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The Billionaires Are Giving Handouts

There is something that really frosts my ass about the rich and elite. Of course, this includes Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. After decades of monopolizing computer software, the hallowed Bill Gates is now thinking of giving some of his excess robber baron largesse to charity. And Mr. Buffet, with that giant ego who now thinks of himself as an expert on everything, is thinking of giving away a few of his billions. People like Buffet and Gates think nothing of gaining every conceivable advantage and exploiting it. Perhaps that is simply opportunity and perhaps I would have done the same thing. I mean, we can't all be billionaires because that would leave no one for us to covet- except trillionaires. It is the ego that gets to me. The world worships these men, and make no mistake about it- they do. The billionaires, for emotional reasons all of their own, want

More Winning the Future

Nobody loves Obama like Obama. The nation's cheerleader and the man who single handedly put an end to Osama's reign of terror, now on television (CNBC) and talking about how we have created 2 million jobs- mostly at McDonald's. Obama just got pre-empted by breaking news on Greece after making jokes about gas prices and filling up his motorcade. Greece thinking of leaving the euro zone. Dow immediately tanks 50 points. Obama had to tactically release that birth certificate of his prior to any nominated opponent making it's non-disclosure an embarrassing campaign issue.  Everything is now proceeding on schedule. Osama Bin Laden could never have known that his death would kick off Obama's 2012 re- election campaign.  That's winning the future, Obama style.

The Big Lie

So good, so prescient, that I think it is the best read that I've had in months. Perfect. From ZeroHedge.

The Last of the Last

The last WWI combat vet. He became a pacifist. Think long and hard about that. Maybe dying for your country ain't all it's cracked up to be. I would have liked to hear what this guy had to say about that. The last of the last.

European Central Bank Now Playing Kickball With the U.S.

This morning, the head of the European Central Bank broadcasted that they are done hiking interest rates on the euro for the short term. That soft move and weak talk has caused our otherwise completely worthless dollar to go straight up against the worthless euro. Wow. And the market yawns.

Obama: Let Me Get As Much Political Mileage As I Can From This Bin Laden Thing

I gotta tell ya, Obama is so predictable. First it's the late night TV appearance, now this. I don't think Obama gives two shits about anybody but himself and his political future. After the TV appearance the other night, the casual observer might have thought Obama himself- went to the Bin Laden compound and double tapped the Great Satan.  Wow. We got 18 months of this rhetoric and bullshit coming our way. I can hardly wait.

Let the Spin Begin!

This morning, I was watching the news when jobless claims came out. I had a feeling that greedy corporations would begin laying people off when they felt the margin pain of inflation and higher energy prices. Bingo. When the number came out, I was not surprised. Futures tanked a little and bounced back. Zero hedge states it best and succinctly... And scene: jobless claims explode to 474K, beyond the worst economist expectation, far above consensus of 410K, and well above the previous (upward revised of course) number of 431K. This is the worst claims number since Augist 2010. Game over for the US "recovery." However, Apple stock is up.

Masters of the Universe Attempting Repeal of the Laws of Physics and Mathematics, Place Your Bets Here

On Monday, April 9th, 2007, the Dow Jones Industrials were roughly at the same level that they are today. (Approx. 12,700) What I would like to do is illustrate and contrast the absolute insanity between that overbought index back in 2007 and the ridiculous and overbought levels that we are seeing today, some four years later. In April of 2007, I simply couldn't find any stock (although shippers and solars were hot) that I wanted to buy. To actually invest in- rather than trade. In fact, I saw equities as so over priced that they were just begging to be shorted. That's what I began doing. Builders, banks, suspicious little tech companies with no earnings visibility. I traded daily and that included a lot of put options. By July, I had a feeling the market was toast. I was going to be traveling for 2-3 months and I parked all of my money in cash and treasuries. I closed accounts. In the next 18 months, the financial and economic world would implode. There were people that sa

Buy Physical Silver On the Cheap

I am glad that the silver market is correcting. Really. Every two bit momentum player and his dog had been long "paper" silver. I am glad to see the weak, "cut and run types" get shaken out of the market.  With silver taking a 20% haircut in the last three days, what should you do? Buy more physical silver. Fundamentally speaking, the economic disaster that the world finds itself in- has not changed one bit. In fact, it has grown worse. After this week, the United States will have eclipsed it's current debt ceiling. That's a fact. Not that anyone gets held accountable. They don't. Last night, I was reading an article about the end game, hyperinflation. Virtually everyone that I follow, the people who I believe to be most credible, all agree that the end game is hyper inflation. I have no idea who the anonymous author of the FOFOA blog is, but the work is prima facia. In other words, I believe that what the author states is true- no credentialing re

The Geronomo Mission...More Bin Laden Idiocy and American Whiners

Now it seems, the government loves "code" names. It names missions and operations. The mission to find and execute Bin Laden was called "Geronimo." Geronimo, the Indian Chief, was a great leader and fighter. That the mission was named "Geronimo" has apparently pissed off the Indian community or so this article claims. When exactly did our country become a nations of victims? Are we so thin skinned that every time someone uses some "word" we disagree with that we lay awake at night- angry, victimized, hateful? If you are one of these "sensitive" people....I wish you well. You may spend your lifetime whining and trying to control what other people think and say. You can get angry and correct people. Tell everyone that offends you with some profanity or politically incorrect speech how to talk and behave.  I am sick and tired of extending a sympathetic ear to these self anointed &quo

Bin Laden Unarmed and Executed?

No kidding. Just like 2974 people on 09/11/2001. Can you imagine the circus if OBL had been taken alive?  I am sure that Allah is now rewarding Osama for being a murdering sociopath. I am glad that we could arrange the meeting.

The Government Lying To Us? No Way!

Now it's time for all of the fucking White House spin. Every man, woman, and child in the free world with half a brain...knows that we found Bin Laden and assassinated him. There was never going to be a "trial." That simple. All of this bullshit about the circumstances surrounding his death is just bullshit. Just like that buried at sea bullshit. Probably put his body in a wood chipper. For added amusement.

Hold the Line Silverbugs! *Updated

Silver has taken a carnival ride over the weekend. At it's worst point, it was down nearly 15% at 43.00 bucks. I am not too worried about it. Fundamentally, nothing in the economic world has changed. The exchange raised margin requirements twice last week- forcing paper silver players to prove they have the cash to take delivery and that has shaken out some longs. That and we were due for a correction. I am glad people have taken some profits here. Do you know what a high, tight flag is? It is a rare chart phenomenon that I used to look for when trying to screen equities I would invest in- years ago. A high tight flag on a chart, with significant volume, indicated a stock that was about to take off. This pattern was nearly foolproof. In fact, I sometimes traded on a vertical run up and flag pattern alone. The high tight flag usually occurred in conjunction with specific (good) news. It was almost always a winning move. Usually. I saw that pattern develop in silver over

Bin Laden Buried At Sea??...Why That Actually Makes Sense To Me

The government. Like Richard Nixon, they never let me down. With missing documents, like birth certificates and college transcripts, a FED Chairman telling bold lies like "we won't monetize the debt" and all of the other bullshit that government spews- you'd think that the government would take any opportunity that came their way to repair damaged credibility. Nope. We killed Bin Laden and in less than 24 hours, we jettisoned his body into the sea. Unbelievable. Let's take the actual proof that we killed the world's greatest BOOGIE MAN and destroy it immediately. That was my first reaction and then...I thought...hmmm.... Here's why the government might actually be telling the truth about disposing of Bin Laden's body so quickly.  Bin Laden will be seen as a hero and martyr by the Al Qaeda faithful. Destroying and jettisoning his body at sea makes a lot of sense. There will b

Strictly Fantasy

I get these "how to fix Congress" emails quite frequently because people know I agree with the position. The problem is- is that compromised legislators don't want want to fix these problems. They like the system just the way it is. They don't give a fuck about what you want. Do you know why the tax code is such an abomination? Because it benefits the wealthy and elite. Congressmen. They want it that way. They aren't going to change it. Do you know why we can't get campaign reform...limiting the size of contributions or the contributors? Because Congress wants it just the way it is.  This is no longer a government by the people or for the people. Get that idea out of your head. I am going to go ahead and copy this email and post it. Of course it makes sense and I agree. But I'm not in charge. And the people that are in charge- will just give you the bird. That's why I consider emails like this- strictly fantasy. Congressional Reform Act of  20