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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Enemy Mine- The Sunday Collage

I can hardly believe it's been 30 years but it has been. Sometime in 1985, a movie was released called "Enemy Mine." It was a science fiction flick about two warring worlds- ours and an alien force. During an aerial or interstellar dogfight, two opposing fighter pilots get shot down and land on another planet. Eventually they make nice with each other when they discover that there are other, more deadly, adversaries trying to kill them. On this planet, they discovered there were far greater enemies than each other.

They were taught to hate each other because their culture had indoctrinated them with this belief.
Of course the belief was nonsense. That was the point of the story.

The American people have been indoctrinated with the same foolishness. It is called "Democrat vs. Republican or liberals vs. conservatives."

Why is that? Is it just human nature to identify with one tribe and hate the other? Yes, actually I think that is part of it. Opposing ideology is the yin and yang of our existence. Unfortunately, while we are all caught up in this fight without end- the real enemy hides in the shadows and snickers. The real enemy could care less about gay rights, abortions, the environment. The real enemy actually feeds on those types of distractions- pitting one side against the other.

It is a game for fools. Like arguing with atheists or religious zealots.

There are literally millions of people fully invested in this epic struggle while the real enemy- laughs at all the suckers. Suckers are obsessed with capital punishment, abortion, or any number of unsolvable issues. It's not that those issues aren't important per se- it's just that each of these issues and many more- provide fuel to keep the opposing tribes fighting while the educated and elite, the crony capitalists, steal everything in sight.

This week I'd like to turn you on to one of my favorite blogs, "A Lightning War for Liberty." The author, Michael Kreiger, gets it. Krieger himself is a fascinating kid. Young enough to be my son. Extremely rich.

What Krieger understands, all too well, is that the real enemy of the American people is not some ridiculous philosophy. The real enemy in America is a corporate oligarchy that has bought and paid for our millionaire Congress all of whom practice- crony capitalism. They have literally ruined the Republic. I say ruined in the past tense.

Here's a fantastic piece from Mike on corporate welfare.

Crony capitalism got it's start with lobbyists and bribes. It was facilitated by a Congress without term limits- Congressmen and women who stay in power seemingly forever and who get greased with all kinds of goodies like free loans from Angelo Mozilo at Countrywide. Or lucrative job offers, trips, speaking engagements, stock tips, and gawd knows what else. All that is required is a vote here or there. The rest gets taken care of.

It is no wonder why the Congressmen and women in power absolutely refuse to relinquish that power. They are the greediest, most self centered sociopaths that ever drew a breath. They literally laugh at the concept of public service. With a 10% approval rate-a normal functioning adult might try and do something to improve that image or heaven forbid- quit.

Not this crew of self seeking assholes.

One example. The tax code. Can you imagine the goodwill Congress could get as a group if they engaged in a fair tax? The American people would love them. Why don't they do it? Because every one of these millionaire Congressmen, every one of their rich banker buddies and crony capitalist friends- benefits from the tax code just the way that it is. So why would any of you think there is a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting tax reform? 

There's not.

All of this greed gets greased by the greatest crony capitalists of all- the Federal Reserve and it's member banks and Wall Street investment houses. The banking cartel. They hijacked our tax money, bailed out their buddies, and have engaged in the greatest counterfeiting and inflation scandal of the last two centuries. Manipulating every market from libor rates to gold.

So do you really think the enemy is some liberal driving a Prius who thinks the ACA is a good deal? Some guy that thinks corporate welfare is out of control and blames the GOP? Or do you think the enemy is some conservative who thinks abortion is murder? Or who thinks atheists are idiots?

The sad truth is that Americans don't have a clue who the real enemy is. The enemy is the people who have hijacked your work product, who are diluting and ruining your currency, who have bribed your Congressmen with all sorts of promises implied and overt- and who are blowing the greatest stock market bubble of all time. The crony capitalists are in control of the media, the price of oil, and they are rigging markets with the help of the agencies that are supposed to be regulating them. It's never, ever, been this bad.

The new age crony capitalists, the elite, have been waging war on the hoi polloi and we've been too busy fighting amongst ourselves to realize who the real enemy is. Warren Buffett says the war is over- his side won and he's not referring to republicans or democrats. I hate to give the old robber baron any props but this time- I think he's right.

Monday, March 24, 2014

We May Be Thieves, But We Are Honorable Thieves

If it wasn't so absurd, it wouldn't even be newsworthy.

The latest Edward Snowden revelation is that the NSA hacked into a Chinese telecomm provider to look for "bag guys." That's the cover explanation from an agency which isn't exactly known for telling the truth.

The United States Government or more specifically, the NSA- doesn't even try to lie anymore. Snowden owns them and he can prove his statements. Denial is no longer their first reaction.

Because they know Snowden has the goods on them- the NSA's explanation for hacking into foreign, private businesses is that they are simply looking for bad guys and....get this...

They don't turn over the information they steal to American telecomm competitors. Like those Chinese spies do. So the inference is clear.

We are honorable thieves.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

We Like the Lies Better- The Sunday Collage

Years ago while I was still the Police Chief, I made a terrible mistake. I told a citizen and fellow city staffer that realistically, it is nearly impossible for police officers driving cars at night to catch people in the act of vandalizing our city or her home. In fact, in my quarter century- I could only think of one kid we had ever caught in the act of vandalizing anything. (with the exception of the unintentional damage that skateboarders inflict)

She was upset because her house got toilet papered. After meeting her, I understood why the vandals did it. I only wished they had called me so that I could have helped. At any rate...

She got this screwed up look on her face and shortly thereafter, fled my office. Years later she told me that I should have lied to her. She disliked my answer and added that she disliked me. By the way, she is a flaming liberal and it was one of the first times I made the connection between the liberal thought process and bona fide mental illness.

Liberals love to lie. In fact, they have no means of imposing their agenda without lying. It is simply not possible. Proof of that was the great lie of 2013.

Q. If you tell an un-refuted and false narrative over and over again, does it eventually become true?

The great lie told by the Obama administration for 2013 was that the deficit fell to 650-680 billion for the fiscal year. I must have seen this number heralded 100 times at Huffington Post. However, just recently, the Government Accounting Office has said that the actual  deficit was officially another trillion. The government spent 3.8 trillion on revenues of 2.8 trillion. The real deficit was reported by Dave Kranzler (The Golden Truth Blog) months ago. 

So who are you going to believe? The President or a blogger in Colorado? From Zerohedge:

But that’s not the case for the US government.
Despite the Obama administration touting a budget deficit of “only” $680 billion in 2013, the GAO’s more accurate accounting shows a total government cost of $3.8 trillion on total revenue of $2.8 trillion.
In other words– the administration wasn’t exactly honest with the American people– the deficit was more like $1 trillion, not $680 billion. But it gets worse.

Here's the link to the GAO's report. Despite all of the doom and gloom, sequestration was only going to slow the budget down 109 billion or less than 4%.

The Federal Reserve Bank is the greatest lie of all. It is so very simple.

The Federal Reserve Bank was created so that politicians or government, could borrow as much money as they needed without EVER asking the citizens permission. Think about it. Without a Federal Reserve Bank willing to finance every ridiculous war or project, politicians have no means of funding all of their wealth redistribution efforts unless citizens approved more taxes and larger budgets. Congress would actually be forced to ask the citizens for more tax money every year when they budgeted expenses. Sooner or later, citizens would not fund those ridiculous expenses. They would say no and the politicians would soon get voted out of office. The Federal Reserve Bank is how the politicians can exercise complete dominion over our money. Unlimited borrowing with nothing as collateral except the ability to tax it's citizens. It's how they keep their jobs forever. It is the proverbial blank check.


Now bear with me- because the real important part of this piece isn't that Congress found a way to outflank it's citizens, which they did...but that they rendered the American voter absolutely powerless and useless in the process.

Politicians, with the help of bankers, found a way to wrestle all control of our government away from citizen stewardship. Government would no longer be constrained once politicians had the power to borrow unlimited funds without asking permission.

It was quite simply, the slickest trick ever pulled on the American public. To this day- the sheeple still don't know they've been had. And those few who knew back in 1913- well they are all dead and forgotten.

All of this brings us to present day America.

People have grown so spiritually sick- that they would rather be lied to than told the truth. The truth it seems- has become so painful and so inconvenient to the liberal majority that they simply cannot accept it.  

Or in a superficial America that has to be constantly entertained- people simply don't care about the truth. It takes reading comprehension and critical thinking skills to determine the truth. Americans don't have time for that. They don't understand the incremental loss of their freedoms and their money. They just like all the free stuff and they could care less who pays for all of that- or who goes bankrupt in the process.

They like the lies better.