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Silver and Gold For Dummies

The investment of the decade...drumroll here....was gold. Up 1600%. I am sure there were some individual equities, maybe Apple, that out performed gold. The problem with that is my human nature- I never sell at the right time. The reason I say that is as an investor, I have always taken money off the table as my winners run. I never get the purest return. But what if there were an investment that was guaranteed to only go up? One where you weren't particularly worried about management shake-ups, competition, bankruptcy, or any of the other problems associated with publicly traded corporations? Is silver the investment of the next decade? Probably. Eric Sprott thinks so and he puts our money where his mouth is. The best 30 minute sales pitch. I have been buying gold and silver, on and off, my whole life. I made my first 1000 dollars buying a 100 oz bar of silver back in the late 70's

Something Retarded This Way Comes

If you don't have Big Hairy news on your list of must see blogs, you are really missing a treat. I always giggle my ass off at Scooter Van Neuter. Yesterday it was, "Something Retarded This Way Comes." Very funny stuff, complete with photoshop horrors. Today's piece.

When 1700 Dollar Gold Was a Bargain

How can you profit from the absolute certainty that Obama +4 more... will be a certain disaster? This morning I was listening to Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV wherein Dr. Paul says we are already over the fiscal cliff. When politicians tell the truth, often it has dire consequences. This was proven out when Mitt Romney lost Michigan, a state where his father was Governor. Romney lost Michigan and the union vote when he told an inconvenient truth. Government had no business bailing out the auto industry and he wouldn't have. That kind of truth telling will get you no where with a voting electorate incapable of seeing any picture beyond their own. Obama exploits idiots like that, in this case, a whole state full of them. That's how government fucks up. It sets bad precedent. Once you set a bad precedent, there is no going back. Setting bad precedent occurs in a family with multiple children or managing a business with several employees. Thus when you bail out one automaker, t

Just a Shove Away

I have been pondering the possibility of an Obama victory for weeks. Honestly, I didn't think he stood a chance. I could cite 100 reasons- from golf to Gitmo- on why this man should not have won last night. So how the hell did he do it? The answer isn't in the hundreds of things that Obama ignores, hides, or screws up. Clearly that has little to do with his electability. Instead I have to ask, "What is it that people see and like about Obama?" Clearly Obama can talk and bullshit. He certainly has style and charisma. He can also be quite humorous. But great delivery is just too simplistic given this man's successes. Can everything be explained that easily? Last night I listened to Obama's victory speech. It was articulate, emotional, powerful, and appealing. It was that last adjective that I began mulling over. I was overcome with an explanation that is actually quite simple. It grew more complex as I pondered what it meant and how it applied to a vast ma

Random and Unique Election Night Thoughts*Updated

The Libertarian Party is what the GOP used to be. Today, I blacked in that circle next to Gary Johnson's name knowing three things in advance. He stands for limited government. He has no chance of winning. In Idaho, our four electoral votes always go to the GOP. Always. I'll tell you something else. There are a lot of Ron Paul bumper stickers and signs in this town. I actually think at least a few thousand people will vote Libertarian in Boise. It will be interesting to see how many people like me- see absolutely no discernible, philosophical difference between Romney and Obama. I actually think national Libertarian voting numbers will go up. However, a buddy of mine says no. He thinks every Libertarian hand on deck will vote the devil we don't know to get rid of the devil we do know. Maybe. It must just frost the media's ass to think that all of that pre-election rhetoric, poll cherry picking, misleading data, and outright lying might go for naught. The truth o

Ron Paul Endorses FG View: Four More Years of Status Quo

A muslim lawyer. A mormon banker. Remember when they used to offer us the illusion of a difference?

Why Did the Government Steal Our Gold in 1933...

...and more importantly, how will they do it again? I don't know if any of you have been watching this, but a number of countries are repatriating their gold. Bringing it home from money center places where it is stored, places like London and New York City. Gold is a medium of exchange and collateral. It is and has always been, real money. In the old days when we actually backed our currency with gold, trade imbalances were settled with gold. Rather than send the heavy metal to and fro- we simply added and subtracted reserves in places where international commerce was conducted. That's why we are holding vast amounts of the world's gold. But since we no longer have a gold standard (1971) and today's trade imbalances are settled in various currencies at various rates of exchange- why do we still have other countries' gold? That is a very fair question indeed. The forty year question. It is also a question that countries are beginning to ask themselves. Venezuela