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The Man Who Stared Down Corn Pop

 Remember our President telling the story of confronting the bad ass, "Corn Pop" at the swimming pool? I do. Whenever I hear stories like this, I know two things. The guy telling the story is full of shit and very likely, a pussy. Unfortunately, the idiots always out themselves and also unfortunately, this key piece of wisdom is known by a lot of people including former KGB heads now running giant countries. I'll tell you this much. Not only has Biden never accomplished one useful thing in his life but now we have a complete moron trying to stop Putin's incursions into a friendly country. I am in complete awe that Americans heisted an election and instead of installing someone decent and useful- they landed on Biden. I am sure the people of the Ukraine will not be hoping for help from Joe. They probably heard the Corn Pop story too. So sit back, grab your beer and pretzels, and watch this idiot make statement