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GOP Mansions

Here are the homes of the GOP's presidential nominees. Romney's castles make me sick. Just for a moment, I'd like you to forget that we live in the land of forever wanting, greed, and Ayn Rand's rationalization and justification that all that selfishness is a virtue. What I'd like you to think about is this. Do you really think any of the rich and elite bastards featured here- care about the working stiffs of this country? If you want to find someone that represents you, find a hard working middle American and nominate him or her. How could they possibly do any worse?

60 Minutes to Highlight How Lobbyists Legally Bribe Congressmen, Campaign Reform

One of the key components to retrieving our country back from the criminals who now run it- is campaign reform. Tomorrow night, Sunday, 60 Minutes is going to showcase a criminal lobbyist. The 60 Minutes segment showcases Jack Abramoff. Please look at the 21 government employees including a couple of Congressmen convicted with Abramoff. (in convicted in probe section) This is a small sampling of the vast criminal conspiracy that inhabits Washington D.C. Not only do I believe in term limits for Congressmen, but I also believe in eliminating lobbyists and corporate campaign contributions. Permanently. Very often when looking at how incredibly corrupt our political system has become, I am overwhelmed at the enormity of the task at hand. Just think about this. How are you going to convince the criminals who write the laws, to pass laws that essentially ruin their political lives as they know t

Frankenstein Government On The Move*Updated

For the next week or so, I will be traveling throughout Montana and N.D.- killing game near the Canadian border. Connectivity in this area is unheard of. We'll see how posting goes as I travel in and out of Williston. Lots of interesting stuff happening right now including the highly manipulated and mostly bullshit non-farm payroll number due out in the morning. I'll be back in full stride sometime next week. * Things have been going well since arriving in the Williston basin yesterday. Deer season was only open two hours when we nailed a 4 point buck on Friday. We have also managed to shoot a few pheasants. It is supposed to snow tonight and picking up a few fresh tracks in the morning may lead to a couple more deer casualties. It's getting very cold here.

Everyone Deserves a Voice

One of the things that I discovered living in and around the rich and elite most of my life, is my perception that the rich and elite truly believe they are smarter than the rest of us. Now that assessment is not an absolute and like all things life, there are exceptions. But as a general rule this was my observation having associated with and listened to- hundreds of rich people. That included a billionaire or two. Warren Buffett is a fantastic example of this. Warren gets a lot of media attention and says some profoundly stupid shit. However, because he has billions of dollars, society somehow thinks Warren is far more credible than everyone else in matters well beyond the scope of his expertise- money gathering. In fact, Warren is plagued by some of the very problems that plague many of us. His personal life is far from perfect. In fact, he kind of sounds like an asshole. Yet oddly, we don't hear how he estranges his loved ones: On

Frankenstein Government Stumbles Onto New Award Winning Journalist, Jonathan Alter

The Frankenstein Government award for shittiest writing of the year. It takes a special kind of writer to reel in this prize. With two months to go, this dude looks like a cinch.   I wasn't sure I would ever be able to replace newspaperman, Pat Murphy. Time and time again, Murphy never let me down. Murphy wrote some of the most inaccurate and ridiculous liberal shit I have ever crossed eyes over. Week after week, year after year, Murphy's warped thought processes and thus his writing became so disjointed that I considered drinking half a bottle of Bushmill's just to reduce myself to a level of reading comprehension that would allow me to understand him. Often, I considered reading the white stuff around the ink. Losing a whipping post like Murphy isn't something you get used to right away. I have been in mourning for weeks now. Nobody said life was going to be easy. Reading Murphy was like taking a tomato and removing it's ability to reason. Finding a replacemen

U.S. Has To Borrow An Extra 20 Billion This Quarter, Debt Is At 15 Trillion, Cumulative State Debt Now At 4 Trillion

It just gets worser and worser. Gosh they keep lying about jobs and inflation...and lo and behold...for some strange reason, the treasury is not taking in as much as they thought. Go figure. States tacking on 4 trillion worth of debt. California has 15% of that. Federal government now going to add interest to unemployment loans (9 billion) that California took out. I don't know about you- but I get angry that my Federal tax money is being used to bail out Communist California. Screw California. Why should we be surprised? They hijack our taxes for banks, car manufacturers, and insurers. Why not irresponsible, liberal states? So without counting entitlements, we owe 19 trillion. That is 19,000 billion. If we seized all of the assets of our biggest corporations, Apple, ExxonMobil, WalMart, Chevron,  that amou

Can We Or Anyone Else For That Matter, Spend Our Way Out Of Debt? The Complete Vindication of Ross Perot

Years ago, when Ross Perot was running for President, he said free trade agreements would be the end of America. That "sucking sound" he called it. In fact Perot said, "it would wreck America." The wreck is here. Ross Perot was right. So now that we've lost 15-25 million jobs to cheap foreign labor, just who is going to fuel the engine of growth? The illusion that we can spend our way out of debt is based on one single axiom. Growth. Growth is the engine that has allowed the U.S. to escape every economic downturn. So with the absence of all of those consumer purchasing, tax paying jobs, just how are we going to work our way out of debt? View the Perot prophecy here: (remember this was 20 years ago) Answer. We can't. In the past, we could spend our way out of debt. Easy credit greased and fueled growth. But we have lost all of our jobs- our ability to grow. That's why there is no end in sight. The best metaphor I can think of is pushing the acce

William Banzai Of Zero Hedge Fame... Presents Frankenbama!


Big Hairy News

On a tip from Kenny over at Knuckledraggin My Life Away, I found Big Hairy News. I spent well over an hour- reading and laughing my ass off. The Undercover Series will have you in tears. I promise or your money back.

Big Hairy News

First Lady Bares Skin In Daring Dress WASHINGTON - First Lady Michelle Obama, known for her keen fashion sense and style, wore a provocative formal gown to the state dinner for South Korean President Mi bawhang-lo and his wife Yoo reery-suk. The contemporary dress (below) featured an armless design and revealing midriff. 10/14/2011 | Permalink | Comments (25) | TrackBack (0)