Render It Useless and Silence the Lambs

It's a simple game. Steal all of the money and you impose slavery on your people. Seven giant mainstream media outlets force feed you a diet of Kim Kardashian, Dancing With the Stars, and new narcissistic diets- and the public is happy. Then while you aren't looking, these government bastards are stealing your money and delivering it to banker cronies. They are creating giant bureaucracies (TSA) starting new wars, (pick a middle eastern country) and they are busy stealing your freedom. (Patriot Act) An added bonus. Here's a piece on how your government and bankers, aided by the Patriot Act- allowed illegal aliens to do cash out re-fi's. Now comes the new National Defense Authorization Act. Quite simply, this law allows military detention of American citizens, without trial and indefinitely. I'm not kidding. No due process. We are talking about citizens that the government

School Kids Fighting, Now Referred To As "Sexual Harrassment" By School District

I got in my first fight when I was eight years old. I picked it. A kid named Jimmy Fink beat up a friend of mine. We fought in a dirt lot two blocks away from school. The cops didn't come and if they had- I doubt they would have cared. Nobody got killed and the earth kept rotating on it's axis. So on a tip from a reader, I read the following story about a seven year old boy who got in a fight and kicked another kid in the balls. I say balls because undoubtedly that is the term the young lad used- despite the fact that his mother mentions the word "testicles." Nobody says testicles except mothers who are speaking to the press. At any rate, the boy is apparently being charged with "sexual harassment" by the school district. Here is wikipedia's definition of sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment, is intimidation, bullying or coercion of a sex

Female, 69, Feeling Holiday Stress- Thinks Hacking Off Husband's Penis Is a Good Idea

A woman was arrested in California (wow, really) for attempting to cut off her husband's penis with a pair of scissors. In my old line of work, we called that "mayhem."  Unfortunately, they left the best part of this story out. In the interrogation room, it might have gone something like this. "Now Mrs. Smith, when was the precise moment where your line of reasoning thought hmmm... I think cutting off Mr. Smith's penis sounds like a good idea." Wouldn't you love to hear that? Undoubtedly, this woman has children. Let's pray that they are male or that she isn't your wife's mother. 

Blago Awaits Sentencing, Quick Search Finds That Of Course, He Has a Law Degree

I've been following the Rod Blagojevich story. After 25 years spent listening to the greatest egos on the planet, I can sniff out a lawyer faster than a hound can tree a coon. I just had to look. History major. Of course. Blago does his lawyer friends a dis-service. Mostly lawyers are some of the sneakiest, conniving assholes on the planet. The vast majority of lawyers that I knew- were engaged in various nefarious activities. Most of those had enough common sense not to disclose their greedy agendas- Blago does not number among them. In fact he says while attending Pepperdine (a fucking gorgeous place by the way) he barely knew where the law library was. No shit. The prosecution rests your honor.

Only Congress Could Hold Hearings On Their Own Illegal Conduct, Struggling To Decide Whether Or Not To Ban Insider Trading

We have truly abandoned the rule of law when it becomes necessary to hold hearings on whether or not to ban the practice of insider trading for Congressmen. I first read this story on ZeroHedge. Will Congress simply find a way to route inside information to friends and family? Of course. The root problem is the greed and wanting of a culture that simply cannot bring itself to do the right thing based on ethical or moral standards... instead our culture simply asks today, "Is this illegal? If it is, what are my chances of getting caught?" If the risk is low, or the act is not prohibited, they give themselves the green light to harvest money based on information that nobody else can obtain. The counter party to whatever trade they are engaged in- is you. The problem isn't our Congressmen- the problem is our forever wanting and greedy society and culture- finding ways

The U.S.S. Barack Obama

Stolen from Colony 14. Tracking the doomed presidency.

The Baby Boomers, Powering a Generator

Burning bodies for electricty. The Bard of Murdock's take. Funny shit.

Can United States Citizens Fight Government and Win? Yes, Let's Quit Paying Taxes and Occupy Prison

I want you to imagine the perfect contract with our government. They agree not to go out and spend a lot of money on useless things. Like banker bailouts. If they do want to bail out banks and raise taxes, they must get approval from voters first. If they fail to do that- they must suffer the consequences. Despite an overwhelming response from United States citizens in 2008 that were opposed to our government bailing out banks- they went ahead and did it anyway. This is not any different than you telling your son that he cannot spend the 4000 dollars you gave him for college tuition on heroin. He is a "recovering" addict. He goes ahead and does it anyway. Then he tells you that he went ahead and took out an additional loan from the bank to replace the tuition money. He says it's your responsibility to make the payments and pay it back. Think that metaphor is far fetched? That's exactly what your government did to you. It brings up an interesting point. Why wou

Now That Herman Cain Has Bailed Out... is coming in for Ron Paul. I said this a few weeks ago. The country is sick of politics as usual, elite and washed out professional politicians (Newt) and RINO's like Romney. Leave it to the GOP to re-install Obama. They are working at a fever pitch. Ron Paul can suffer whatever gets thrown his way. When you are a straight shooter and scandal free- when you have integrity and transparency- it's hard to throw you under the bus. Check out this thread.,1824.0.html