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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Twitter: A Platform Where Cowards Call the Shots

 Wow. Two blogs in a week. You'd think I was retired with not much to do.

I've had this blog for 12 years. The only comments I've ever deleted, other than spammers, were three assholes that came in to say nasty things. I have always valued a person's right to free speech and quite honestly, if you write some garbage, then people should be entitled to comment appropriately. It seems only fair.

The first blog I was ever booted from was "naked capitalism" maybe 6 years ago. I had the audacity of questioning the author's conclusions (Susan Webber) about Modern Monetary Theory or MMT. Not only did she ridicule what I had to say, she ridiculed me. I instantly recognized that nasty sort of attack as the modus operandi of a liberal. Liberals aren't interested in any opinion that contradicts their own opinions. Liberals say stupid shit- like they believe in "unity" and "tolerance" yet they do not. You must toe their party line. Despite the fact that communications law expressly allows dissenting commenters and gives immunity to hosting platforms- we are seeing an absolute explosion of websites which are disabling and restricting comment sections. Yahoo was the first to disable comments. Some sites only allow commenters to comment if they have paid for a subscription. Facebook employs an army of "fact checkers" who apparently have determined that our recent presidential election was fair and allegations of fraud are baseless- primarily because their guy won. The fact that no credible investigation was ever conducted to determine the actual truth of the matter- well they aren't going to let truth get in the way of their opinions.  

They claim of course, their advertisers are demanding they clean up their comments. That's a problem when you have whored yourself out for money. You know what I'd tell an advertiser? These are my rules. You want to advertise here, accept my rules or beat it. If you have this fantastic, kick ass website then you can make the rules not your advertisers. That's why quite honestly, I think it's all just an excuse. The real truth is that the website owner doesn't like the content of the comments or it doesn't agree with their brand of politics. So that's the excuse they use. 

Here's the deal. If you are going to run your website like the Third Reich- then at least have the decency to post your rules. Don't be a pussy and modify the rules as you go, arbitrarily bouncing good comments and commenters because they hurt your feelings. If all that confrontational stuff bothers you, there is always gardening. Which brings me to Twitter. As you know, President Trump used Twitter and now that he has lost his influence on that platform, Twitter has erased him. That act of cowardice, censoring opinions contrary to your own, should tell you all you need to know about Twitter.

Today, I cut this out of a nationally syndicated article:

Twitter has permanently banned My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s account after he continued to perpetuate the baseless claim that Donald Trump won the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Twitter decided to ban Lindell, who founded bedding company My Pillow, due to “repeated violations” of its civic integrity policy, a spokesperson said in a statement. The policy was implemented last September and is targeted at fighting disinformation.

It was not immediately clear which posts by Lindell on Twitter triggered the suspension of his account.

Lindell, a Trump supporter, has continued to insist that the presidential election was rigged even after U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration has begun.

Major retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s have said that they would stop carrying My Pillow’s products, Lindell previously said.


Perpetuate a baseless claim?? That's seems like an awfully rich conclusion where no inquiry or investigation was allowed to take place.  

Lindell had "repeated violations" of Twitter's "civic integrity policy" which is code for made up corporate bullshit and of course, they don't identify any of those specific, horrific tweets that kept them up at night.

Lindell, a Trump supporter believes the election was rigged. Unbelievably he still believes this even AFTER JOE BIDEN'S ADMINISTRATION HAS BEGUN! Who writes this shit? Do our opinions have expiration dates now? Are we required to change our minds about what happened- ya know like forgetting about Seth Rich, Brian Terry, or Benghazi now that the Obama regime has departed?

At any rate, Twitter permanently banned Lindell for the heinous crime of having an opinion. Lindell you might have noted- lost business to two huge retailers. This tells me he has courage and a pair of balls- unlike the Twitter platform and their CEO. So Lindell gets erased and...

I have the same problem here. Google and the flamers that own this outfit could kick me off anytime they wanted to. I know they have booted a few already. I simply don't generate the hits or the ad revenue for them to notice or worry about. I am a small fry relegated to the backwaters of writers who write for free because I can't sell what I write.

That might be but I don't write for money. I don't write for hits, or ego, or ad revenue. I write because I love to write. I am here just trying to spark a little brushfire here or there in the few readers that still drop by once in awhile. I value integrity, fair play, and courage. Those aren't novelties that will go away despite the cowardice of CEO's who see fit to censor users or delete them for no other reason that they are offended by a few words or an opinion or it seems fashionable to get rid of them. Twitter is a platform I simply can't use because I see myself condoning their behavior by doing so. I can't condone arbitrary rules, censorship, and the rest of that childish behavior and nastiness. I don't care how you justify it. 

If Twitter is going to abandon all sense of fair play and dump users for having the audacity of having opinions contrary to their own- then I have to ask the question. Why would you subject yourself to being erased? When will it be your turn? 

So yea, Twitter ain't on my list of must haves. Unlike Twitter, I've only got one rule. You'll see that rule anytime you open a comment box here. It's at the top. I streamlined it many years ago and it has worked for all but three people. Not too shabby.