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What A Patriot Is...

and what it is not, from Robert Reich. You should read this link closely. This is the kind of garbage posted routinely on Huffington Post. It is printed not because it is true or authentic- but because it is written by someone with all the proper liberal credentials. I don't like Robert Reich. I consider him a statist and a socialist who votes all things liberal. He's enjoyed a silver spooned Ivy League education and he teaches at places like Harvard and UC Berkeley, home of Mr. Yellen. In short, Robert Reich is a socialist who has spent the vast majority of his life writing books on theory and feeding at the government trough. Oddly enough, Reich's education does not qualify him as an expert on patriotism. The odd thing about ego maniacs and over achievers is that once they have been conferred with all kinds of academic honors- somehow they think they become experts on everything. Reich is no ex

The Last, Hard Ride- The Montana Tour With Pictures, Part 2

Yesterday, I very nearly killed myself. It is one of the reasons why when you ride a motorcycle you must remain ever vigilant- but I'm getting ahead of myself. Click to embiggen the pictures I have posted on this piece- they are far better that way. If your subscription has run out, this feature will work anyway. It's hard work writing and editing a world class blog like this and I don't concern myself with a dwindling readership which is mostly my mother and Troy. After blasting through the center of Montana via Columbus and White Sulpher Springs, Troy and I arrived at the Great Falls Harley Davidson dealership. Troy bought a shirt for his gal and I stared at the bike inventory. I loved one bike, priced at a paltry 38,000. The salesman said it was a steal. I told him that indeed it was- for the dealership. While I chatted him up, he convinced me to switch hotels which I did. Some advice here. If you use a booking site like you have to cancel through Hotel