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Melrose- The Sunday Collage

Late last week, I was forced to cut my motorcycle trip through Montana short. The weather was so cold and rainy (and forecast to get far worse) that riding a motorcycle through it was miserable and getting a little unsafe. As I viewed the forecast for the following day which was Sunday- it looked like my only shot at getting out of there. Sunday's high was supposed to be 61 and that looked a lot better to me than the 50 degree highs forecast for Monday and Tuesday. As it happens, it snowed in Butte on Tuesday. I doubt Butte ever saw 50 degrees that day. I left Butte right around 11 a.m. on Sunday and figured I'd stop in Dillon which is about 70 miles south. About 30 miles south of Butte is a little town called Melrose. Melrose has always been a mystery to me. Montana is full of towns like Melrose- towns that blossom with some possibility of becoming important social centers and then ultimately- they yield to obscurity and survival at some subsistence level with people who are

The Fourth Turning

I first read about this phenomenon a couple of years ago. I did some research on it, agreed with the premise, and wrote about the fourth turning on this blog. Essentially the four turnings or cycles occur every 80 years. Like the seasons, the fourth turning occurs in the last 20 years of the 80 year cycle and marks a sort of winter, or death phase if you will. A cataclysmic ending to the events that preceded the onset of the fourth turning in the first 60 years of the cycle. Many people including myself believe that we entered the fourth turning in 2008. Nothing in today's events are slowing this belief down- in fact- this President, Congress, and Supreme Court seem to be accelerating the fourth turning. If you don't read anything else this week- read this. It is very well written and explains with precision how the events of today are nothing but lies and distractions and that ultimately- the shit re

Can Cold Temperatures or Brown Fat, Lead to Weight Loss?

I noted a weird thing today. I thought I'd throw this up and see what you guys thought. Brown fat? Ever heard of that? Don't you dare say...Well, I knew this big Samoan once...I run a family blog here in the trailer park. All thru May and the 10th of June, as reported here in "41 Days of Hell", I did the meat and cheese diet (Atkins) which included upwards of 36 eggs per week. On June 9th I weighed 252. On Jun 11th, just before taking my Iditarod motorcycle ride as noted in "Donner, Party of One" I weighed 254. Today, I stepped on the scales at 247. Today marks the first day since my return. Not only is that weight loss significant but it occurred on my gym's scales which are conveniently slanted upwards 5 pounds or so. I did not eat particularly good or bad on the 4 day trip and I did not exercise. As I mulled over the possibilities and what happened- it dawned on me that I was freezing my ass off most of the trip. Three days of at least 3 hours (