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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dissolving Status Quo Corporate America Might Be Our Last, Clear Chance- The Sunday Collage

In 1992 and 1996, Ross Perot ran for President. Ross Perot was a visionary, he was astute, and he had a lot of solid and well thought out  positions. My favorite thing about Ross was that he wasn't a lawyer and he was a billionaire. Success does not always guarantee future success- but it's a hell of a good place to start.

In America, we forget that electing a President is not unlike hiring an employee. We keep falling for a lot of bullshit credentials held by people who have achieved little or no success. Look at Bush and Obama. Neither one accomplished much on their own prior to their elections. They were simply a couple of silver spooned trust funders- one from an obviously wealthy family- and the other one (and the source of his money) has been a total mystery.

As it turns out, Ross Perot may have been our last clear chance to save ourselves. We needed leadership desperately back then- our mistake is very clear to me now.

Here were the knocks on Ross. He was sort of an ugly little man without much tact. He didn't come from either of our two enslaving, political parties. He was arrogant and paranoid. Those were just the knocks- none of them deal killers.

Here's a snip from wiki about Ross which pretty much captures how it was nearly 20 years ago. Perot tried to keep his movement alive through the mid-1990s, continuing to speak about the increasing national debt. He was a prominent campaigner against the North American Free Trade Agreement, and even debated with Al Gore on the issue on Larry King Live. Perot's behavior during the debate was a source of mirth thereafter, including his repeated pleas to "let me finish" in his southern drawl. The debate was seen by many as effectively ending Perot’s political career.[40] Support for NAFTA went from 34% to 57%.[41]

Ross Perot hated NAFTA. He said that if we started supporting free trade agreements that we'd have a great sucking sound in this country. That would be the sound of American jobs and American money leaving the confines of our shores. Since then our country has lost millions upon millions of jobs and generated over two trillion in un-taxable, offshore dollars. Dollars that cannot do anyone in the US- any good. That can only get worse.

I'm going to stop short of calling Perot a prophet but he was pretty much on the mark. He knew this NAFTA mess was going to be really bad for our country and it has been- and it is getting worse. We have not felt the full measure of pain yet but is coming on swift wings.

Instead of Perot or more recently, Ron Paul- the voters of this country have given us 12 years worth of the Bushes', 8 years worth of a drug and sex addicted (and it's pretty well documented) Clinton, and 8 years of the current moron.

That's 28 years of wasted time, a loss of 50 million jobs, a non-working, declining, middle class that finds it's earnings trending lower and lower while government demands more and more of what little income they have. Does government really think we have enough money laying around to pay an extra 500 a month for shitty healthcare?

We don't. And government is too inept and too fucking stupid to have actually asked the people who would be doing the paying. Some might even call us stakeholders. Some might have even of said that we should have been included in the whole, unread process.

By the time President Nine Iron finishes his tour of duty- we are going to be at least 19 trillion dollars in debt, Obamacare will be a complete and unmitigated disaster because our country is bankrupt and our citizens are broke. They do not have 500 or 600 a month laying around to just piss away on crappy, high deductible insurance. (The beauty of this is that if you are fully invested in health care insurers- you are about to witness the entire collapse of that sector brought about by a government who thinks it can squeeze blood from turnips and which also apparently thinks that it has the power to force your compliance)

So who are we going to elect in 2016?  Ross Perot will be 85 although he might live to be 100. He kind of reminds me of the JR Simplot, George Burns, type of lifespanner.

Somebody has to bring corporate America back to America. The vacation is over. I'm not talking about giving them tax breaks. I'm talking about making it illegal for any incorporated institution in this country to employ people in violation of US Labor Standards which sells it's products here.

In other words, you would not be able to employ a Chinese, Taiwanese, Mexican employee unless you have met our very own United States Department of Labor Standards which includes all of the rights and benefits guaranteed to a US citizen. That includes the Family Leave Act, the Minimum Wage Act paid in US dollars, and all of the other standards which this country has fought to achieve.

Quite simply, if an American corporation refused to comply- their right to incorporate and do business in the U.S. would be dissolved. They would be free to move to China or Russia or whoever would have them., pay their dollar an hour wage, and sell their products there. They could export to the U.S. subject to tariffs. In the meantime, new American business would spring up to take the place of those we ex-communicate.

Is that fair? Of course it is. It is no less fair than sticking Obamacare up our collective asses. Or the oil industry charging us the same retail price at every pump in town. NAFTA was a huge mistake. We cannot pay our national debt until we dissolve NAFTA. It is that simple.

Think about that for a moment. I have been mulling it over all week. It is the only way I can think of to give this nation a fighting, economic chance for survival. Absent a similar measure- quite honestly the only other way to satisfy our national debt is through a major hyperinflation event and currency collapse. Nobody has enough money to pay the national debt. Nobody. We can't even afford to buy force placed government health insurance let alone come up with the money to pay the debt.

Maybe in exchange for the return of American jobs to American soil- we would allow corporations to bring home off shore dollars with a minimum tax or perhaps even free.

A declining standard of living, inflation, and a government trying to steal every last dollar it can get from citizens- that is the future. The government dissolved eight major tax breaks at the first of this year. Two of them directly hurt me. They imposed another tax- Obamacare on us- and we are all going to pay more taxes this year. I don't know if you have been noticing this- but things aren't getting any better.

Dissolving the corporate welfare system in this country is key to our economic survival. We cannot carry the burden of millions upon millions of people on disability, social security, and free healthcare without restoring tax paying jobs to America. We can no longer afford to allow corporate America to fatten it's margins on the slave labor of the undeveloped world. This as it stands now, is a system that is 100% guaranteed to fail.

We have lost the capacity to take care of ourselves. In the newly minted world of 2008, the artificial stimulations of central bank counterfeiters and the lies spewed by our government cannot last forever.