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Monday, January 10, 2022

Washington State Wants to Give You Free Housing In a Covid Camp

 My sister lives in the only conservative county in Washington State.

You can't imagine my shock when I read yesterday that Washington State is attempting to pass legislation to put unvaccinated people in covid camps. Not only are they seeking support for this legislation- some news sources are already reporting that they have constructed the camps.

I thought this was bullshit and part of the never ending hysteria. Then I saw this.

Now if you know anything about me at all you should know this. I am a law and order guy. I believe in freedom, due process, and I do not believe in denying anyone their constitutional rights as given to us by GOD.

That means no false imprisonment. No lynch mob. Due process. It means I am not going to submit to a vaccination and I sure as shit won't submit to a false arrest to take me to a relocation camp based on a liberal mindset that showcases mass hysteria. 

I almost want to move to Washington State to see how this plays out when they come knocking on the door asking for my vaccine status.

But liberal thinking is exactly why I don't live amongst the purple haired, gender confused, abortion seeking, atheist left coast. I can't even stand traveling through those areas anymore.

The truth is, I always thought there was a limit on how fucked up you could get. But on the left coast, apparently the sky's the limit. Maybe they have contests or talent shows.

Here's the deal. China gave us this disease with help from America. It is clear to me that big pharma has complete regulatory capture of Congress and that drooling idiot now occupying the White House. We have 2 or 3 Supreme Court justices who either don't have a clue about the founding fathers' intent or they simply choose to ignore that intent because it doesn't appeal to their political goals. Either way, we are very close to having the Constitution and the Bill of Rights completely marginalized and ignored. 

I called this blog Frankenstein Government because back in 2008- I saw how our government was going- after they hijacked our tax coffers to bail out their pals on Wall Street. Thousands of bankers engaged in all types of fraud were given a pass by newly elected President Barack Obama. That's when I knew we were fucked. They stole our money, they stole our healthcare, and they bailed out their rich buddies and the rule of law was completely ignored.

First slowly, through apathy. Then quickly because they know nobody cares. We have arrived at quickly.

Our rights are given to us by God. In the 1700's that was a shared belief. We were all on the same sheet of music, more or less. 

Fast forward 250 years and we find ourselves in a dystopian world. A world where history is ignored and forgotten. Where killing the unborn is legal. Where God has become nonsense. Where our shared beliefs are so fractured that we can no longer discern what they are. Where stripping people of their constitutional rights is acceptable if those people refuse to submit to some half ass vaccines. 

I don't think the left realizes how close they are to a flash point. There are a lot of people like me that have had enough. Sooner or later this will get settled, perhaps over a rope or a gun barrel.

They are sadly mistaken if they think the conservatives in this country are going to roll over like the Japanese Americans did in 1942.

Keep an eye on Washington. If they manage to pull this off- things could escalate quickly.