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Dissolving Status Quo Corporate America Might Be Our Last, Clear Chance- The Sunday Collage

In 1992 and 1996, Ross Perot ran for President. Ross Perot was a visionary, he was astute, and he had a lot of solid and well thought out  positions. My favorite thing about Ross was that he wasn't a lawyer and he was a billionaire. Success does not always guarantee future success- but it's a hell of a good place to start. In America, we forget that electing a President is not unlike hiring an employee. We keep falling for a lot of bullshit credentials held by people who have achieved little or no success. Look at Bush and Obama. Neither one accomplished much on their own prior to their elections. They were simply a couple of silver spooned trust funders- one from an obviously wealthy family- and the other one (and the source of his money) has been a total mystery. As it turns out, Ross Perot may have been our last clear chance to save ourselves. We needed leadership desperately back then- our mistake is very clear to me now. Here were the knocks on Ross. He was sort of a