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Friday, November 4, 2016

Our Owners Are Petrified- The Sunday Collage

From the beginning of time- the winners have been scripting history. They like it that way. They get to tell their version of events and the dead and vanquished lose their voices. The winners win, and the King, the Confederacy, the Mexicans, Custer and the Indians, the Japanese and the Germans, all go away. The winners are left to tell their version of history, manifest destiny style. In all likelihood, it has always been that way.

That's certainly how it is in America. We have a wonderful group of owners. They are the winners. These are the people with the best education and more success than most of us can ever dream of. They are Goldman Sachs bankers, corporate attorneys, hedge fund managers, billionaires who own our 6 media companies. They are the chief executives of insurance companies, of the pharmaceutical cartel, big oil, and every other glitzy industry where billions are made. They employ lobbyists to make sure their brand of laws get passed. In short, these are our owners. The people who get what they want. They get what they want with money. They get the best attorneys, the best lobbyists, they grease Congress with campaign contributions, easy loans, future jobs, preferential treatment. They get the tax code they want. Our tax code could be changed in one hour to a fair tax for everyone. You will never get that. Never, ever. Because our owners call the shots and they don't give two shits about you, small fry. They don't give a shit about what is fair. They want unfair. They want preferential treatment and that is why Warren Buffet pays less in taxes than I do. That is why GE pays less in taxes than I do and that's how Jeffrey Immelt gets to hire slave labor in other countries and pretend to be Obama's champion of American labor. In fact this article, shows you precisely how our owners operate.

This isn't win-win. This is they win- you lose. And it has always been that way. That is why during this election cycle our owners hand selected their two status quo candidates. Your choices were going to be known commodities, people who would keep our status quo owners happy. Their two selections for you this election cycle were Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. Two safe people who would not upset their apple cart. They had already been bought and paid for. The Clintons had received 100's of millions in "charitable" bribes. So had Jeb Bush in the form of campaign funds.

Then two strange things happened. The first was Donald Trump. He kept winning. One by one Donald Trump set down Jeb Bush and every other GOP lackey that our owners offered up. Because he had his own war chest- his own money- they couldn't stop the Donald. And Trump said all of the things the rest of us were thinking. Like this wretched Obamacare law. Corrupt Hillary. He talked about the imported slave labor force from Mexico which does in fact- steal American jobs.  They consume american taxes and saddle our prison systems, schools, and hospitals with all of the bills. Our owners don't build prisons or schools or hospitals. Our owners saddle you with that bill. And they laugh as you and I argue about who is going to pay for it. That answer was determined long ago.

The other strange thing which happened was far more manageable. Bernie Sanders. Bernie didn't have Trump's kind of money so when he really won the democratic nomination with grass roots support- our owners simply stole it from him and gave it to Hillary anyway. It was sick to watch.

There was no way in hell that you were ever going to get a Sanders v Trump election. One of these two would have tried to change things. They were guaranteed to change something. And if there was ever anything the status quo, the winners fear, it's changing things in America. They love the system just the way that it is. They have already bought and paid for it. They are winning and you are losing and they like it that way.

Our owners own the media. Long gone are the days of objective reporting. They are propaganda outlets, scummy and biased. I have never seen it this bad. They ignore any sense of fair or objective reporting. They could care less about fair. The owners, people like Jeff Bezos and his newspaper the Washington Post, desperately want Hillary and that's why you are a fed a non stop stream of anti-Trump sewage. The polls are rigged and oversampled with democrats. We know this. Hillary supporters try desperately to cleanse the stench from her activities- she talks nice- but we all know who and what she is and what she represents. She represents the status quo. The bankers, the lawyers, the captains of industry, the Jeff Immelts and Jeff Bezos' types. Nothing will change with Clinton in and that's why they need her so desperately. Every Clinton ad is a Trump attack ad. It's sick but the left buys in to that meme. Oh they claim Donald says things that they would never say. What a crock of shit. Some of the most vile and reprehensible things I have ever heard uttered came from liberal mouths. That's what they do- they have always attacked the superficial. Liberals love to attack others. Some eight years after Bush left, nearly a decade now, I still hear liberals whining about Bush. If only Bush could say cutesy things like Obama does. Maybe he could have won a peace prize too while bombing a few countries.

Our owners gave us Clinton, our owners gave us Bush. Our owners tried to give us another dose of Clinton or Bush this time around but it didn't work. But they have a plan B.

Plan B is this non stop, hateful shitshow airing on social media, the web, television and radio. Hold your noses and vote for Hillary because we all hate Donald Trump. Ignore her bribes, her scandals, her lies, the dead in Benghazi because Donald said the F Bomb or he called a woman fat. Those are far greater transgressions than ignoring the pleas for help from the dead Americans in Benghazi.

Our owners are petrified. Plan B requires everyone in America to hold their noses and vote for the most corrupt person ever to run for President in the history of the United States. That's how desperate they are. That's why this is the worst election ever. They are desperate and they will say any hateful thing if it has a chance of working. They gotta rig this thing because that crazy Trump might do something that the owners don't approve of. Like get rid of that shit Obamacare law or try to implement term limits on Congress. That's the kind of change you will never get. There's a reason we have a tax code we can't get rid of, a Congress which enriches themselves, and laws which steal our work product. Fleecing sheep has never been this easy.

The owners are counting on you. The American public, the most gullible anywhere, have a habit of never letting their owners down. On Tuesday we'll see if the American public is as collectively stupid as our owners think they are.  First Brexit, then the Cubs win after 108 years. Just once I'd like to see the sheep feasting on the wolves. Wouldn't that be something?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Of Crooked Hillary, Cockroaches, and a Deus Ex Machina Ending

The cockroaches are scurrying around this week.

There are 650,000 Hillary Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's computer. The possibilities seem endless.

Will the 33,000 emails that Hillary scrubbed and acid burned be found? Will all those people, many of them Clinton insiders and lawyers that Comey gave immunity to, finally be exposed? Will Loretta Lynch and Comey and that faux investigation finally find the light of day? Will we find Benghazi emails? Demand letters from Hillary to middle eastern sheiks for donations to the Clinton foundation? Will they find Obama emails to Hillary?

I'll tell you this much- I don't think I've composed 100,000 emails in my entire life. If Weiner somehow hijacked 650,00 emails from Hillary via Hillary's confidante- Huma Abedin- and preserved them- I cannot tell you the sheer delight that I would have to see the most corrupt and crooked people in America finally bite the dust. Every last one of the cockroaches. Sadly, that is probably a fantasy.

It was nice to see the Democratic National Chair Wasserman Schultz get exposed and her successor Donna Brazile get busted giving questions ahead of time to Hillary during the debates. They are all cockroaches.,3,46

And I haven't even mentioned the Wikileaks dump coming this week.

Thank gawd for people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Without patriots, people risking their very lives- all of these crooked bastards would continue to steal our liberty and get away with their crimes. In a way it seems so appropriate that to catch a lawbreaker you must break the law because these crooks, many of them lawyers, have found ways around the intent of the law. They flaunt their superior intelligence and their crooked schemes. Their arrogance is suffocating. 

I will bet you that the busiest people in America right now are the attorneys for all of these crooks- diligently working and trying to obstruct any chance of justice and trying to conduct damage control for their respective clients. Can you imagine the pressure they are bringing on Obama and the FBI? 

Wouldn't it be fantastic if a new President came in, an untainted one and a Washington outsider, and scrubbed these cockroaches from government?

Richard Nixon had nothing on these bastards. He was a piker, a bungling burglar. At least Nixon had the decency to resign. Unfortunately, the relief we seek must come with help from the executive branch which quite often is the most corrupt part of the machine. History tells us that our current administration hasn't even fired one crooked employee let alone criminally charging one- such as Eric Holder for authorizing the sale of guns to drug cartels- which caused the death of Brian Terry.

So it is that sadly, I have been seeking and left wanting the Deus ex machina ending which would remove this pestilence from our lives. I will probably be left wanting once again. Trust me, the cockroaches are busy this week. They are hard to get rid of.

The term Deus ex machina was coined from the conventions of Greek tragedy, where a machine is used to bring actors playing gods onto the stage. The machine could be either a crane (mechane) used to lower actors from above or a riser that brought actors up through a trapdoor. Preparation to pick up the actors was done behind the skene. The idea was introduced by Aeschylus and was used often to resolve the conflict and conclude the drama. Although the device is associated mostly with Greek tragedy, it also appeared in comedies.[3]