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Who Is Gary Johnson?

An intelligent, successful businessman. A non lawyer. A non Ivy League graduate of state college. A tri-athlete and marathoner. Translation=Hard Work. A former Governor who has used the biggest tool ever invented to combat statism. The veto. A libertarian. An excellent choice for President. Not widely known. Pay attention to what a man has actually done. Discount anything a man says he will do. Had we vetted Obama that way...he would not be in the White House wasting precious time.

Leaving Las Vegas

Today I traveled to Vegas by way of convertible from Boise. I left the top down way too long and absolutely irradiated my face. Vegas it seems, is at the crossroads for my friends and family who live in Denver and my friends and family that live in Santa Barbara. I used to travel to Vegas several times a year as a young man. I loved to play poker. I was here the day they tried to blow up Frank Rosenthal at the Stardust. (casino, the movie) I was staying just down the street at the Sahara. In 1987 I moved to Las Vegas. I had some success playing poker in Northern Nevada and I wanted to play in Vegas- where there are games everywhere- at all hours of the day or night. There is no shortage of action here. I can't even begin to tell you what that was like. Quite honestly, I cannot describe myself as anything but naive and delusional. Ultimately, like virtually all gamblers- I went broke in 1988. I also landed in the hospital. The only good thing that happened to me in Vegas was tha

Puzzling Day-DJIA Up 400 and Change

Ok, the Fed says they are going to leave rates low for two years. Big deal. Who didn't know that? In fact, if you want to know what the Fed is going to do- there is already a blueprint. It is called Japan. Japan has experienced 22 years of dead time. The call it the lost decade(s). Their debt to GDP is the highest in the world at 200%. Unlike us though, the people of Japan own most of the debt. We sold ours to China and the consortium of private and international bankers called the Fed. So why the rally? Are we getting new jobs? Are we making new things? Has anything changed?  This was a typical dead cat bounce on no news. A short covering rally. The trend is down and it will stay down. I guess the only good news is that " We will not monetize the debt" Bernanke says there is no QE3. Yet. Bet me he is full of shit. President Screw Off will be begging for QE3. Before the primaries. Bank on it.

Is Obama Smart?

Excellent piece from the Wall Street Journal.

Historic Firsts

I am not sure how I missed this at the Doug Ross joint, but I did. It is a list of all of the wonderful things that President Obama has done for us.

And Right On Time, Here Comes Another Bullshit Rescue Attempt

I find the markets fascinating. The tug of war is on. On the heels of black Monday, the banker class pushed the panic button. Trust me when I say this. Bernanke is going to be "directed" to put a positive spin on our economic nightmare. Today, I fully expect him to hint at QE3 or any number of things to stop the flow of blood. This will not be what he actually believes. This will be him, selling us out, as per usual. The confession that we are fucked? QE3. The ruling class have a choice right now. Let the damage they caused finally unwind- enter the penalty phase and get it over with (1) or try to gerrymander another bullshit rescue attempt and cause even further and more significant damage(2). I believe they will pick door number (2) again, Monty. The ruling class is desperate. They have a lot to lose. The rest of us? Nada. The bankers want their bonuses, houses in the Hamptons. The politicians want to get re-elected. So it is, TPTB (the powers that be) and their lacke

Thankfully, It's Time For The Bitter Harvest

This is about restorative justice. This is what happens when greedy and thieving men with power try to avoid the consequences of their actions. This is about hope and promise. From 2002 to 2008, I witnessed some of the craziest shit I had ever seen. Kids buying houses with virtually no credit and the house doubling in value in two years. The young couples invariably did one of two things. They bought a larger or a second house (greed) or they took a loan out with that mythical equity- for toys. Motorcycles, campers, boats, that sort of thing.  People were flipping houses. It was insane. The world was so saturated with credit that any idiot on the planet could get a home loan and did. I didn't fall for that easy credit. Not because I am smarter than anyone else- I have just always disliked banks. I had a 15 yr. first, no second. Calling banks a necessary evil would be accurate. I would like to say one other thing. This is an absolute core belief of mine. In life when you make

Rush Calls Obama "Debt Man Walking"

You gotta admit that is some funny shit. Obama is going to need Helen Prejean to escape the election gallows. Obama single handedly snatched a 300 point DJIA losing day and turned it into a 600 point losing day. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory once again. Here then is "Debt Man Walking."

I, Frankendamus

So I had to go do the oil change thing, couple other errands. Go to the Walmart tattoo fashion show. Get home a couple hours later- after President Screw Off speaks and Wall Street closes for the day. Lo and behold, there was the 600 point drop I predicted- before Obama began running his mouth. I feel like a prophet. Obama never lets me down.

President Screw Off To Talk Some More In a Little While...Maybe He Can Turn a 300 DJIA Slide Into 600

... and try to tell everyone that our downgraded debt is really good. Try to spread the blame around...everyone will get a taste except the people who deserve it the most. Obama and the kleptocrats. One hundred percent predictable. Obama never lets me down. Markets down over 300 points and headed in the appropriate direction. The bankers Obama sold out to cannot help for the time being... Is there ANYONE out there who doesn't think QE3 is about to happen??? Obama, the putz that he is, will try anything to get re-elected. I just wanna know when they are re-loading the toner cartridge. As much as I can't stand this dude, I still try to listen to the drivel that comes out of his mouth. I've now had the CNN live window open for 40 minutes too long. Obama might have four putted on the last hole.

Downgrades Now Comng Fast and Furious, What Took You So Long?

Downgrading Fannie and Freddie now. No shit. We've already thrown over 100 billion at those losers and Fannie asked for another 6 billion last week. Every time I think of this black hole, I think of that little prick Barney Frank encouraging these two outfits to buy every worthless loan document from any one who could find a pen. A whole corrupt mortgage industry dumped their shittiest loans on Fannie and Freddie. Massachusetts voters re-electing this pompous little piece of shit should be ashamed. There is not one single man in America that has hurt us more financially than Frank. How he still has a job completely blows my mind. Completely. Here's Frank blaming Bush and lying- telling everyone he was pushing for "rental property."

Please Stay Out Of The Radioactive Rain

About three weeks ago, radioactive rain and fallout was worse in Boise than anywhere else up and down the west coast. I am guessing that was due to the jet stream. I am going to look for that piece. Here it is... Unbelievably, our government or this administration has not said anything about hot particles or radioactive fallout from Japan. They are too busy whining about the S&P downgrade. Weird, is anyone keeping an eye on this? I guess not. This is serious shit. Please read this. Here is a geiger counter reading from Oklahoma just after a rain shower yesterday. You do not need to watch the whole clip to get the idea. This is Oklahoma. Not exactly ocean front property.

*Updated* Gold Up Nearly 60 Bucks on Globex, Silver Adding 6%, Bernanke Puzzled

Wow. Trading on the Globex. Hoping to see a move above 1700.... Gold October 2011 (GCV11) 1,692.3      +42.1 (+2.55%) Commodity Price Quote as of Sunday, Aug 7th, 2011 5:16P CST (COMEX) High 1,696.1 Low 1,678.7 52Wk High 1,696.1 52Wk Low 1,205.4 Open 1,678.7 Prev Close 1,650.2 Volume 648 Open Interest 24,381 Weighted Alpha +35.08 Standard Dev -0.68 View Detailed Quote Chart Snapshot Customize Chart

"Why Don't Any Good People Ever Run For Public Office?"

This question was posed to me by a 90 year old woman in Moonbat Valley some years ago. Her name was Alma A. I never forgot her or her question and when she passed away last year- I was sorry that I didn't answer her question. The reason good people don't run for public office is because good people are good. They don't crave power and influence, they don't crave money or wealth, and they certainly don't enjoy shoving their opinions down someone else's throat like they are a matter of fact. They don't like confrontation. They are in control of their egos not the other way around. And ultimately, public office tends to bring out those nasty things. Once upon a time in Moonbat Valley, we were able to convince a good man to run for Mayor and he won. He spent the next 4 years absolutely marking his calendar. He hated being Mayor. The press badgered him non stop (of course the press were statists and he was not) and they never missed a chance to characterize h

Robert Reich May Have Had a Stroke, Decides Babbling Incoherently Is A Good Idea

I have a treat for you. Do you remember when I used to award the FG award for the shittiest writing of the week? Well I found a winner tonight. Not only is this piece full of ridiculous and illogical conclusions- it is the whiniest piece of writing I have read all year. I am not the least bit surprised that Robert Reich wrote this. How do people like Reich get jobs? And more importantly- how in the hell do they keep them? This dude stays busy. I forgot that he was once the Secretary of Labor. I just had to throw this in from his wiki bio. In 2004, he published Reason , a book on how liberals can forcefully argue for their position in a country increasingly dominated by what he calls "radcons", or radical conservatives. Dominated by radcons?? WTF is he talking about?? We are a country dominated by drooling statists and moonbats...we've seen how well that's been working out for us. This is what happens when you take the